River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river with sleeping pads
River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river with sleeping pads
River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river with sleeping pads
River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2.2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river with sleeping pads

Trekker Tent 2.2, 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent for Backpacking and Camping

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Trekking Pole Tent 2-Person

Introducing the ultimate two-person backpacking tent – the Trekker Tent 2.2! With its super-fast and easy setup, this tent is perfect for hiking, backpacking, camping, and survival situations. Don’t let heavy gear weigh you down, as this compact tent easily fits into your backpack without taking up valuable space.

Designed to be used with trekking poles, this tent measures over 7 feet long, over 5 feet wide, and 42 inches high – offering more room inside than any other ultra-light tent in its category. With large mesh sidewalls and vents, the Trekker Tent 2.2 provides excellent ventilation and is almost a full 2-layer tent.

Weighing in at only 3lbs 2oz. It comes with 8 lightweight aluminum stakes, guy-lines, and a carrying bag for easy transport.

With its large mesh sidewalls and side vents, the Trekker Tent 2.2 is perfect for areas with high condensation, ensuring a comfortable and dry night’s sleep. It has the feel of a 2 layer tent without all the added weight.

Not only is this tent lightweight and spacious, but it’s also incredibly versatile. It can be set up with trekking poles, sticks, or tied between two trees, making it the perfect solution for any camping situation. With no traditional tent poles to deal with, the Trekker Tent 2.2 can be set up in as little as one minute.

Choose between the Trekker Tent 2.2 and 2.0 – both made from durable, puncture-resistant materials that do not require a ground cloth. While the 2.2 features a lighter weight floor, the 2.0 has a heavier tarp-like material that is more resistant to punctures and rips from sharp rocks or sticks. The 2.2 has large mesh sidewalls giving it the feel of a 2 layer tent, while the 2.0 is a little lighter for when those few extra ounces make a difference.

Upgrade your camping experience with the Trekker Tent 2.2 – the ultimate lightweight, spacious, and versatile two-person backpacking tent.

Trekking Pole Details

Carbon Trekking Poles
  • Easy to use lever lock system
  • Lightweight, just 10oz each
  • Primary cork handle, secondary foam handle
  • Extend up to 52”
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Carbon Reinforced Aluminum is much stronger and lighter than 100% aluminum poles.
  • Product link
rcp carbon fiber ultralight trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 6oz each saving weight in your pack.
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Extend up to 53” (135cm)
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with our extension piece or either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
  • Product link
rcp folded carbon trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 7.4oz each
  • Folding design makes them compact and convenient to carry
  • Folded length: 15in
  • Adjustable from 110 – 130cm
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
  • Product link
  • Weigh 10oz each
  • Expands from 66cm – 135cm (26” – 53”)
  • Baskets and rubber tips included
  • Rubber handle
  • Integrated anti-shock system
  • Product link

Additional information

Canopy Fabric

PU Coated Polyester

Floor Material

Waterproof Coated Oxford Taffeta


8 ultra-light aluminum stakes, guylines, waterproof carry bag


175 reviews for Trekker Tent 2.2, 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent for Backpacking and Camping

  1. Billy Manning

    Great tent so far
    Light on your pack
    Quick and easy set up
    Fantastic for 2 people or yourself and gear and honestly about the same size as my single man when packed
    I have no doubt it will do what I need it to do for a long time I highly recommend

  2. Billy Manning

    Great tent so far
    Light on your pack
    Quick and easy set up
    Fantastic for 2 people or yourself and gear and honestly about the same size as my single man when packed
    I have no doubt it will do what I need it to do for a long time I highly recommend

  3. Kit Anders

    Great lightweight tent. Can’t wait to put it to use

  4. Antonio Garcia (verified owner)

    Wwesome product! I am a geologist so tents are a fundamental part of my life. The design and practicality of this tent are as a good as I have ever seen. I do lots of work in deserts, and this tent holds it own in high winds. Thanks so much for making a great product!

  5. Austin Wolff

    This tent is a wonderfully crafted little addition to my gear closet. This has been my first trekking pole tent that I have purchased, I was a little hesitant but this thing is so easy to set up! I had to look up a video about how to use the little toggles on the ends of the guylines, so maybe instructions on those would be appreciated with the tent. I used this for the first time in sub freezing Temps and I was comfortable in the tent with a 35 degree bag, there are no drafts or anything I could feel from the tent. It’s constructed of quality material and packs down quite easily. I highly recommend this tent.

  6. Nolan (verified owner)

    I brought this tent along for my first ever backpacking trip and it did great! Super quick and easy to setup and take down. I only used it for myself, but it could definitely fit two people. Temps got down to about 25 at night and I felt great the entire night. The tent seems to be made of high quality materials and it is super light/packable, even the stakes it comes with are really good quality. Would definitely recommend this tent!

  7. Ian Branch

    I love this tent! I’ve used it a great deal already here in southern California and I’ve only had it a month. I’m looking forward to using it this winter out here to test the waterproofing. All around great, affordable product. Look no further for a backpacking tent!

  8. Miles Callahan

    What an amazing product. I have had this product for a year now and it never ceases to amaze me. I use it all the time and it is still in prime condition no tears no issues. It has been a perfect backpacking tent. I was fairly new into the camping scene and I needed a cheaper high quality tent and it did not let me down. I went camping with my uncle who is very experienced in backpacking and was so surprised how nice it was for the cost, truly amazing! Thank you for such a great product and can’t wait to try out your other products.

  9. Steve H. (verified owner)

    Great value, and great customer service. I had several questions before the purchase, and was very quickly answered by knowledgeable people. The Trekker 2.2 is an awesome tent for the price. Also, give the sleeping pad and pillow a look. Just like the tent, the pillow and pad are very light and well made. After receiving my River Country products, I am very confident I made the right decision by choosing them!

  10. michael

    I may or may not have reviewed this before

    5 stars is provisional. If you know what you are getting into and feel comfortable seam sealing and waterproofing – this one goes to 11!
    I have bought value tents that have weighed less but given me less room and satisfaction. As far as I am concerned this is THE Budget backpacking tent as long you are willing to spend a bit of time and check the seams and waterproofing. It may cost $10 more – but many tents do the same.
    If you put in the work, this tent is an incredible value. I would not hesitate to grab another if I needed another tent for 2 more people on a trip.

  11. Hayden A

    I love this tent. A buddy had one and i had to get it after spending a few nights in. Quality on par with way more expensive tents and easy as to set up . Takes me under 5 minutes. Will Def be back to try out the trekker tent 3 soon!

  12. Silas Quam (verified owner)

    Large tent for two people sets up fast and easy’ great price.

  13. Michael Falchetti (verified owner)

    Just received the tent first time setting up was quick and easy looks like plenty of room for 2 will be trying out soon. Material looks like good quality for the money. Hopefully i will get to test it with some rain soon.

  14. Bryant (verified owner)

    Held up great with me and my 2 sons (ages 5 & 6) with very little condensation. Extremely easy to setup.

  15. Daniel (verified owner)

    Just got my tent in and plan to use it in next couple of weeks. Seems like a good tent for the price range. The set up is simple and fast. I plan on spraying it with waterproof spray just as added protection. Instead of hiking poles, I purchased “take down” tarp poles that I could roll up into the tent/bag. Got this tent as a back up to our large family tent so I can take my son camping. It reminds me of small pup-tent my dad took me camping in as a kid.

  16. Matt

    The Trekker 2.2 tent was my first ever River Country Products purchase. The set up was quick and easy! Great price and very roomy. I believe my rating is fair because of the small pin holes I found in the corners of the tent when I first set it up. I hope an application of seam sealer will work for this issue.

