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2 New Ultralight Backpacking Poles

trekking poles

We are excited to announce two new, ultralight, carbon fiber backpacking poles. We designed these trekking poles to be comfortable to use, lightweight and versatile. They are a great choice for backpacking, camping and hiking. When used with our Trekking Pole tents they, decrease your pack weight and offer a convenient alternative to conventional tents.

For a limited time, we will be offering these two high-end trekking poles at half price!

Check out our two new trekking poles today:

rcp folded carbon trekking poles

RCP Carbon Fold

Convenient, lightweight, folding trekking poles.

  • 7.4 oz per pole
  • 43″-51″ (110 – 130 cm)
  • 15″ folded length (38 cm)
rcp carbon fiber ultralight trekking poles

RCP Ultralight Carbon Trekking Poles

Durable, ultralight, comfortable.

  • 6 oz per pole
  • 43″-53″ (110 – 135 cm)
  • 26″ collapsed length (66 cm)
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