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Product Review: the airy Trekker Tent 2.2

Trekker Tent 2.2

We’ve asked our customers what they like about the airy Trekker Tent 2.2, and their top two responses were first, how easy it is to set up, and second, how well ventilated it is.

First, it is one of the easiest tents you could ever set up. It can be set up in under two minutes and can be set up with or without trekking poles. For the hiker in a hurry, this is the perfect option. You can get your tent set up quickly and have more time for fishing, hunting, or just relaxing.

Second, the large mesh sidewalls increase the ventilation in the tent, making it more comfortable to sit in and also reducing condensation. As compared to the Trekker Tent 2 and 2V, this tent is best for those wanting additional ventilation and don’t need the space provided by a vestibule.

Trekker Tent 2.2

Key Features

Some of the key features of the Trekker Tent 2.2 include the fact that it is a trekking pole tent, meaning that you may only need to check two poles (aka “hiking sticks”) before heading out for a camping trip.

However, even if you don’t have trekking poles, we like to say, “No poles, no problem!” Although it’s a trekking pole tent, we designed it so that it can easily be set up with two sticks off the ground, or you can tie it between two trees.

The tent weighs in at just 3 pounds, 2 ounces, which includes the eight tent stakes and the carry bag. By industry standards, this is a lightweight tent. It’s also pretty small. When it’s packed down, it’s just 10 inches by 6 inches around.

The stakes come rolled up in the center of the tent and the guy lines are already attached to the tent, so it’s ready for a quick setup.

The interior of the tent is 7 feet long by 5 feet wide and the front door has a 42-inch peak height.

All seams are taped and the fabric is waterproof PU-coated polyester. The floor is made of a heavy duty waterproof Oxford taffeta fabric, which is thick enough that you won’t need an additional ground cloth with this tent.

Inside the tent you’ll find a loop for hanging your gear or your flashlight and a personal items pocket and plenty of room for two people and their gear.

Easy Setup

The Trekker Tent 2.2 is our easiest tent to set up. First, find a flat area to lay your tent out in the direction that you want it to face. If you prefer to watch a video, just click on this link.

Like all of our trekking pole tents, start by sticking down the four corners of the tent. Pull the tent tight as you stake down the corners and make sure that the tent is not lopsided to one side or the other.

After you stake down the four corners, insert the front trekking pole tip facing up placing the carbide tip into the grommet with the handle down. Adjust the trekking pole height to the desired height and pull out the guy line and stake it down.

Do the same with the rear trekking pole. Now you can stake out the two side guy lines and that’s really all there is to setting up the Trekker Tent 2.2.

Tips and tricks

First, this tent can be set up easily without trekking poles. Just use two sticks off the ground. When using the stick method, just wrap the guy line around the stick once near the peak of the tent. Then stake the guy line to the ground, or you can tie the guy line to a branch or tree.

Second, all stakes should go in at a 30-degree angle toward the tent, forming a 90 degree angle with the guy line and the stake. This will help hold the stake in place.

If setting up on sandy ground, you may need snow or sand stakes which can be purchased separately. There are a few tips and tricks when setting up on softer ground, like putting a rock on top of the stake to hold it in place or a tree branch which can also mark where the guy lines are to make it easier to see and help avoid walking into the guidelines. If the tent is sagging in the middle, this is often because the trekking poles are overextended. Try lowering the trekking pole just a little and tightening the rear and front guy lines, and that should tighten the ridgeline of the tent.

This tent’s even easier to take down than to set up. All you have to do is pull out the stakes then put all the guy lines and all the upper tent material inside the tent and then fold the tent in on itself so that only the floor material is showing. Once you have it to about the size of the tent stake in width, roll the tent up around the tent stakes, and then tie it off and it should fit easily back into the bag that it came in.

And that’s all there is to know about the airy Trekker Tent 2.2, one of our most popular two-person trekking pole tents and our easiest tent to set up with its small pack size and the fact that it’s lightweight. This tent is perfect for your next outdoor adventure!

If you are having any problems with the setup of this tent, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or through the Contact Us page. We’re always happy to help! If you have any tips, tricks, questions or feedback please comment below.

4 thoughts on “Product Review: the airy Trekker Tent 2.2

  1. I purchased the Trekker 2 tent 3 years ago thinking it would last only one season because it was so inexpensive. I have now used it for many trips since that time and it has been very durable. This past weekend, I used it on a trip and it rained the entire night. I had waterproofed the tent following the instructions but I wondered how it would perform during an extended rain storm. I was very pleased in the morning when I found the inside of the tent was totally dry. I have recommended this tent to many people because it is light and very economical.

    John Bennett

    1. Thanks! That’s exactly what we love to hear! We’re glad you stayed dry and enjoyed your trip.

  2. I like RCP. I have a Trekker 1 tent and have enjoyed it on several trips, both summer and a spring snow camping. It’s a good quality tent and fine value.

    -With that as background, I have a couple thoughts on your Trekker 2.2. Would the pitch of the rain fly be tightened up if each half of the fly were three triangluar pieces rather than one rectangular piece? ( I also owe a Mountainsmith Mountain Shelter that is comprised of triangluar pieces of fabric to get a nice taut pitch.)

    -Could the entrance top webbing strap on the 2P tents be modified so that 2 trekking poles be used at the entrance and create an ‘A’ frame for easier entrance/exit? (I’m assuming there might be 2 sets of Trekker poles if 2 people used the tent.)

    1. Thanks, Bob! Your comments have been submitted to our design team!

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