  17. Ron Hartley

    I love my tent. Light weight and you can’t beat the cost. I have used it several times now getting ready for a trip up the AT and I feel it will have no issues on the trail. I have friends who have spent more for their tents and even though they are lighter they take longer to set up and put away. The tent is more than big enough to accommodate someone larger like myself and leave plenty of room for other gear. On colder night you can leave the side vents closed and the tent will hold in some warmth. One night of testing was down to 24F and with the right sleep system I was very comfortable. Easily a 3 season tent.

  18. Matthew Foster

    Just got my second river country products tent and can not believe the quality of these products. Lite weight, water proof, amazing seems, and easy enough for my children to set up. Trekking pole tents have become my favorite tent to use cause of the compact size while in my pack and super lite weight. I will be purchasing more of river country products for sure. Maybe you could make a large hammock tent with double zippered doors on both sides, (say a 7’ wide by 12’ long) hint hint. Thank you for the great products and I would recommend these 100% to all my friends and family.

  19. Evan Barnett (verified owner)

    I recently got to use this tent on an overnight backpacking trip. First thing I noticed is how incredibly light and small this tent packs! It fits in my backpack no problem with tons of rooms for other gear. Next was how quickly I was able to set it up. Using trekking poles instead of regular tent poles allowed me set it up within minutes. Finally after setting it up I was impressed how much room there is. This tent has enough room for 2 people or 1 person and lots of gear! This is 100% my go to tent for backpacking! So glad I purchased this product 😀

  20. Brittney (verified owner)

    We love this tent. It gets a lot of use. Stays dry inside.

  21. Chris Phegley (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best value for a high quality backpacking tent in the market. Made in the USA. Great customer service after your purchase. Lots of options from 1 person , 2 person to 4 person. Option to purchase tents as packages with trekking poles. Love, love, love this tent!

  22. DAVID ALDANA (verified owner)

    Great tent. Very well made and light weight for it’s size. This will be my go to tent for long backpacking trips in all weather conditions.
    Made in the USA enough said.
    Thank you River Country.

  23. Kyle Witt

    I have used this tent in both wet and dry conditions, and it has worked great! For myself and my 35lb dog it is huge, and for the price and weight it can’t be beat. I own this as well as the Trekker 2.

  24. Paul Douglas

    I purchased this tent to replace an Ozark trail dome shaped tent that I’d had for years. I like this tent more because of its light weight design, it’s completely enclosed to keep them nightly critters from creeping into the tent, and also being able to compress down small enough to allow extra storage space in my Teton 3400 pack.

  25. Dale Brown

    Pretty dang good tent. Backcountry Idaho hunting along the Salmon river with lots of rain and very strong winds one night. I woke up still dry inside. There will be some humidity accumulated inside. But honestly, a buddy of mine on the trip had way more humidity in his tent and that tent cost him way more! I did have to sleep diagonally across the tent to avoid touching the end walls of the tent which would cause humidity on the sleeping bag. Only one corn seemed to collect some water one night but I believe that was partially due to the stake for the “window” vent on one side pulling loose that night because of the sand. But it was great and very lightweight and easy to set up and take down quickly, which was important since we were changing location about every day for new hunting grounds. Thanks, River Country Products for a great low-cost quality tent!

  26. Christy Seagraves (verified owner)

    I am so excited to try out this tent! I have set it up at home and the ventilation is great. While I don’t have any direct experience with this tent yet, I am so happy with the performance of all my other River Country Products gear!

  27. Pete (verified owner)

    I have had my 2.2 for about two years now and am very satisfied with it. As a motorcycle camper it fits my needs plenty of room and packs small enough. Love that it can be set up many different ways , between 2 bikes ,trees , posts or trekking poles or make your own. Great affordable tent

  28. Paul Thompson (verified owner)

    Absolutely thrilled with the tent. Room for days compared to most backpacking tents. Sets up in no time whatsoever. Strongly believe this tent could make a big splash in the hunting side of backpacking. It’s a quarter of the price and good quality

  29. Jason

    Great tent for backpacking. Easy to pack and set up. Works great for Trout fishing expeditions! The only upgrade I would recommend is having a way to view the stars while laying in the tent. Would highly recommend River County Products tents.

  30. Miles

    I loved this product the simplicity of the set up and the light weight make this a supreme product! I have enjoyed every moment of having it! Not to mention the pricing is out of this world!

  31. Rodney (verified owner)

    Purchased the Trekker 2.2 Tent with UL Carbon Trekking poles, super fast delivery. Recently used on Colorado Mountain hiking excursion and could not have been happier. Lightweight, ease of setup, roomy, and price. The tent was not challenged with inclement weather, but may consider using some seam sealers for future trips. Very pleased thus far.

  32. Olaf

    I ordered the tent from Germany using Amazon. Delivery was – as previously said very fast.
    Thank you, that you are selling using Amazon – otherwise I would not have bought. I ordered the Trekker 2.2 tent because of a Dixie (youtube) review for low cost gear. I did consider a Zpacks tent but this would have been about 10x the price of the Trekker 2.2 and delivery time would have not been 2 weeks, but at least 2 months!

    Planning to hike the PCT in 2022 and the Camino del Note (Spain) this year (2021), I needed a tent to fit two people with gear. The Trekker 2.2 held up the task:
    Me and my wife (both 174cm tall) fit our “NeoAir Uberlight Regular Wide” side by side. Our shoes went to the entrance area of the tent and the two backpacks (2x Osprey Exos 58 L) we put above our heads first – later we put them alongside our legs – between the NeoAir and the tent walls in the leg area. It was tight – but we both fit perfectly. Thank you for such a large ans space tent which actually fits two people with gear.
    The tent had the weight as specified.
    I did follow the instructions and used seam sealer on all seams inside and outside. I also used almost 500ml of “Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof” on the outside (as well as from below, under the bottom) to make sure we get not wet on the Camino.
    As this year is Coronayear, the Camino fell short a couple of days. Actually sleped only 3 nights in the tent yet (we canceled out tour early). These three night were one in heavy rain, one in wind and fog, and the other close to the ocean in wet air.
    We did not have any problems securing the tent with the provided equipment. The stakes seem to be sturdy (needed to use a stone once to get one in – no problems). The stakes are very light and have nice little hole at the top. I put a short cord through the hole to get the stakes out of the earth more easily. I Suggest for every owner to do the same.
    I also threw four cords, each about 80 cm, into the sack, in case I can not get a stake in and I would need to secure the tent corners on some rocks.
    The rain and wet weather were no problems for the tent (adding seam sealer and Nikwax to the cost was about 20 Euro/20 USD). No rain came inside.
    Of course it’s a downside, that you need to put your wet gear (shoes, jacket) inside the tent, thus I would wish for a vestibule.
    Another wish would be to be able to open the tent to both sides.
    Yes, we did get condensation. This was expected, but as Nikwax did a great job preventing the moisture to get into the fabric we were able so shake a lot of moisture off. As we expected to put up the tent next evening in dry conditions we did not care too much about condensation inside. Condensation was worst when we stayed close to the Atlantic ocean and the tent was in fog/clouds the whole night. But – again – we did not mind too much.
    The tent kept us dry and kept the wind outside.

    This was our first tent that is set up with trekking poles and we did not have any problems. A single person can set it up in 3 minutes I would think. That is from taking it out of it’s bag until it’s ready.

    I did ask for two improvements (vestibule, opening to both sides), but I would buy this tent again as is. The price is a “can not be a mistake”: Buy and try!

