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This tent is out of stock and has been discontinued for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in a one person tent with a vestibule we encourage you to look at our Trekker Tent 1V or Trekker Tent 1.

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Trekker Tent 1.2 – One Person Trekking Pole Tent

The Trekker Tent 1.2 is a light weight one person backpacking tent that is large for its weight. At only 2lb 8oz with stakes the tent has interior dimensions of 7′ long and 48” wide. It is also 42” tall in the front and 32” in the back, meaning there is plenty of head space for sitting and sleeping. The Trekker Tent 1.2 can be set up quickly using the stakes provided and two trekking poles which can be purchased with this tent. This tent also has two mesh vents on the side walls and a vestibule in the front, providing a convenient place to store your bag and other items while backpacking.

Main features of the Trekker Tent 1.2 include:

  • Front vestibule.
  • Quick set up and take down using trekking poles.
  • All guy lines and stakes included in the tent.
  • Internal dimensions of 7′ long, 48” wide, and 42” tall in the front and 32” in the back.
  • Vents for airflow and to reduce condensation.
  • Low weight, 2lb 8oz with stakes, 2lb 4oz without stakes.
  • Durable construction and material.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions N/A


Trekking Pole Type

No Trekking Poles, Carbon Trekking Poles, Aluminum Trekking Poles

14 reviews for Trekker Tent 1.2

  1. Brandon White (verified owner)

    This is the best backpacking tent (that isn’t $300+) I’ve found. It’s huge compared to it’s competition. The heavy Oxford floor is the best I’ve ever seen in any tent. Like any tent, be sure to seal the seams. This tent leaves weight in the pack for a tarp; use that if the WX is so bad you wish you had a heavier dome tent … and you’re still lighter than the dome tent. If you’re on the fence about it, you really have nothing to lose.

  2. Cristobal Zamora

    Another home run! This is my second tent from River Country. Initially bought the Trekker 2.2 and love it. Purchased the Trekker V1 for long mileage hikes and wasn’t disappointed. The V1 offers plenty of space for us larger folks. The addition of a vestibule is a big plus; perfect for keeping your pack and shoes out but not out in the elements. The tub/floor is sturdy and corners seam tapped, stitching was straight and even. Roof is sealed along the seam. I plan to do additional seam sealing around the complete perimeter of the tub as I do with all my tents. As with the Trekker 2.2, the 1V has spacious vents along the long sides of the tent. Overall, you’ll be hard pressed to find a similar tent at this price point.

  3. Patrick (verified owner)

    So far used it only twice but first impressions are great. Very roomy though not too tall (I’m 6’1″). Some issues with stitching but those are negligible especially considering the price. Lightweight, packs small, seems well made and inexpensive. Price/value ratio is impossible to beat. Spray it with silicone waterprofer, choose your site carefully, use a ground cover and it will serve you nicely.

  4. Bruce Wilcox

    After my first backpacking trip with this tent I’m very impressed! The floor material is heavy enough that I had no problems on two different sites with no ground cover. Although I’ve not yet used it in the rain, the stitching and seam sealing appear much better than I was expecting. It’s my first non-free standing tent in years and my first to use trekking poles and pitching was very easy. The stakes did fine in moderately hard soil. Plenty of room for me and my gear, an ventilation was fine. Love the vestibule and little details such as the interior pocket and the loops in the roof for hanging lights. I’m very happy with this tent!

  5. Patricia R Combee (verified owner)

    Ordered tent and receive it 2 days later; very fast shipping. The quality of the stitching is excellent. The tent is well designed and does not cost $500. It is nice and wide at about 4 feet and is 7 feet long. It is high enough without being too high. I set it up inside and seam sealed the ridge, the stakeout corners (mostly the stitches around the webbing and sprayed Akto sealer on it). The next day I set it up in my yard on a very windy day and then I sprayed it very well with high-pressure water and then let it sit for about 10 minutes before checking for leaks. Absolutely NO LEAKS! If set up in appropriate places, it should not have a lot of condensation. The tent sets up very quickly. The vestibule is small but adequate. The supplied cordage and stakes are of good quality. The stuff sack is actually large enough to get the tent back in it without saying bad words. For the weight, it is absolutely like a palace for the dog and I. You could sleep 2 people in this tent as it is larger than most 2-person tents.

  6. Joshua Parrish (verified owner)

    This tent rocks. I opened it up and from the start, had it set up in under 5 minutes. Incredibly easy and fast setup. The size inside may claim to be a 1 man tent, but there is room to spare. There is more room in here than some of the larger 2 man backpacking tents I’ve carried before and at a fraction of the weight. After setting it up, I did glance at the instructions, and they were spot on, and the only thing I might add is what height to set your trekking poles at for a first-timer. Stitching showed quality, and has seam tape in the corners for added water resistance. This is my first RCP tent, we bought 10 for the Troop, and thus far everything we’ve bought has been great.

