Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Pillow – Combo Set

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Perfect Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, and Pillow Combo Set made to work together to give you a better night sleep. 

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Match made in Sleep Heaven, a Sleeping Bag and Sleeping Pad designed for each other and includes a light weight backpacking pillow.  The sleeping bag has pockets and strap on the back to hold the pad in place while you sleep, or for the pad to fit inside the bag.

Sleeping Bag

  • Sleeping bag is 89 inches long and 34 inches wide.
  • Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz
  • Comes with a compression stuff sack.
  • Small pack size.
  • 40 degree low temp rating, 50+ degree comfort rating.  It is the perfect 3 season bag. (You can add our light weight fleece blanket for an added 15 degrees of protection).
  • Quiet good quality zippers, so not everyone in camp knows you unzipped your bag.
  • Two heat barriers to keep the heat in the bag.
  • Draw string hood.
  • Strap and pockets on back to hold your sleeping bag in place on the pad, so you don’t end up off the pad in the middle of the night.
  • Expended foot pocket so your feet have room to move.
  • Sleeping bag is water resistant polyester shell and filling.

Sleeping Pad

  • Made from two different fabrics, so you have a soft comfy side or a firm side.
  • The stretchy black fabric is supper soft to lay on, quiet, and more insulated on black side.
  • The firm green fabric is cooler and firmer.
  • Light weight 16 oz pad.
  • Small pack size.
  • Easy and quick to inflate and deflate.
  • Easy to roll up and store.
  • Black fabric is 2.0 R-Value, TPU green side is 1.5 R-Value.

Light Weight Pillow

  • Self inflating Pillow.
  • deflate a little for a softer pillow, inflate for a firm pillow.
  • Also works as a pump for the sleeping pad.
  • Only 5 oz.

This is a great three season bag, pad, pillow combination that was designed to work together for a good night sleep even while camping. Good for spring, summer, and fall (this bag is not a winter sleeping bag – We also sell a fleece blanket which is perfect for those cool nights or for those summer nights when you want to sleep on top of your bag and not in it).

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs

30 reviews for Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Pillow – Combo Set

  1. KG (verified owner)

    Bought this combo as a birthday gift. Another great product!

  2. Sarah

    Not just for tent camping. Works awesome for hammock sleeping. The sleeping pad is perfect insulation for the bottom of the hammock, eliminating the need for an under quilt. Pillow blows up the pad easily and is the perfect size and shape. Because the pad can be attached to the bottom of the bag it stays in place. I do wish the lining was more attached to the bag it doesn’t cause any problems.

  3. Shelley (verified owner)

    This set is just what I needed for an upcoming backpacking trip. The sleeping bag is light weight and compresses. The lining is soft. The pillow inflates quickly and pumps up the sleeping pad easily. My teen likes it too, so I’m ordering a second one for her.

  4. Greg (verified owner)

    This is a nice backpacking sleep set that weighs just under 3 pounds 6 oz for a 40 degree bag, an air pad and a pillow that inflates the pad. The bag compresses to under 6 x 12 inches which rides nicely outside of my pack. Like that the pad attaches to my bag to prevent awakening to cold shock . As a adult man, the fully zipped mummy bag is snug so I found that when the temp dropped below 50, before getting into it, I zipped it up fully, locked the Velcro over the zipper and while standing or sitting on my pack, got into the bag to under to my shoulders . This allowed me to do a full mummy and make use of the raised edge padding that traps in body heat.

  5. Jeremy Reams (verified owner)

    The sleeping bag is light and packs well. The pillow and mat also seem of good quality and are comfortable. These products are worth way more than the asking price.