    + Price
    + Order/Delivery time
    + Weight
    + Color

    – No vestibule

  33. Wolfgang Warta

    The delivery from the USA (to Germany) was super fast, which was very surprising. Since I’m going on a 2-week trek through Germany this year, I need a light, compact tent with simple mosquito protection that is not too small and can take my backpack with me. The Trekker Tent 2.0 is ideal for this. It’s quick and easy to set up and I can use my trekking poles or branches, that’s awesome. This saves me a lot of weight and volume. A lot of space for 1 person, it is wind-stable, rainproof and unbeatable in terms of price-performance ratio. I can only recommend it for this purpose.

  34. Gavin Barnett (verified owner)

    Fantastic tent, the seams were all already taped and if you seam seal and water proof it you will have a great backpacking tent at an unbeatable price!

  35. Ben Tiller

    Ordered off of Amazon and received on time and received all the parts. Used for 4 nights in WV (2 in a wilderness area, 2 in a car camping setting). Tent was pretty easy to set up but did take some adjusting to get the ridge line tight. Purchased with the trekking poles and they worked fine. Got some decent rain for several hours and the tent stayed dry along with all my gear. Also had a night of heavy winds for the entire night and the tent held up well. In the morning one of the stakes was loose and the ridge line had sagged, but otherwise weathered the wind find. And it was a hard wind. Never experienced any condensation.
    My only real complaint with the tent is that it does not have a separate rain fly and there is not much mesh on the tent to enjoy nice and dry weather. After the wet night, I had to try to towel try and shake off as much water as possible so I wasn’t repacking my tent all wet (this was the first night of the backpacking trip). Would have been nice to just have a separate fly that I could shake off and pack wet or drape off the back of the pack to dry. In hindsight, the 1V or 2V might have been a better choice for me. I will probably limit this tent to those outings where I can be relatively sure there is no rain.
    Would prefer a separate detachable rain fly
    Ridge line can be tricky to get and keep tight
    Foot print not included; those sold by RCP are not as wide as the tent either
    Integrated rain fly limits mesh on sides, restricting view and air flow in dry weather.
    Could use a loop or small pocket in top center of the roof for hanging small light
    Tons of room for me, my shoes, and a 65L pack.
    Stayed dry despite rain
    Nice colors
    Lightweight tent stakes

  36. Jordan (verified owner)

    The short version of this review is that I was pleasantly surprised by this tent’s performance in severe inclement weather. The long version can be read below:

    I’ll be the first to admit I bought this tent without doing hardly any research. I watched Dixie’s youtube video reviewing the Trekker Tent 2 and saw in the comments that the 2.2 version had remedied the condensation issues that plagued the 2’s single wall design. I ordered the Trekker Tent 2.2 with the UL Carbon Trekking Poles almost immediately. Between the time I ordered and the time I got to take my new tent out in the field, I read dozens of horror stories about leaking seams and the barely water-resistant rainfly. I was not optimistic about this tent’s durability in the rain and decided to conduct a test in my backyard before I took it backpacking.
    Experimental Design:
    1) Set up the tent in torrential downpours and driving wind during a thunderstorm.
    2) Check the tent’s interior for water immediately after setting up.
    3) Wipe down the interior of the tent with a towel and then completely batten down the hatches on the tent.
    4) After the storm passed (2 hours of rain), open up the tent and check the interior for water.
    1a) Setting up this tent in the rain and wind would not be easy if you haven’t set up a trekking pole tent before. Since this might be some people’s first non-freestanding tent, I thought this is worth mentioning. I had set it up twice prior to this and it took me less than 5 minutes working by myself to set it up in the storm.
    1b) Prior to setting the guy lines on the front and sides of the tent, the side vents (the ones that differentiate the 2.2 from the 2) are not fully covered by the rainfly and will take on water. Unless it’s completely wind-free, some rain is going to get into this tent through the vents while you’re setting up and you should bring a microfiber towel or something to soak up water prior to getting inside.
    1c) There is no vestibule for this tent and getting in and out will invite in water. Setting up the tent with the entrance downwind will help to mitigate this. I didn’t consider this prior to setting up and the wind was driving rain inside while I was getting in.
    1d) Going off of 1c, there is no place to store your gear out of the rain without bringing it into your tent. This means that your muddy and wet shoes come into the tent with you or stay outside and get soaked. This isn’t too much of a problem if you’re sleeping one person in this tent as one side can be dedicated to gear, but two people and their gear would not comfortably fit inside of this tent. If I take this on a two-person trip, the other person will be bringing a tarp to set up a makeshift vestibule. This tarp could also be used to keep water from coming in the vents during setup.
    2) Considerable water was on the floor of the tent when I opened it up. I would estimate approximately 1 cup of water had accumulating in the corners of the tent with some water in the center of the tent floor that I dragged in with me.
    4a) There were small dark patches around the droplets where water appeared to have soaked into the fabric. I will be treating this tent with a durable water repellent to improve water runoff and prevent water from soaking in.
    4b) A 1-inch circle of water had accumulated in one of the corners on the side opposite the entrance. There was also a single drop of water in the center of the tent. I’m not sure if this was water that I had missed during my initial sweep, but it is worth mentioning. Additionally, there was a small amount of water at the entrance of the tent. Again, I’m not sure if I let this in while I was closing up the tent or if it got in during the waiting period. This was a negligible amount of water so I would not worry about it wetting my sleeping bag or gear.
    4c) I noticed that there were some loose threads along the edge of the rainfly. After 3 times setting this tent up, I would not expect any visible wear.
    In summary, this isn’t a perfect tent, but for the price it’s hard to argue with the results. I took a star off for the design which allowed significant water into the tent during setup. A potential design or DIY fix for this would be to put a velcro patch on the fly and body of the tent that keeps the vents covered while the corners of the tent are staked out. The guy lines of the tent were sturdy enough and kept the tent from toppling over despite heavy winds driving against the vertical face of the tent. I didn’t love that the tent is showing some signs of wear, but slight fraying is the price to be paid for cheaper materials. For $60 plus the cost of the poles, I like this tent and feel comfortable taking it into the backcountry for short trips. Would I bring this as my only tent for a thru hike? Probably not. Would I buy this tent if I were a beginning backpacker on a budget? Absolutely.

  37. Jeff Scott (verified owner)

    Great tent good price well made bought 3 tent for me and my 2boys

  38. Scott W

    I’ve recently decided to get into backpacking after being a campsite tent camper for many years. I’ve done the research online and in-person and from a quality and price standpoint, this tent cannot be beaten. The design, easy setup, and ability to withstand the elements are great. If you are looking for a quality product, low weight, and price that beats the competitors by hundreds of $’s, this is the tent.

  39. Charlie

    This tent is awesome and just what I needed to send my son to Scout camp this year! Affordable, easy to set up, and one he will hike with into the future. Very good quality and versatility for my son’s first “hiking” tent. Well done!

  40. Spencer Boaz

    I have not used the tent yet. I bought it for kayaking and canoeing. The size and not needing poles was a big plus. Most tents need 18” to 27”hard poles that don’t fit well in a 10’ kayak with all the other gear. RCP. Recommend sealing the seams, if you kayak you waterproof everything anyway. I’ve never had a tent that didn’t leak anyway. I’m a fairly big guy and 64 years old so I use a air mattress and a big sleeping bag and this tent has the room for it. I camp with a hammock and tarp also so setting a tarp over the tent is no problem, we have a lot of trees here so I have a lot of options for setup . I think this tent would be great for anyone who kayaks.

