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Make Your Own Cook Kit

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Camping Pot
Choose between two lightweight pot/pan options.
Choose between an easy to use gas stove and a survival friendly wood burning stove.
Choose between two utensils, a multi-purpose spork/knife and a more compact folding set.
Choose between small or large stainless steel camp cup.

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Make your own cooking kit!  Save money as you bundle the essential items you need to cook out in the wild.  Pick between our pots and pans, stoves, utensils, and cups.  Customize your cooking gear and make the ultimate backpacking cooking kit.


We have 4 different pot options – a pot set that holds approximately 42 oz and weighs 10.6 oz, a pot/pan set in large (14.2 oz) or small ((11.2 oz), and a stainless steel pot holding approximately 1L and weighing 14.6 oz


We have a lightweight gas stove that requires butane fuel (not included), and a biofuel stove.  While our wood burning backpacking stove weighs more than our compact lightweight gas stove it makes up for it by removing the need for propane. Cook and boil water using small twigs, pine-cones and other natural resources you find on the trail. You can also pair our wood stove with our fire starting sticks for an easy to light cooking fire.


Choose between a lightweight spork/knife option and a more full featured utensil set. Our spork has a removable case allowing access to a knife and whistle. If you prefer to use two utensils our other backpacking utensil set has a knife, fork, spoon and more.


The stainless steel cups are a campers favorite.  Use to boil water or drink out of.  Large cup holds 700ml and the small cup holds 300ml.  Lightweight, the large cup weighs just 5oz. (Cup weighs 3.5oz, lid weighs 1.5oz).  Both cups include a lid, perfect for keeping drinks warm and boiling water.



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