  7. Pat Combee (verified owner)

    This is a follow up review. I still give this tent 5 stars. Conditions: Open yard, no wind, high humidity and light to moderate rain all night. I intentionally chose conditions that would lead to condensation. The dog and I slept in it. Yes, there was moderate condensation, as expected. Most condensation was at the foot end; manufacturer might consider putting in a high vent at the foot end. The condensation did not run down and pool in the floor. There were no leaks (I did seam seal and spray with silicone-based seam sealer/UV protector; I do this with any tent or tarp). The set up is very fast and intuitive. I did have issues with the sides collapsing inward. This may be user error; I will have to test that theory. Still a good and very affordable tent.

  8. Dennis

    Tested this tent in mild winter conditions and it performed very well with some slight condensation at the foot end. Set up is a breeze and the quality of everything is very high especially considering the low price tag. Definitely would buy again and am considering larger versions. This one is like a 1.5 person tent and could definitely fit 2 people in tight emergency situation. The only things to worry about is if you are very large person it’s difficult to get in and out of since the pole is in the middle of the entrance. Also be careful of knocking down the poles while sleeping or moving around. Looking forward to testing it in the rain and have used Seam Grip Waterproof WP Seam Sealant and topped it off with some Scothgard Camp Tent spray.

  9. John howell

    Very nice tent quick shipping got it in two days looking forward to breaking it in on the AT also couldn’t beat the price

  10. Rachel (verified owner)

    I had previously tried a friends trekker 2.2 tent and was so impressed with it. When I found out the price, I knew I had to try one. I typically hike alone, so I went for this one person tent because I loved the vestibule design and ventilation. I’m so glad I did! It did not disappoint. I am young and don’t have a lot to spend on gear, but to be honest I don’t think I would buy another tent even if I could afford it. I hike in an average climate, so I don’t need a $300 tent.
    Here’s my favorite things about this tent:
    – The size! It is super roomy for a 1 person tent, and as others have said could fit 2 in a pinch. I would not say it should be used for 2 people as a rule, but for 1 it allows you to move around and feel like you have a home away from home. You can sit up in it easily and never feel cramped. At the same time it’s not too big, and it rolls up very small and light. Takes up very little space in my pack.
    -The vestibule: Awesome way to keep all your gear dry, and I think it also helps with condensation without letting in wind or elements as you would with the door open.
    -Ventilation: I slept with my head towards the door, so there was very little condensation around the top of the tent. All of it was gone by the time I packed the tent in the morning. It also rained a little, and the dampness didn’t cause a problem. I shook the water off and the tent dried very quickly on the outside as well
    -Construction: this tent is very well made, and it feels sturdy while still being very lite.

    I only have two cons.
    -It is a little hard to get the side flaps staked out properly because they tend to pull slack into the ridge line and kind of need to be staked out to the side instead of down (so like to a tree or something). I could also be doing something wrong as I haven’t set up this tent too many times, but it’s pretty straight forward and easy to set up so I don’t think its me.
    -The trekking pole that goes in front by the door doesn’t have a grommet to go through like the other tents. It goes into a little slot, but you have to take the rubber cap off for it to fit properly and I feel like the bottom of the pole is going to puncture the fabric over time. So I leave the rubber cap on and that makes set up a little awkward.

    Over all I LOVE this purchase and I’m sure I’ll use it for years to come.

  11. Rob (verified owner)

    Finally got to put this tent to use this spring on a late-season public land turkey hunt in PA. In short, I loved it!! Here are the things I loved…

    – Quick and easy setup… I only practiced setup once before I went and I was able to have the tent fully set up in 5 minutes. Take-down was just as quick and easy.
    – Plenty of space inside… Since I stayed at a campground, I had power and used a twin-size air mattress instead of my sleeping pad. Even with the added space of an air mattress, I still had plenty of room to maneuver in the tent.
    – Lightweight and compact… Since I was at a campground, I didn’t have to take the tent in my pack, but it’s super light and packs extremely well.
    – Well-ventilated… The nights were humid, but air moved through it well and there was no condensation in the mornings. NOTE: I had to readjust my stakes on the sides once to make sure the vents were open properly, but after adjusting I had no problems whatsoever.

    RCP has gained a lifetime customer!

  12. Chad (verified owner)

    The tent set up is easy and there is plenty of room for taller people in this tent. I am 6′ 2″ and have enough space to comfortably stretch out and not worry about my feet touching the sides. The ventilation is good in the tent if you adjust the side guylines properly for the conditions you are in. I have not had it rain yet, but I was happy to see the main seams were tape sealed. I did put seam sealer on all other seams, just being cautious (its a cheap and easy thing to do).

    I do agree with other’s, I wish there was a grommet for the pole bu the front door, minor complaint.

    Really, I couldn’t believe the quality of this tent for the price. I don’t do a ton of solo backpacking, so this definitely meets my needs.

  13. mink_hikes

    Awesome tent , VERY well designed and VERY lightweight and SUPER roomy for a tent of this size! this tent may just replace the trekker 2.2 that I own on trail ! Great job guys keep up the great work !!

  14. Paul Heimowitz (verified owner)

    Recently took this tent on its “maiden voyage” backpacking and was very happy with its light weight, simplicity, and performance. An amazing deal for the price!

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