  41. Charles Hamilton

    I got this tent after some reviews (the biggest being Homemade Wanderlust on YT). I set it up in the backyard and ran sprinklers on it and a hose with a “rain” style nozzle. She came out great. I went ahead and ran a waterproofing spray anyways and then ordered another tent from RCP I think should have been what I should have ordered in the first place had I known the product line. I got it today and will do the same with it. Next weekend I plan to do “backyard camping” trying out the gear, but with the tests I do, I can’t see a failure. I feel confident I can take these tents on trail, and I am looking at other products to purchase as well.

  42. Melchor uribe

    I like this tent, it’s easy to set up and lightweight, packs small, and easy to put back in its compression bag, haven’t tested it in heavy rains but so far it is an excellent ultralight starter tent.

  43. Karina Orozco

    I wanted to wait and use before leaving a review….
    After an overnight/Kayak trip this tent exceeded expectations! It weighed no more than a full standard sized water bottle and snug perfectly into my backpack! The weight and lack of tent sticks originally sold me, but now I am more excited about the fact that you can literally use ANYTHING to set this tent up. We ended up camping in a really sandy area, so zero stakes were staying in place. I was able to set up the tent by tying it to a tree! It fit 2 of us comfortably and the extra space under the tarp for all of our gear was perfect!
    It was used in the desert, so no current extreme weather trial. Waiting to see how it does on a windy or rainy trip.

  44. Nell (verified owner)

    This is a nice starter tent for backpacking. It’s far from on par with some of the nicer backpacking tents out there, but you get what you pay for and for the price it’s pretty decent. I’ll start with the positives and then share some things we don’t like about it.

    First, it’s super easy to put up. It came with no instructions and honestly you don’t need them. My teenagers threw it up all by themselves the first time we went out with it and needed very little prompting from me on how to do it. They expressed how much easier it was than their dad’s camping tent with all the poles. Also it comfortably fits two if the two people are average to small. Two bigger folks probably not so much.

    The negatives: It’s a very noisy tent. First time out we had lots of wind and the tent flaps around and makes a ton of noise. Feels like sleeping in a tornado. But as you get tired enough it starts to be white noise and doesn’t matter. This may be a big deal for some though.

    I’m also sorry to say that it does not hold up well to rain. We seam sealed it and sprayed it with water repellent well before our rainy trip. But even with doing that we had a puddle of water in the bottom of the tent, not a ton, but enough to get things wet. We had to hang our sleeping bags out to dry in the morning.

    Hard to say if I’d recommend. Probably depends on a person’s tolerance for imperfection. I think we will be upgrading when we can, but as a starter tent I’m happy to have it and look forward to some fun adventures in it.

  45. Jacob Ehrenreich (verified owner)

    My friend and me both ordered a trekk 2.2 for each of us. I was so excited i had to immediately put it up in my yard. The description is everything is says plus more. Easy to set up, compact, and quality product. Theres so much room on the inside and easy to get in and out of and im not a smaller guy. Each corner on the inside of the tent has a hanging loop made of plastic so you can hang a light or maybe a small battery powered fan. Theres also a small pocket that hangs from the side for phone or flashlight storage. I recommend getting the river country tarp to go under the tent to help with the life of it. Its durable but why not it matches and is the perfect size to fit under it. Recommend carbon poles as well. Its also got other loops on corners on the outside just incase you need to set it up with rope only or more secured tie down. You could easily fit 2 people inside if needed. Me and my friend both purchased multiple different products from River Country and they all are quality and the best deal for the product.

  46. Jasim Atiyeh

    Amazing tent! Very light, small, and easy to setup. This is the exact tent I was looking for. If I bought from REI, it would’ve been hundreds.

  47. Lauren Crosthwait

    Easy and quick to set up! Perfect for Arkansas weather! Spacious enough for me and my 2 large dogs and the floor lining is durable enough that their claws do not dig in! So that’s a huge quality assurance for me right there! Really like how Light weight it is and easily packs in my backpack without taking much room! Great Backpacking tent for the price!

  48. Estus Hibbard

    Got mine a couple of weeks ago and set it up with the trekking poles, it’s a rather roomy little tent that weighs less than my total combined camping hammock set that I also recently bought.

  49. Asher Burnett

    It’s easy and quick to setup with lots of room inside. I added 1 mil plastic on the floor, sprayed the tent with water proofer like I do with all my tents and retied the knots on the guide lines with a more secure knot. I need to tie loops to the stakes so they can be used properly. Overall great looking tent and I can’t wait to use it this coming summer.

  50. Joshua M. (verified owner)

    The first time I used this tent was for a two week excursion in North Carolina. It kept out the rain, shielded me from the December cold, and was an easy set-up. The forest green color blended in well with its surroundings, which appealed to my tactical side. Will be coming to this company again in the future.

  51. Mario Tommasi (verified owner)

    The 2.2 is a great tent and value. The bathtub bottom is terrific. Setting it up is fast…maybe 10 minutes. And take down is 5 minutes. It goes back into the sack without the need to do all the folding and rolling. I did it anyway just to keep it neat. The ventilation is fantastic. I have no real complaints. But the instructions are printed on a flimsy piece of paper. And the images aren’t so clear. But it is simple to set up. Definitely buy again.

  52. TODD FORDEN (verified owner)

    Pretty sweet deal when compared to a tarp, grommets, and stakes for a comparable price you get a full tent with a bug screen, ventilation, and a bathtub floor. Easy to set up and secure against the wind. Plenty of room.

  53. Michael Simmons (verified owner)

    Outstanding tent and customer service!

    Customer Experience:
    I ordered from rivercountryproducts.com the afternoon of November 11th, and I received my tent and trekking poles by the afternoon of November 15th. All pieces were present, appeared as advertised, and arrived in new condition: 1 tent, 8 high-quality stakes, and 1 stuff sack; 2 high-quality, adjustable trekking poles, 1 set of regular tips and 1 set of snow tips). The tent appeared exactly as advertised.

    To set up, I first read the included instructions. I then removed the tent from the stuff sack, unfolded it, staked the tent, placed the trekking poles, and staked the guy lines. Set up probably took about 1-2 minutes. The guy lines were already attached to the fly which allowed me to set it up quickly upon arrival.

    Simplicity – This tent is ready to go right out of the package – quick setup.
    Shipped the night I ordered it, arrived within a few days
    Stability – when completely set up, tent appears to have the ability to stand up to moderate wind with strong gusts
    Durability – tent appears sturdy and waterproof
    Design – excellent low-profile and plenty of room inside
    Appearance – tent looks very nice, exactly as advertised
    Compatibility – River Country poles (purchased separately in the same order) worked perfectly with the tent
    Competitive – for the price and value, this tent’s quality and customer experience far exceed anything I have purchased from any tent company before
    Compact – stuff sack provides ample space for re-packing tent easily
    Information – the instructions for the tent mention all kinds of helpful tips, such as how to treat the tent, where to get treatment, how to avoid condensation problems, how to properly fold the tent, and more
    Bonus – River Country gave me a free gift with my tent

    Bug netting on the inside is pretty baggy; it could be tighter. However, there are many ways that I can easily fix this issue, and it doesn’t cause any sort of significant problem.
    Ridgeline of the tent is weak and saggy in the middle. Again, there are many easy remedies for this issue that will not cost me anything—not a big deal.

  54. Josh Stair (verified owner)

    Great and lightweight! Easy setup and takedown. Fits well in a 38l pack. The trekking poles that came with it work well. For the price I would highly recommend this tent to anyone trying to get into backpacking on a budget.

  55. Deb Moore

    Quick setup. Taking it out on a scout trip next weekend

  56. Ariel Gordon (verified owner)

    I purchased this tent and I am super happy with it. It’s lightweight, sets up in snap, and is easy to re-pack into the stuff sack. I also have had no problems with condensation. I did give it an extra spray down of waterproofing when it arrived. So far, I really like this tent and would definitely recommend it!

