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Trekker Tent One is an ultralight weight one person trekking pole tent. This backpacking tent is small and easy to pack and fast and easy to set up! Great for Hiking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up. Our Trekker Tent 1A is also a great tent and is also available for purchase now.



Trekker Tent 1, One-Person Backpacking Tent, Ultralight Trekking Pole Tent

  • One person ultralight backpacking tent.
  • Supper Fast and Easy set up! Great for Hiking, camping, or adding to your survival bag, this compact tent will fit into your backpack without filling it up.
  • Has a protected area for all your gear.
  • Trekking Poles are NOT included, this tent is intended for use with your own Trekking Poles, but can also be used by tying the peak to a low hanging tree branch – see pictures.
  • This Tent includes 9 ultralight red aluminum stakes.
  • 2.5 lbs, 48 inch center height, 90 inches long, 38 inch wide sleeping chamber, suitable for someone 6’4″ or under.  
  • Trekking Poles are sold separately for $25.95 if purchased with the tent. (Use Coupon Code TentPoles at checkout, both the tent and the poles must be in your cart for the coupon to work.
  • Ultra light aluminum tent stakes are included with this tent.
  • This is a 1 Person tent, it is roomy for one and has a space for gear.

Most tents come with fragile poles that break easily, making the tent worthless. This tent does not have that problem. This 2.5 lb one person tent is one of the lightest backpacking tents on the market.

Compact so it can fit easily in your backpack or bug out bag. Easy to pack. Comes with 9 aluminum stakes and carrying bag, Trekking Poles are not included 

Important Note: This tent is intended for use with trekking poles, no poles are included. However if you forget your poles our favorite way to set this tent up is by tying the peak of the tent to a low hanging branch under a tree. Total weight is 2.5 lbs with carrying bag and stakes. This is a great backpacking tent, camping tent, hiking tent, light weight tent, compact tent, ultra light tent.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in
Trekking Poles

Tent without Trekking Poles, Trekking Poles Included


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61 reviews for Trekker Tent 1

  1. Megan McDermott (verified owner)

    As an experienced backpacker, my switch to bikepacking required me to find a tent that was not only light, but that was small and could fit in my panniers. Since I knew I would have a pole with me, I decided to try out this tent and see if it would do the trick on an upcoming tour.

    This was my FIRST time using a trekking pole tent. There is definitely a learning curve. I was really glad i took the time to set it up in advance. I had a difficult time getting a taught pitch and found myself frustrated at the pole falling over, but that is due to no fault in the design of the tent, only it was my own learning curve. I would have appreciated some more instructions on how to place the trekking pole (I found from trial and error and some images I found in the reviews that helped– the best method seemed to be placing it outside the tent where the three zippers on the mesh door meet) and how to run the guide lines. I found that getting a taught pitch with only the stakes and lines included to be almost impossible. Like I said, it took a lot of trial and error to get it taught to where water will not pool on the tent if you happen to get into a rainstorm. I did practice with several pitches and after adding several more lines and stakes, I finally got it to a place where I felt confident in the tension and ventilation. I did, from there, try it out in a downpour and was pretty happy with the results. I will be following the recommendation of waterproofing the tent just to cut down on condensation. But I stayed mostly dry and happy inside!

    If you’re on a budget this tent is a great lightweight option. Trekking pole tents are difficult in general so DO take the time to play with it before you find yourself in the backcountry (as you should with any tent) and consider some extra stakes and lines to make your life a lot easier!

  2. Jeff

    This was a great purchase. I set this tent up in minutes the first time. I slept in it two nights in a row then disassembled and packed in minutes with no issues. I am 5’11” 192 lbs and have plenty of room in this tent. I love that it has the extra canopy room out front. This extra space is large enough for my 75 liter pack to fit and I still have room to get in and out. As a test I set it up in wet grass without a tarp underneath and had no moisture migration thru the bottom of the tent. I still need to test in the rain before I go on my two week elk hunt but am confident it will pass this test too. Can’t beat this tent for the price!!

  3. Ryan Threet (verified owner)

    This product is great. Lightweight, roomy for 1 man, big vestibule area. Easy setup and tear down. I recommend this to any hunter on a budget!!