  6. Karl Whitehurst (verified owner)

    I just received my sleeping bag and mat combo. I rolled out the sleeping bag, i ordered the large, and got inside to try out the size. This is a great size for a big guy. I’m 5-11 and go about 230, this bag fits me just fine. If you a big guy, go for the large. I think this would fit someone a lot taller than me, i have plenty of room length wise and some room width wise inside the bag. The material seems to be of very good quality. Zipper on the sleeping bag moves smoothly and there are no catches. I like the design of being able to fit the bag to the pad, it has two pockets (head and foot) to fit over pad and a strap to secure the two together. If you don’t like that option, just don’t secure them together and all is well. The sleeping pad and pillow work flawlessly. I hope to try out this bag and pad in the wild soon.

  7. Kirby Hill (verified owner)

    For my 60th birthday my wife got me this sleep system. I love it! It is so compact, light, and I am going to really enjoy it on the 96 mile Lone Star Trail in May! I know it will be great because the tent I purchased from River Country is top notch. Since I don’t do a lot of cold weather camping I am not worried about its 40 degree rating. That is ideal for my normal use. If I need it to be a little warmer I can always bring a lightweight fleece with me, or use some long johns! This is a great setup and cannot recommend it more highly. The company also has great service.

  8. Stephanie

    I received this combo set as a gift and I love it so far! I live in a high desert area so I’m not too concerned with the 40 degree low. Love how the sleeping bag can attached to the sleeping pad so it does not move around. Great item for the price!

  9. Patrick Altomari

    Arrived quickly… I ike the double side sleep mats cause i like a firm pad and my friend likes a softer on

  10. Tony Huckaba (verified owner)

    I bought this planning to use it in a tent but took it camping in a hammock first to test it out. I didn’t know that I would want or need this combo for a hammock but will take it every time now. The pad and pillow are both super easy and quick to inflate and deflate. The pad straps and pockets kept everything in place all night as well.

  11. Alisha Raines (verified owner)

    Had not slept on the ground in years and this combo was extremely comfortable. We definitely recommend. Love how compact everything is and how well it fits into the pack.

  12. R.J.

    I wont fluff this even tho I really like these products, the sleeping bag is Okay at best the mat is decent but I haven’t been able to test it out for a long time. The Pillow is excellent quality.

  13. Jonathan Ketsenburg (verified owner)

    Yup, just received it & yup… Already tested it. Again, this company has sold me on their stuff. I ordered the fleece as well to help with the 40deg rating. The sleeping bag itself is WAY more comfortable against my skin than my old bag. My old bag didn’t have anything to secure the sleep pad with. To me this is the best feature. I would always wake up feeling rocks because I was always off my pad & my old pad didn’t have a soft side like this 1 so I wasn’t going to put it in my sleeping bag. I’d be fine with putting this pad in the bag soft side up. The pillow takes a while to inflate on its own, no biggie, just toss it out 1st. Takes a couple minutes for it to do its own thing, or you can just blow it up.
    I was really looking for something more compact than my old bag & this definitely hit the mark with a cost I couldn’t pass up. The wife is jealous, so we’ll be ordering another 1 of these shortly.

  14. William (verified owner)

    I recently hiked the Beaten Path in Montana with this combo sleep system and was very happy with how it all did. I slept comfortably and warm and had no issues. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and they shipped the items fast.

  15. Raphael (verified owner)

    This combo set is great! I just got back from a camping trip and the sleep bag and pad did very well. I move around a lot when I sleep. Typically by the morning I am completely off the sleeping pad but since the pad is attachable I slept well the whole night.

  16. Joe R

    Got the sleep combo pack. I’ve got one night in the back country with this kit. Was toasty warm at 42 degrees. I’m 5’10” and had plenty of room. Even rolling around and sleeping on my stomach. The pillow pumps up the pad in about 5 minutes (sure beats blowing!). Love this kit. So, so, so worth the money.

  17. Tom Freeland

    Great sleep system, assembles easily packs away small. Only tried it for 2 nights at 35-45 degrees but was plenty warm. Great product!

  18. owen cowan

    This is a very good combo set. The sleeping pad is one of the lightest pads out there.
    The sleeping bag is super warm great for three-season.