  57. Kelsey E. (verified owner)

    This tent worked perfectly for our first backpacking trip! It was comfortable with two people. It packs down neatly and is not too heavy. We did not realize how helpful trekking poles were and it is a bonus that they double as tent poles. We bought a second tent and it is very spacious for one person and we can each keep our packs inside with us now.

  58. MarkR

    I was set to use a 6.5lb tent on a 36 mile Appalachian Trail hike. After a good bit of research I decided to give this guy a try. Set it up as soon as I got it and thought….that’s SMALL!

    Lol for reference though the only camping ive done in recent years is car camping with a 12’x10’ 5 person tent. This thing ultimately was a great size for a single person. Lots of room on the inside for a person a gear. Could fit 2 but much less extra room of course. Didn’t rain so wasn’t able to test waterproof-ness. Will go ahead and treat it just in case.

    In the end it packs down really well. Couldn’t be happier with the pack size, setup size and time, and weight. I am very interested in trying their 2 person vestibule tent; will probably get that soon to give the family some options. Will see how long this tent lasts but it’s also not something we will use more than a handful of times a year. From that perspective this is a no brainer.

  59. Michael Ross

    This tent was perfect for my elk hunting trip light added almost no weight to my pack and was large enough I could put my pack and my bow in the tent with me to keep them out of the elements and plenty warm. The only complaint I have is I broke a stake the first night setting it up. I could still us the stake but the top of it was broken off.

  60. reganb

    I purchased this tent almost a year ago for a backpacking trip I had to cancel, but I finally got to use it and I am very impressed with the quality. For the price you will not find a better tent. It is roomier than you would expect from a two person tent. I easily fit myself, my gear, and a dog, and a second person still could have fit if we squeezed. It also folds up very nicely, there was no struggle to get it back in the bag. It didn’t rain when I used it, but it was very humid and I did not have a problem with condensation. I can’t say how well this tent will hold up with time, but it seems very well made.

  61. Ellen H.

    Great tent! It kept the rain off me for several nights, and I managed to stay perfectly dry inside. It is very easy to fold up and store in the stuff sack, and it is quite compact when folded. My only area of concern is that the bottom feels rather thin, so I am considering getting a footprint to make sure this doesn’t become an issue.

  62. Allan Rogers

    Perfect tent for the price, durable, good stitching. You can find a lighter tent but it won’t be near as bombproof.

  63. Kyle Miller

    Awesome tent! I will be bringing this with me to Eastern Oregon for my elk hunt later this month. Extremely well made, easy to set up and money well spent on my behalf. I will definitely be buying another one to fit the whole family! I will recommend this tent and company to anyone in the future. Thanks again!

  64. Abby E. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this tent all summer and it has been absolutely awesome! I originally got it for the intent of using only when I’m backpacking but it’s so easy to set up and transport and the perfect amount of space for just me that I’ve been using it any time I’ve gone camping! I even got to experience a downpour in it and everything stayed dry as a bone. It was the perfect tent to fit my needs and at such a great price I would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  65. John Bennett

    I was highly skeptical that a light weight tent for this price was going to last. However, when I got the tent, I set it up in the backyard and added the additional waterproofing and let it air out for a couple of days so it would not smell like plastic. I packed it up and used it on my last weekend trek and it performed as advertised My trekking companion used a tent that cost several times more and was more difficult to set up . He could not believe that I paid that little for a light weight tent that performed as well as this one . I am looking forward to using it on many trips in the future.

  66. Amanda B. (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I love this tent. I used it in a rain storm and NO WATER got in the tent. It’s really easy to set up as well. I actually forgot my trekking poles one camping trip and was still able to set it up by using a stick and two trees.

  67. Nicolette Burtis (verified owner)

    Truly an awesome deal. Was looking for something a little more lightweight that didn’t require tradition poles and this tent came through. Shipping was super fast, and I’ve used it with one person, two people + enough room for all gear and some watercoloring. Additionally I haven’t done any seam sealing on my own but have made it through two pretty bad rain storms as well as a night on the top of a windy mountain that was super exposed with no issues. So happy this company exists and is making backpacking more accesible!

  68. Virginia (verified owner)

    We got this tent last year to make it easier for backpacking, and my husband and I love it! Super easy to set up and much lighter than our old tent we were dragging around.

    We also got a few other River Country products and love them too! (Backpacks and trekking poles). Great products, great value, and great customer service!

  69. Caitlyn Bell (verified owner)

    I have only used this tent once in nice weather, but it was great for that usage. The tent came a few days after ordering it, which was really nice and comes with a lot of information about the tent and company. For the price, I think it is unbeatable because even if you only use it a handful of times you will still get your money’s worth. This tent was also really spacious for two people. I am 5’5 and had plenty of room on “my side” of the tent. The only negative thing I would say about it is that it is difficult to fold up as small as they have advertised, but as I have been practicing it more it has gotten smaller and smaller. Hopefully, soon I will be able to get it as small as they packed it for me when it arrived. Overall, great tent and company.

  70. Mike Landau

    I can’t imagine a better product for the money. I was going to go all in on a $400 2p tent and thought I’d trust the reviews on this and glad i did! Like other reviews, as soon as I recieved the tent I waterproofed the entire surface and seams. So far so good! I always take my trekking poles anyways and this is a great 3lb tent! Very happy so far and looking forward to many nights in this badboy.

  71. Lyle L Crane

    There has been a lot of mixed reviews about this product and one Youtuber that hates it. So, I was naturally skeptical. But, for around $50, I thought I’d give it a try and see how it worked. It was a little heaver than other backpacking tents but not by enough to turn me off. And, at one tenth of the cost of the lighter tents, I was actually pleased at how light it was. Naturally, I seam sealed all the seams and then hit it with a couple coats of Scotch guard as I do all my tents. Under a light rain, kept me dry inside and showed no leaks. Last night, we had thunderstorms in the forecast with high winds. I though I’d really see what this little tent could take. Arizona monsoon rains with winds taking down small branches and the only water I found inside was what I tracked in when I entered the tent during the storm. This tent stood better then my $150 Coleman tent did in a stiff breeze on the rim. No leaks and we were getting 1.5 inches in less than 30 minutes. It’s not a Zpack but it’s also not $500. I’m impressed on how well it stood up in a monsoon and am looking forward to testing it out further.

  72. Doug Erwin

    Super compact and Very affordable!

    I use this tent for Elk hunting and it really fits the bill. It’s lightweight, compact and fits really well in or on a pack. It really works well with the extra equipment we have to carry. Using trekking poles allows the user to shed unnecessary gear.

  73. Steven Manuel (verified owner)

    I was without a place to stay + this tent has become my new Shelter where I can have some amount of Privacy and be able to rest comfortably in, at Night…
    It hasn’t rained as of yet, but, I am hoping for the Best.

  74. Justin (verified owner)

    Review for Trekker Tent 2.2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  75. Evan

    Man oh man. This tent is amazing. There is so much room. RiverCountryProducts killed it with this tent. It’s easy to set up and tear down. Ventilation is great and the door flaps are a genius idea. I have a first impressions and a review coming soon on my YouTube channel BunzoReviews if you want to hear more about this tent.

  76. Scott Steinbrink (verified owner)

    Just got this tent, and haven’t had a chance to put it through its full paces yet. But I can say that the construction quality seems excellent (particularly for the price,) set-up is quick and easy, as is take-down and storage. It is lightweight, as promised, and very spacious in comparison to other so-called “2-person” tents I have experienced. The tent arrived in good condition, along with the carbon trekking poles which seem also to be of substantial quality. I was particularly concerned about the sturdiness of the extension locking mechanism, but that seems not to be a problem with these poles.