  4. Brownie (verified owner)

    Picked this tent up for backpack hunting , first impression is it seems to be well made. set up is fast and to the point. I seam sealed all the seams and will be applying spray water proofing once it arrives. I’m 6’2” and fit in the tent fine. Plenty of room for my pack and gear outside of the sleeping area. All and all good buy and cant beat the price

  5. Rob Burby

    At an age of 70 I am not ready to give up backpacking, but I am ready to give up some of the weight. After search a variety of options I was delighted to find the Trekker Tent 1. It is perfect for my needs. On my first night out I got to test it at 10,500 ft in a high mountain thunder storm. I stayed dry and snug, even without any additional seam sealer applied. Perhaps my favorite feature is the roomy stuff sack. it easily accomodates both the tent and my ground cloth. I don’t have to fight to squeeze the tent into a stuff sack that is too small. This is a great tent and a great value. I look forward to many more trips with it.

  6. Jimmy Hurley (verified owner)

    This little tent is awesome. Comparable to any of the high end tents that cost hundreds. I set it up and ran my sprinklers on it all night and it stayed dry inside. Can’t wait to get it out this year!

  7. Rolf Asphaug

    I’ve left a longer written and video review on YouTube: I am loving this tent, as my review attests.

  8. Chad Ermel (verified owner)

    Great tent. Just finished a few days on the Teton Crest Trail and ran into a bit of rain and hail and the tent held up great. Lightweight and takes up very little space. I’m thinking about buying a second!

  9. Matt (verified owner)

    Received the tent shortly after ordering. Couldn’t resist and set it up in the back yard and check it out. Really impressed for the money it looks like a great tent.

  10. Peter (verified owner)

    Great tent, I will be using it for backpack hunting this fall. I have other MSR , Marmot, and Mountain Hardware tents and am choosing to take this tent camping this year as it is the lightest and no need for me to carry additional metal tent poles.

  11. Bryan Struble (verified owner)

    Great tent good quality and easy set up ,received quickly look forward to use this product for backpacking and kayaking

  12. Bryan Struble (verified owner)

    Received package fast !very happy with the product looked great out of the box and set up was easy ! Very light weight tent look forward to using it backpacking and kayaking 👍

  13. Reggie Woodrum

    Best tent on the market for the money. Very well pleased with my purchase.

  14. Jennifer Solem

    3.42minutes out of the bag to set up! So fast and easy and lightweight! This tent is awesome! I was a little worried it might be a little claustrophobic but surprisingly it is has a very open feeling with the mesh walls. I find it to have good ventilation, even with the vestibules zipped. The seams are very nicely taped but did spray waterproof also, just because you should. Haven’t used it in the rain yet , so can’t say anything about that yet. The stakes are very light and do bend easily, but when going lightweight you are going to have that. Adding paracord loops helps to pull them out of the ground. I am 5’6 and find inside there is plenty of room for sleeping gear and pack. Also like that I can sit up straight and have head room. Overall I love this tent!!!

  15. Chris

    Talk about bang for you buck! Bought this tent as a cheap starter tent, and was genuinely surprised with the quality. It is a little tight for me, but at 6’4 210 pounds I expected that. Love the spare room to house my gear outside of the sleeping area, but still under cover.

  16. Mark

    I bought the single pole one man tent from amazon in April and didn’t set up until last week. As a precaution I seam sealed and waterproofed Sunday. Had a heavy rain storm last night and totally dry. For the weight and money it’s hard to beat. Thanks!

  17. PaulJr (verified owner)

    Thank you for a great product. Just returned from Philmont Scout Ranch and used my tent for 10 days. Philmont is located in Cimarron New Mexico. Easy to put up and take down quickly even in the rocky conditions.
    Ventilation could be improved and I bent one of the red stakes while trying to get it into the hard ground….still worked out fine for me.
    I will continue to use the tent on all my future treks. Thanks again and the price is right for a light-weight backpacking tent.

  18. Aaron Wing

    Excellent tent for backpacking, color was wrong when received but the company gave me a 50% refund which is pretty nice of them will definitely be buying from them again very easy setup and lots of room for a one person tent could honestly fit two as long as you don’t mind being close

  19. Matt Bremseth (verified owner)

    Amazing little backpacking tent! For the price, weight and quality you will not find anything better!

  20. Brian

    Cousins and I are going on a little backpacking trip because one of them is going through a mid-life crisis. Did not want to lug around my big’ol 5 lbs car camping tent. I must have looked at a lot of different tents and watched countless backpacking videos. Now, I know who I am. I’m not going to backpack the PCT or AT. MAYBE go backpacking per season. Maybe do couple nights. Do I really need to drop over two hundred or even a hundred? Nope. This tent is exactly what I was looking for. I haven’t gone to the mid-life crisis trip yet, but I did set it up to play with it and it is super easy to set up and roomy. Can’t beat it for the value.

