Camping Pillow on Pad
Pillow Pump 2
Camping Pillow

Camping Pillow


Small enough to fit in your pocket and weighing in at only 5 oz, a rare extravagance becomes a necessity. Your head and neck will thank you! 

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Light Weight Camping Pillow

  • Self inflating camping pillow
  • Adjustable firmness. Deflate a little for a softer pillow, inflate for a firmer pillow.
  • Only 5 oz.
  • Inflated pillow measures 8″ X 14″ and 2” to 3” thick.
  • Deflated pillow is compact enough to be pocket size.

Our unique pillow and pad combination work exclusively together with the pillow acting as a pump with our sleeping pad. Check out our sleeping bag combo pack for all your slumber needs.

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