    I am very pleased with this purchase. I will, however, be taking the advice of the Instructions and Care manual that came with the tent, and spraying the tent with additional waterproofing “just in case.”

  77. Rick Reid

    I was excited to get this tent for an upcoming kayak trip with my family. I have 30+ years camping, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking experience. I can say without a shadow of a doubt you will not fine a tent built any better than this for less than 50.00. I have already recommended this to a good friend of mine and I am planing on ordering more soon. I couldn’t be more pleased with this company and look forward to trying other products in their line.

  78. Brandon Call

    Haven’t used it for a full night but the test setup revealed a good quality tent. We pulled the lines pretty tight and everything looked strong. No sign of over stressed points and the door opened and closed without that odd tight spot a lot of tents have.
    Can’t wait for the first camp trip

  79. Jason L

    Perfect tent at the right price! Lightweight and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

  80. Kenny Breier (verified owner)

    I love this tent. Stays with me now wherever I go and keeps me dry in the wet Oregon coast forests. Blends into the trees and is stealth when set in the right spot. Thanks so much


  81. Rory C

    This a very well made tent that doesn’t break the bank. It’s also light enough and small enough to easily fit inside my pack. The last time out, a chipmunk decided that my tent was fun to chew on. I emailed support about how to patch it, and they offered some great suggestions on how to patch as well as a discount if I would rather replace the tent. It’s great when a company like this stands behind their products and is willing to help the customer! I will definitely be ordering more from River Country Products in the future.

  82. Moriah Mackley

    Just set up my new River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2 today to test it out before I take it into the mountains, and I LOVE it. I could feel a bit of a breeze through the venting in the side walls, which was very nice on a hot day. I love how easy it is to set up, and that I don’t need to fuss with tent poles that will break in a few years. My dad took a look at it, and now he wants one too! Great tent, and a great price!

  83. Anthony G

    Really well-made tent for the price point. It will treat you right if you take the time to pick out a good spot to set up. I’ll be using it for some time.

  84. Scott Howard

    What a great, compact, lightweight tent! I took this on two wet hikes, one in the Sipsey Wilderness in northwestern Alabama and one in the upper northern trails of the Great Smokie Mountain National Park. We had rain on both trips and this tent kept us dry throughout and comfortable on a few cold nights. Before the first trip I treated the entire outside of the tent with a waterproofing spray and touched up the bottom seams before the second trip.

    We encountered strong winds in the Smokies, especially the second to last night. We bolstered the stakes with rocks because of the soft ground. Winds snapped the fabric every way for hours. I was sure the stakes would pull free or seams rip, but it held up extremely well and kept us dry all night!

    The only improvements I can think of are a vestibule and to improve the grommets that fit over the trekking poles. One grommet came out on the first trip. For the price of this tent and the performance it has given me on two rugged trips, I more than got my money’s worth and plan to use it many more times!

  85. Riley Shelnutt (verified owner)

    We are very impressed with the look and high quality feel and low weight at this low price point. This was very easily setup with rainfly already attached to tent. We are actually looking at ordering some ponchos now lol. Weather permitting we will be taking it out for the first time this weekend. We will leave a second review after using it.

  86. Harry Fetter

    As a newbie to backpack camping, I purchased this tent because of the weight and pole combo. At 3lbs it’s light and compact enough at that it doesn’t take up much room in my pack. It set up easily and tore down quickly as well. The adjustable antishock poles are nice. The only reason for not giving 5 stars is I’m a little concerned as to why the seam is on the bottom of the tent. I would have thought the flooring would have been a single piece. Other than that, this is a great little tent that fits two people with plenty of room!

  87. Tj (verified owner)

    This is my second River country tent and only because the 1st one was to small. I just purchased the new Trekker 2.2 and it is 100% MONEY!! Plenty of room and light enough to carry on my 10 mile back country elk hunt this September no problem.. I love in Oregon where it rains occasionally lol. This was my main concern but after setting it up in my back yard and running the sprinkler for an hour or so directly on it there was not a drop of water inside. I bought this tent in the middle of May and from what I under stand they made some changes to it earlier this year and what ever they did seemed to work great! Thank you River country. I paid under $60 for a tent I would have had to pay $300 easily elsewhere!! Keep up the good work folks. Got a solid 10 from me. I have my old tent to another friend and talked to another buddy that ordered the same one I will send everyone I know your way from now on.

  88. Jason (verified owner)

    Great quality, packs down nice and is lightweight. Will be perfect on my planned backpack hunts this fall!

  89. alexander m kersten

    This Tent is perfect for 2 people. the setup and take down is unbelievably fast/easy. excited to put her to use. all the seams are taped and look good. I will for sure be spraying it down with some waterproofing.

  90. Kenny

    Just received my 2.2 today. I already have The 1.0, and a friend has the 2.0. I had an idea of the quality I would be gettIng. I wasn’t let down, this company is solid as well as their gear. These tents thrive in the High Uinta mountain wilderness in Utah. Where one minute it can be sunny and 80, then a microburst will roll through and dump rain. Then snow on you that night. You and your gear will be dry. Thanks River Country for great quality products at a great price.

  91. Hal

    This tent has lots of room for two people and we can keep all our gear inside. Lots of air flow so no condensation. What really stands out with this company is the excellent customer service.

  92. Gina Crossman

    Tent was easy to put up and take down. It is light weight, and provides plenty of room. I like that it has the vestibule, and that is is double layered, so if you want a breeze in a summer night, you can leave off the rain fly. I think it will also prevent condensation.

  93. Paul (verified owner)

    Very happy with the product! Fast shipping, even faster set up!! Simple, small and lightweight, all for $50, in bearable in today’s market place. Very pleased.

  94. Tom Ward (verified owner)

    I took the tent on its first backpack to the Deschutes River in Oregon a couple of weeks ago. Two nights no rain but camping next to the river. I had no condensation even though it was in the mid 20’s for the low temperatures. We had some very strong winds on night one and one peg did pull out. Being the first time setting up, I did not have the guy lines exactly right and had some rattling. Night 2 I was better with the guy lines. As some one above said, I did put grommets on the door area to make a semi vestibule that will work. Seven tents in our group with free standing and non-freestanding. Everyone was impressed for the money. I am looking forward to no more Covid and getting 20-30 more nights to see how it holds up

  95. Ann Gilfoyle

    I bought this tent for myself in December. I have read so many good and bad reviews that I want to give an update. I set this up in my basement and treated it with waterproofing spray inside and out and went over the seams that have been mentioned as problematic. The main seams appeared to be well sealed before I started. I did see light through small pinholes in several corners and I made sure to seam seal those ares from the inside and the outside. I set it up on Sunday in my yard as it was a nice day. We had rain overnight starting Monday evening through part of Tuesday. There has been ABSOLUTELY NO water in this tent. It is still up in my yard. I am hoping for another good day when I will also treat it with permethrin.

  96. Jordan Myers (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend. It’s a lightweight, easy to pack, compact, amazingly budget friendly tent. The only con I noticed is that it’s not a good cold weather tent, as I was tenting in weather in the teens. Honestly though, that’s on me bringing a three season tent in the winter but it is a heads up if you’re planning to tent in the winter.

  97. Bert Branson

    Used this tent last week on a 4 day hike along the Suwannee River in Florida
    The weather was dry and mild
    The tent is light, easy to set up and quite roomy
    The extra head room at the entrance is nice.
    Only thing I found fault with is the netting is not no seeum here in the south the tent would not be usable in warm weather when the bugs are worse
    Price point was great

  98. Joe M Mackay (verified owner)

    This tent is unbelievable for the price! Well built, lightweight, easy to setup and extremely roomy. Hunter and the crew at River Country Products truly understand great customer service, an art that’s truly lacking in today’s day and age. Don’t hesitate to buy from this company!

