Camping Pot Set


  • Two pots with insulated handles, perfect for backpacking and camping.
  • Pots are made of aluminum and weigh just 10.6 oz.
  • They work well with stoves and burners.
  • The two pots nest on top of each other, perfect for storing a cup, silverware or other gear inside.

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Ergonomic design meets backpacking convenience.

This backpacking pot set works together to provide you with a high quality cooking experience while on the trail.

Work Together

You can use each pot separately or together as a pot and lid combo. They stack together perfect for storing in your pack and keeping other cooking gear inside.


The rubber coated handles are comfortable and easy to use, while the markings on the inside of the pot make it easy to measure ingredients or water. They also work with our backpacking stove (sold separately).  The large pot holds approximately 42 oz.


Together they weigh just 10.08 oz.


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