  21. jim butler

    Great little tent! I have used it on 2 motorcycle trips
    and 1 backpacking trip. A versatile tent anytime space
    and weight matter! With the rear lower “vents” rolled up,
    and 1 side of the front open, tent breathes well. I spent 1
    night in a rainstorm with the tent Closed up tight, and did
    experience condensation. As expected in those conditions!
    BUT noticed no leaks from Rain water! Only Improvement
    would be a short “tether” from rear mesh wall to outer fabric
    to keep mesh from sagging inward.. Otherwise a 5 star tent!!

  22. Fil de Cal

    I decided to buy this tent for solo hikes after buying the Trekker 2.2 a few months earlier. Quality as expected: excellent for the price, and liked the great vestibule and the side venting option as well. Took it with me on a 5-day backpacking trip in Yosemite last month. Even when setting up camp in a snow-patched area, there were little or no condensation in the morning. Easy to set up and spacious enough for some gear and I (6″, 170 lbs). Added some paracord loops to the stakes for easy removal, and packed a San Pellegrino plastic bottle cap to use when pushing stakes in the ground if no rocks available.

  23. Kevin (verified owner)

    Like the tent , construction seems sound, sprayed the inside and out waterproofing spray …looking forward to trying out soon

  24. Adam Cheever

    Just purchased the Trekker 1 tent for my summer backpacking trip. Due to recent experience, having a tent with a large vestibule is a must and the Trekker 1 hits the mark perfectly. Tent is very well built and the weight is excellent (comparable to a Nemo Hornet). Only complaint is that the bug net for the back vent sags, which could be fixed by adding a stake loop in the middle of the back wall to pull it tight. Also was very happy to see that the stakes shipped with the tent were the light weight Aluminum stakes rather than the usual budget tent steel stakes.

  25. Steve (verified owner)

    Nice quality tent — unbeatable for the price. Sets up fast and easy. Great roll-up instructions. Tent has to be really tight so it doesn’t sag. Internal mesh wall at rear of tent is hard to keep from sagging…but will deal with it.

  26. brandonnily (verified owner)

    Just received this little 1 man tipi along with the sleeping bag and sleep system everything looks and seems to well made and will hold up compared to my higher end sleep and shelter systems super excited to put it to the test some more elk and mule deer hunting in the Colorado high country first night I got it and set it up it was raining and windy held up great no complaints at all

  27. Sal DeSimone (verified owner)

    I pre-ordered two of these when the company was awaiting materials. I figured it would be worth the wait until I needed them in the spring. I got one for my 10 year old son and myself for CubScouts. I finally used them this past weekend and they were great. It rained lightly and the tent remained dry inside. I had already tested them at home with the garden hose. I made a ridge line between two trees and a carabiner on each tent and we didn’t even use trekking poles. One ridge line-two tents. If you are not in the wide open you can leave the trekking poles at home and if you need one in an emergency just find a stick somewhere.—-SAL

  28. Aaron Nottingham (verified owner)

    Awesome tent. Reminds me of the Polish Lavvu tent I like so much, but way better engineering and way less weight. River Country Products keep making great outdoor adventure gear.

  29. Jeff Jordan

    Very well made tents and a price you cant beat! Super fast shipping! Every question I asked before buying they answered quickly! I bought the Trekker 1 with no hesitation. Setup was a total breeze. Seams and corners are taped very good. Love the double vestibule and the ventilation is perfect. Plenty of room for one person and gear. With out looking at setup I had this tent up and ready.

  30. melvingunn21 (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase so far. I wanted the trekker 2.2 for space but I really wanted the vestibule. However I still feel it’s more than enough room for one person plus gear. Great quality tent and perfect for backpacking. Highly recommend it.

  31. Joshua Scofield (verified owner)

    I took this tent out for the first time on a quick overnight. I performed very well on a hotter then normal evening. You are able to get a nice amount of air flow for a trekking pole tent. This a great price for a good product.

  32. Mary (verified owner)

    My Trekker Tent One was exactly what I was searching for! Very quick to set up, roomy enough for one, and quick to take down. I don’t backpack as often as I would like, but this is perfect for my weekend trips. My budget was limited, and I’m willing for forgo bells and whistles for lightweight and compact. Yes, I waterproofed all seams and have had no serious issues.