  99. Maureen McGuigan

    First tent every purchased after years of research this tent made me pull the trigger,the size and the ease of set up it way exceeded my expectations.Within minutes of the Amazon drop off it was in my yard blew my mind the simplicity.American Made all the way!

  100. Gavin Guidry

    The Trekker 2.2 exceeded my expectations! The tent was light weight and roomy! For precaution I sealed seems before use. On our first trip out to Kisatchie National Forest the morning dew fell like rain from the towering pines above. The Trekker 2.2 kept me dry. Thank you River Country Products for delivering a quality product at a great price!

  101. Bailey P

    I used this tent once, solo, but noticed it had a rip in the stitching where the bathtub meets the tent wall once I set it up. Probably should have set it up at home first. Luckily it wasn’t raining and was just a one nighter to test it out. I camped in heavy fog close the the ocean in Northern California, wind was 5 to 10 mph, and had no condensation even with the outer door zipped shut. When I got back I sent them an email with a couple of pics. They got right back to me, I sent the order number(thank goodness Amazon keeps track) and they sent me a whole new one. Awesome!

  102. William McGeenothing (verified owner)

    I nearly always hike and backpack solo. I bought this tent because of the weight, interior room, and the price. I’ve taken it on the trail once. It’s a bit lighter than my one-man tent but incredibly roomy inside. Very quick and easy to set up. I liked it so much that I bought a second one in case my son goes with me so he can sleep in his own — the 2 tents together weigh a little less than my 2-man tent without their poles. I like to have a footprint under the tent and used a mylar emergency blanket — size is close enough, weighs practically nothing, and costs very little when I buy a 10- or 12-pack.

    This is a great tent!

  103. Craig keller

    Bought the 2.2 on Amazon in March 2019. Finally got it out on a backpacking trip. Super buy! Light, fast setup and kept me dry. I did follow recommendations and used wtrproofing spray in and out. An add on vestibule would really make it full featured and a 5 star. As soon as you figure out the design I’ll buy it!

  104. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great tent for the money. I liked the idea of the design of this tent. No poles to break and leave you stranded and the savings in weight because I almost always use trekking poles anyway (bad knees). Plenty of room inside for me to stretch out and still space to store a lot of gear.

    I got one of the bad batch of tents in August, but River Country was very upfront regarding the problem and included instructions on how to remedy them. I seam sealed everything twice and applied waterproofing as per instructions and so far so good. Haven’t had it out in an extended downpour but its been through a few showers without problems.

    Materials are quality and detailing, stitching, etc. are solid. Nice to see a local small business make good. Hopefully it will continue to perform when it sees some heavier rain. Overall a nice product.

  105. Bob D (verified owner)

    The tent comes with seam tape stitched on the inside of all seams. As per instructions I sprayed with waterproofing inside and out and applied seam sealer to the outside of all seams, let it dry and applied a second coat of seam sealer to all seams. I set up the tent ahead of a steady rain that lasted two days. Checking after the rain revealed some leakage, about two teaspoons of water on the floor along one side and along the back wall. In addition there was about two tablespoons of water that collected in the small section of inside liner at the top of the tent. This is a section of tent material directly under the top ridge seam that the inside mesh is attached to. I plan to apply seam sealer again especially on the top ridge seam.

  106. Rev. Dave (verified owner)

    Just received my replacement 2.2., the upgrade and rebuild, after preliminary rain test it is leak free without any sort of treatment. Already I love the design and the space and the price and the wait. I cannot wait to take this into the backcountry. It’s perfect for southern camping with the ventilation, although it’s already getting around 40 at night around here. Very exciting. Now I’ve just seen the 1 V. Looks like I’m going to have the complete set soon. Keep up the good work guys and gals.

  107. Steve (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic little tent, especially for the price point! I usually sleep under a tarp in the winter, but the Trekker 2.2 is so much easier to set up than a tarp. It took me 5 minutes to assemble the first time (because I had to unwind all the guy lines, which were already attached), but the second setup time was 3 minutes. Takedown can be accomplished in about 2 minutes, probably less once I get used to it. The bathtub bottom is nice, deep and made of the same lightweight materials as the side. Ventilation is great. Big mesh pockets along the side allow for storage and there’s even some little plastic rings in the gables to attach a gear line if one wants to hang a small light or sweaty socks up off the ground.
    I treated the outside walls of the tent, as suggested by River Country, with some silicone waterproofing spray and set it out in a three day rain. When I checked it this morning there was about a tablespoon of water in the right side, entrance corner. This is probably due to the fact that I bought one of the defective tents that got some bad press, but this is still not bad at all in my opinion. I also did not treat the bottom with waterproofing spray, so that may have something to do with it as well.
    All in all, I believe this tent is well constructed and will hold up for many miles. It is also nice to be able to support a small American company that is concerned about quality and not trying to rip folks off like some of the other popular UL and lightweight gear companies out there. Keep up the good work, River Country. The Trekker 2.2 has made me a believer in your company.

  108. Scott

    I am as impressed with the tent as I am with River Country Products as a company. The tent for being easy to set up, thoughtful “1-1/2” wall design, and the price to quality ratio (= Value) is phenomenal. The company for working out problems with the initial batch, and not rushing a replacement to market until it was well verified to be fixed. I waited for the updated batch after the prior concerns were worked out, and that seems to be the case. I sprinkler tested it for about 12 hours overnight into the next morning, which also happened to have some natural winds 10-15mph, and found no leakage anywhere. I would definitely buy it again, and in fact might do so to give as gifts for inclusion in bug-out bags.

  109. Tracey Ross

    I ordered the 2.2 to take on my first backpacking trip ever. I spent 2 weeks on the Shenandoah Nat’l Park section of the Appalachian Trail. Every night on the trail I patted myself on the back for having chosen this awesome little tent!
    So lightweight, inexpensive, shipped fast, easy-breezy and super-quick set up, even for a newbie like me! Never failed me in rain, no condensation at all and the vents made it a cinch to keep cooler or warmer. Well and truly done, River Country! 👍🏼

  110. Greg T

    Took the 2.2 to section hike part of the WA PCT. Easy to set up and put away. Plenty of room for two adults. It kept us completely dry the night it poured from 3 a.m. on. I’m buying another to give as a gift. Awesome tent.

  111. Michael Nalevaiko (verified owner)

    Great tent at a great price. It has not rained yet, so I can’t review for leaks. This is from the batch that had some online complaints, but I seamed sealed and waterproof sprayed the tent. This is roomy, relatively light weight, and very budget friendly. Set up is quick and easy. Doesn’t take up a lot of room in my backpack. Looking forward to testing it in the rain and updating this review. Company also immediately responded to my email question on trekking poles and from what I see online, they have been very responsive regarding other reviews and questions about this tent.

  112. James Waggoner

    Awesome little tent! A tremendous value even at twice the price. Easy set up. Condensation? Didn’t experience any. I really like the ventilation of this tent. Tested and passed with flying colors on a backpack trip in to the Beartooths. Weather was hot and cool to cold at night. One very windy night but not an issue.

  113. Lisa (verified owner)

    This tent is great! It’s roomy and reasonably priced. It’s perfect for backpacking. I would definitely recommend this tent.

  114. Walter Keen (verified owner)

    What a great budget backpacking tent!!

    When I ordered this, I had already viewed the youtube reviews regarding weathersealing, and was happy to see that River Country Products was already working on a updated version to address the issues. However I have a boy scout who needed a new tent quickly, and he wanted a simple tent.