  19. Greg

    Bought Sleep Combo Pack. Purchase arrived quickly, everything was in my order. Great company, great prices and excellent service so far.
    I look forward to possibly partnering with them in the near future, to help me help kids to learn to camp with minimal supplies in the wilderness.

  20. Christian

    Timely delivery and items are exactly as described; both well made and well priced gear!!

  21. Bob

    I’m a life long backpacker. The last few years I’ve also started cross country bike packing. If your looking for that “ Best bang for the buck “ ,,,,,,,, your search ends here.
    I own and operate a nature/wilderness area here in Oklahoma, so we spend a lot of time in the woods. With each item I get from this company I’m more convinced than ever that you will never find better gear for the money. You don’t have to take my word for it. It’s a pretty constant theme through out these reviews.
    I used this sleep combo set the day it came in. It got down to 42 degrees F, and I was comfortable. Since I’m NEVER on level ground, I really like the pouches on the back of the sleeping bag for containing the pad. If your new to these newer styled air mats,,,,,,,, your going to love the air pump pillow.
    Good luck, and “ HAPPY HIKING “

  22. Braeden (verified owner)

    Haven’t been able to use this sleeping combo yet but looking forward to it! Seems like it’s good quality and lightweight. Very compact.

  23. Phillip Stahnke

    I was VERY impressed with the ingenuity of this SYSTEM. This isn’t a simple bundle of components. The components are intended to work together for a comfortable nights’ rest. The one little missing star is because the sleeping pad pockets and the sleeping pad strap on the sleeping bag aren’t deep enough to hold the pad securely. I chose a Large sleeping bag, which means the bag is a little longer than the pad.

    The entire system is repackable even just a little smaller than how it ships, which I liked.

  24. Colin (verified owner)

    Sleep system works well. Nice that the bag and pad fit together to keep from rolling off pad. Pillow is comfortable and makes inflating pad easy; pad inflates and deflates very quickly. Pillow sometimes pops plug out when blown up to firm pillow feel. All are very light and good for backpacking. I am 6′ 4″ and fit me well, comfortable. Excellent value for the $$.

  25. Stanley and Vanessa

    These are amazing. We bought 2. Light weight. Easy to air up. Even the wife likes it.

  26. Justin

    Wife got this set for me as a birthday gift. Got it all out and it looks great. The tent she got me from River Country Products last year has been great and I’ve no doubt this sleep set will also be great!

  27. Aaron Bickett (verified owner)

    Just received my sleep set from river country products. The quality feels wonderful for the price point!! This is my second order from this company(first order was the trekker 4 man tent), and the quality and service just continue to amaze me!! I will be ordering again from this place!

  28. Joshua Fox

    Great product as described, fast delivery.

  29. Grant

    I love the combo kit to start off with extremely light for the whole kit a little over 3 lb works very well in my trekker 3 tent that I just purchased as well as the backpack I will do another review on it held up extremely well over the weekend I’m 180 lb 5 ft 9 plenty of room the pad held up great it was extremely comfortable the pillow was super it does make a little noise when you roll over I love the raised edges in the sleeping bag to trap the body heat brilliant idea all in all I definitely recommend I will definitely be buying another set I definitely will recommend this product and I will be ordering two more for my son’s as well I was a little bummed that it does have that China sticker on it LOL but all in all you guys rock especially the tents and the backpack is really nice too I will do a separate review on that

  30. fazgeo

    I had purchased the RCP 2.0 tent used and really liked the tent and researched the other items. I purchased from the RCP website The sleeping bag with the sleeping pad.
    I was very impressed with the quality and weight of such a reasonably priced item.
    Setup and break down is very easy and bags are very good.
    I have been searching for a lightweight low priced big 3 for a long time and am now happy I found these products.
    My next item will be the 65lt Backpack which will complete my River Country Products Big 3.

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