  33. Eric (verified owner)

    Easily worth double the selling price. Great tent for 1 plus gear. The option to pitch from above in place of the single trekking pole is a great feature. Tent is light and packs up small, great for backpack use. Can’t ask for much more!

  34. GREG L.

    Just set up my trekker pole tent for the first time and it was quick and easy. I bought the tent for kayak camping and I love the size and weight. Tent seems well made and I loved that the stake strings were set up and ready to go. I sprayed it with some waterproofing and i’m ready to go!

  35. Michael Blanchard (verified owner)

    What a deal !!! I’ve tried everything over the last few years, a bivy sack with and without a tarp, an old pup tent that I used in the 90’s, a bivy “tent” and drop a lot money at REI trying to figure out what was worth it… This tent is!! The tent alone weighs-in at 2.5 lbs and 2.9 oz with stakes and stuff sack. Set it up this morning just to check it out, I see no problems with it whatsoever. Easy set up. Easy to get in and out of that is big deal after using bivy sacks and bivy tents and little bitty pup tents. It is a not a double wall tent BUT the way it is set up there should be little condensation in it. The stakes that come with it are excellent, going to add some cord to them to make it easier to pull them out of the ground!! I do recommend this tent!!!

  36. Gary Rogers (verified owner)

    I set up this tent up for the first time today . Very impressed, well made tent. It is easy to set up, packs small and is light weight. Probably the best pole tent on the market for the money.

  37. Dennis G. (verified owner)

    Can’t beat this tent for the price. Sure, I’ll seal the seams and add some camp dry spray, but out of the package, I’m impressed. Mi r will serve double duty as a lightweight pack tent on the occasional hikes with my son’s troop, and also as a pack tent when hunting remotely for the occasional overnight stay in the woods. Sure beats a bivy sack, and isn’t really any heavier!

  38. Dave

    Awesome tent for the price and really easy to set up.
    Things I would like to see are: a little less fabric around the back vent to tighten things up a bit. And also vented head and foot walls like the back.
    Once again cant beat it!

  39. April Jones (verified owner)

    I love it it’s light easy to set up and the material seems much more durable than expensive light weight tents that cost hundreds more I just wish there was a 2 person 2 door version of this tent

  40. Gary Mertz (verified owner)

    Things to rave about this tent so far. One I cut my shelter weight in half! Customer service has been top notch, prompt response to any questions I had, my order arrived in three days. I can’t wait for the lawn to dry out enough to pitch my new tent and really test it out!

  41. William R O’Regan (verified owner)

    Great tent for the price. Gonna have to see how it does over time. Could use longer guys on a few points on the tent, especially on the vent. Seam sealed as recommended on new tents.

  42. Travis Royce (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this light, packable tent! It’s working perfectly for backcountry scouting and hunting trips. Hardly adds any weight to the pack, and keeps me warm and dry. Pretty much a “no brainer” purchase for the price and quality.

  43. John Bleyenberg (verified owner)

    Super excited about this tent easy to set up and is right in the weight area that I wanted. I will be doing business with them again if I upgrade to a bigger tent for more people.

  44. Kenny Hefflefinger (verified owner)

    Tent Just arrived today. Quality seems great for the price. Very simple to set up. Soaked it with the hose and water beaded up like it’s supposed to. Just gonna seam seal it and apply another water barrier to tent for preventative measures. Can’t wait to use it thanks RCP for offer a quality product for a amazing price.

  45. Robert shafer

    I have owned a lot of tents in my life. This Treker 1 is my favorite so far it has held up well to harsh weather it sets up well in forest as well in known open terrain. Light weight easy to set up. Thanks for making a great tent

  46. todd (verified owner)

    For the money, a very well built tent. I have used a tarp so I had to get used to the confinement and lack of room for “stuff”. Still working on the condensation issue (to be fair I have condensation under tarp and all 4 side are off the ground) but raising the vent side with a piece of wood and not closing the doors seemed to help. I am also wondering if holding the upper vent open with something would help. Set up is as easy as setting up my tarp.

