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This River Country Products Trekking Pole extension piece allows you to connect to River Country Products Trekking Poles together, allowing you to create one long pole. This is perfect for use with our Trekker Tent 3 and Trekker Tent 4, both of which are too tall to set up with ordinary poles. If you purchase either of those tents with poles this extension piece will already be included.

You can purchase this extension with or without our trekking poles. You can also purchase our trekking poles separately at this link. View item details below.

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This Trekking Pole Extension piece allows you to connect two River Country Products trekking poles together end to end. This is useful for making on long pole as required for the Trekker Tent 4 and the Trekker Tent 3, as both tents are taller than a normal trekking pole. If you purchase the Trekker Tent 3 or 4 with poles, this piece will already be included.

This extension piece is 20.5” long and weighs 3.7oz. It is made of a carbon fiber/aluminum mix just like our River Country Products trekking poles. It features two clamp style fasteners on either end, allowing you to connect to trekking poles together easily and without slipping.

While we do not guarantee that this trekking pole extension piece will work with all styles of trekking poles, it will likely work with other trekking poles that are not produced by River Country Products.

Trekking Pole Extension Details:

  • 20.5” long.
  • Weighs 3.7oz.
  • Made of carbon fiber/aluminum mix.
  • Two clamp style fasteners.

Trekking Pole Details:

  • Weigh 10oz each.
  • Made of carbon fiber/aluminum mix.
  • Clamp style fasteners.
  • expand from 24 inches to 52 inches.
  • Come with baskets and plastic tips.

Usage Instructions

  1. Unclasp the end clasps and loosen clear plastic tightener of both the extension and the trekking poles.
  2.  Remove the bottom sections of the trekking pole.
  3.  Insert bottom sections of pole into the extension piece. (If it catches when inserting pinch plastic ends and angel slightly to get the end into the extension, some force may be required)
  4.  Now pole can be inserted into the tent and extended until the tent is lines are tight.  (Clear nobs may need to be tightened so that the clamps clamp tight and the poles do not slip.

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Trekking Poles

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