  47. Thom Robertson

    Set a few times now it’s very easy to set up. But you start to learn a couple of tricks. I sprayed it with waterproofing inside and out, I probably didn’t have to but I always feel it’s a good idea. If you leave one of the front flaps open and place a couple stones Under the back wall to help open that Gap condensation is very very minimum. A five by seven footprint covers the sleeping area and creates what I call the front porch to store my gear and a place to take off my shoes. Warning check your shoes before you put your feet in them or you may end up stepping on a garden slug like I did they make a lot of goo yuck LOLOL

  48. Debbie Durren

    Really nice tent. I set the tent up it was easy to set up and take down. It folds up and goes back in the sack with no problem at all. I’m 5’9″ and have more than enough room inside. I inspected all stitching before setting it up and it seems to be really well made. Fantastic tent for the price. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  49. Willie-Joe Camara (verified owner)

    Great little tent. Super light and compact. Plenty of room for a cofortable sleep and vestibule is big enough to keep your gear dry as well.

  50. Kris Gonzalez

    It’s one the best tents I ever got it light and great for hunting and hiking it’s one of the best things I got

  51. R Bates (verified owner)

    Received the tent 2 days after ordering, set it up 1st time in less than 3min & sealed the seams for good measure. Just got back from a 3night 4day backpack trip on the Pinhoti trl Talladega Nat Forest. 1st night windy & cold that 3rd night rain & cold. The tent impressed me how took the wind & rain some condensation on the rain night, to be expected. The stakes were a challenge in the rocky soil but wedging with some larger rocks solved that. The ease of set up & take down always had the tent 1st up & 1st packed. It also no sign of leaks after 8rs + of rain. Next I am ordering the Trekker Tent 2.2 to use when my wife goes with me. Thanks to everyone at RCP for providing quality affordable gear.

  52. R Bates (verified owner)

    5 stars minus the light stakes the were a challenge in rocky soil but wedged with rocks worked well. Just got back from a 4day 3night backpack in Talladega Nat. forest. Cold & windy the 1st night & cold & raining the 3rd night. Little to no condensation the first 2nights last night I had some which is to be expected on cold Rainey nights, but no leaks,I did seam seal it before we left. I could not have been more pleased its performance in the weather or ease of set up & take down. I am now ordering the Trekker Tent 2.2 for when my wife goes with me. Thanks to everyone at RCP for providing quality affordable gear.

  53. Michael Sandau

    Awesome tent, can’t beat it for the price! Only needs seams sealed in a few places and I plan on spraying it with camp dry. GREAT VALUE and outstanding craftsmanship! They are a company that’s doing things right!

  54. PaulJr (verified owner)

    Used my new tent last weekend on a backpacking trip with my scout troop. The tent was an easy set up in the dark. I look forward to using it on many more trips to come.
    I would recommend more ventilation and change the stakes so they are easier to put in the ground and take out again.

  55. Grant (verified owner)

    Received the tent in less time than I was told, so that was great to start. Just set up the tent to waterproof it and it seems like great material. I’m 6’4″ and I fit in it just fine. Super light for backpacking and the price was killer especially since I already have trekking poles.

    The only suggestion I have is to make the steaks with a flat head so they are easier to push in with the palm, but for the price I really can’t complain. This seems like a great buy!

  56. Cody Strong

    This tent is definitely a 5 star tent minus its breathability. It’s not the end of the world, and I would certainly recommend it, but it’s something to keep in mind. I’ve used it 5 times in the last month on back country trips.

  57. James (verified owner)

    I love this little tent. Well made and my mom said it’s cute.

  58. robert (verified owner)

    this tent was just what I was looking for…..size—I am 6 ft tall and it has plenty of room to lay down and I can sit up comfortably …..weight—-very light weight even with my walking stick in the bag…..color—-blends well with the surroundings especially after the addition of a light weight camo tarp……set up and take down is very quick and easy …always a good thing …..I am very happy with this tent !

  59. Paul

    Received this tent for my 62 birthday and love the fact my pack is now pounds lighter. The tent is easy to set up, sturdy and will do well on the AT.

  60. Sabrina

    Great lil one person tent just what i needed! Have used innthe AT and the FT!

  61. Malcolm Whittaker

    I love this little tent! Out of the bag it sets up within just a couple of minutes and if set up correctly it is very sturdy. The fabric is extremely water repellent however I did have to seam seal the vertical seams (which should always be done anyway) and it sheds water perfectly. I love the design and as with all of the River Country Products I have purchased – excellent quality, construction, and value. All of their products are top notch and the customer service is awesome! You can’t go wrong with River Country Products!

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