    We took the document that came with the tent showing where to focus waterproofing efforts, and seam sealed those seams, then applied waterproofing spray. About 18 hours later, we had him inside while we tested the waterproofing with a hose, as we live in the Pacific Northwest, and rain happens. No water came through the tent, and he is very happy.

    He says it is very roomy, easy to setup, and very good for backpacking.

    Some other scouts in the troop have already questioned why his tent doesn’t need poles, I’d definitely recommend it for a backpacking tent.

  115. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Great light weight tent, fits 2 sleeping pads comfortably, Fast shiping and easy set up. Only con would be waterproofing the seams.

  116. Charles Green (verified owner)

    The Trekker 2.2 is a great choice for a backpacker who wants nice, light gear without spending a fortune. It’s well made with high quality materials and comes with great instructions and tips for getting the most out of the tent. I will definitely be trying other River Country Products equipment in the future.

  117. Barry Ladd

    Best trekking pole tent ever my wife me and my seven-year-old son did a 17 Mile hike and we all three slept in the tent very spacious lightweight but definitely recommend this to any practical hiker Backpacker through hiker day hiker kayaker Outdoorsman good job guys

  118. Hunter (verified owner)

    I just set up this tent and its awesome for the price. Im 6’9″ and this tent is long enough for me to fit in. It’s a true 2 person tent.

  119. Justin Wright

    Lady Friend and I plan on doing some backpacking with the smol human, and we were looking for a lightweight 2 person tent. The Trekker 2.2 fit the bill and had the best price of anything I found. It is a classic pup style single entrance tent, that uses two trekking poles, thus appealing to the double-duty approach for ultralight camping. It has a wall & a half design; it is primarily a single wall tent, but the sides have a double wall mesh & outer wall that helps relieve the condensation that can be a problem in single wall tents. The use of the Roman Ventures rain fly as a second wall layer kept condensation minimal and gave a nice vestibule outside.
    The more I use this tent, the more I realize it is an incredible value for the price. I wrote and edited a decent chunk of this while sitting in the tent, either on my last camping trip or in my yard when I set it up to dry and do some additional seam sealing. I also upcycled some tent poles that were lying around and made two 42” poles for use when I won’t be carrying trekking poles, such as bikepacking or kayaking.
    I’ve now used this tent on multiple occasions, in terrain ranging from 1600’ lakeside to 100’ on valley floor, solo and with my partner, and it continues to be a great investment. It packs down easily into my 35L backpack or my bicycle panniers. The only thing I would change about it would be adding in a door on both ends.

  120. Justin

    Field test review. My girlfriend and I spent days researching and decided to go with the Trekker Tent 2.2 combo for our first backcountry campout in RMNP. It seemed to be the best all around package being light, durable, and extremely affordable. As soon as we received the tent we went ahead and hit all the seams with additional silicone seam sealer and covered the tent multiple times with additional silicone spray…did we have to?…not sure…but it rained (and even snowed) every night for 5 days and we remained completely dry! The tent stakes it comes with are solid and had no issues with them staying in the soggy ground. We bought a second pair of poles from Walmart to hike with and by the time we left they were bent and busted while the ones from River Country Products held strong. My girlfriend and I are both 6′ tall so there wasnt much extra room in the tent but we were both very comfortable with the amount of space we had. We would have preferred to keep our packs in the tent but decided to wrap them up in a contractor bag and set them outside overnight. If anything happens to my Trekker 2.2 I will order another one without hesitation. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you River Country Products for the great gear!

  121. Sabin Carroll

    I bought this tent to take on the Appalachian Trail for those times when I want to camp but there are no trees for my hammock and rain fly. Before I used the tent, I sprayed it with waterproofing spray being sure to coat the seams as suggested – and let it dry completely for three days before packing it up. It is lightweight and simple to set up – and the two layers with the mesh allowed it to breathe for the warmish summer nights. It poured the rain one night while I was camping and I stayed completely dry. When packing up the tent the water just rolled off it it. It is good quality and I look forward to using it many more times. It is honestly roomy for one person. Highly recommend!

  122. Chris

    Purchased this set-up several weeks ago, and finally had a chance to use it. I’m very impressed, and would recommend it without reservations. Everything about it appears to be well thought out and constructed. Tons of room compared to my previous bivy styled solo tent that cost twice as much, dripped condensation, took up more pack space, and weighed more. I like the poles too!

  123. Aaron (verified owner)

    This is an excellent tent! I have used tent on a total of about 6 nights in various conditions. When I bought it I covered both in the inside and outside in spray on water proofing.

    I bought this tent as a last resort when I ordered a “Lanshan 2” from AliExpress that did not arrive on time (more then 6 weeks!). The AliExpress tent did arrive after I needed it. Long story short- I have sold the Lanshan 2 on ebay and am keeping my Trekker 2.2.

    Space: It is a VERY roomy tent. I use this as a one man tent, but I love the ability to spread all of my stuff out at camp and in the morning to help stay organized. I am 6 foot tall and I can easily sit up and have extra room at my head and feet. I am sure you would be able to get another person in here easily.

    Waterproof: In raining weather, I have had no problems. I do get condensation on the inside of the tent, but nothing abnormal- I do like to camp by a water source, so this may be the reason for this.

    Set up: Set up is easy and simple. I have replaced the 4 corners with titanium stakes and the ride-line stakes with full sized ground hogs. I use the included stakes for the side walls. This is my first tent to use trekking poles and it shocking to see well they stand up. For this tent the pointy end of the pole goes into a grommet the the handle rests on the ground. I am always the first in my group to have my tent set up and packed up. I don’t worry about folding it up, I just stuff it all in which works well. Once this is done, I compress it easily. I did a cave camp once with this tent, and although the stakes were not going into the ground, a few rocks got the job done just fine.

    Customer Service: I did have an issues with the when it first arrived, but the customer service team presented me with a few different solutions the made me more then happy.

    Bottom line… if you want a easy, roomy, light weight tent from a great company… and don’t have an extra $300 to spend- this is your tent! This will exceed you expectations.

  124. Tim (verified owner)

    Good solid tent. Just used it for 2 nights in the High Uinta Mountains in Utah and had no condensation issues. Did not rain so I can’t speak to how it holds up when wet. My only concern was how much it flapped in the wind, but that could have been my pitch. Overall I’m very happy with the quality, especially for the price.

  125. Michael (verified owner)

    Just got this tent. It needed some Seam Sealing as most new tents do but aside from that it set up quick and painless, compacted down to the size of a football. Very excited to be adding this tent to my gear, and hopefully taking it across the PCT in the next year or two.

  126. Jeff A.

    Great tent for backpacking. Big enough for me and all my stuff, and light enough to carry in my pack.

  127. Sergio Saldivar

    I just recently purchased the Trekking pole tent 2.2 and I’m in love. This tent exceeded my expectations. I’m used to having to carry around a traditional pop-up tent which weighed a ton (8lbs to be exact).
    This trekking pole tent has changed the way I camp. Whether it’s a day hike or a multiple day camp; this tent is super lightweight and very easy to set up. The aluminum stakes are light and durable. This tent is very budget friendly for those who don’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars for other trekking pole tents. Overall very very pleased with this tent.

  128. Kurt Knapper

    Tried this tent out in the South Dakota Badlands for it’s maiden voyage. This tent performed great as far as weight and ease of setup. It could accommodate 2 people if the gear is left outside, otherwise one person and all their gear is still quite roomy.

    For ~3lbs this tent is fantastic as far as space and ease of use.

    My only recommendation is that a protective layer be laid under the tent, I found a good lightweight option is window insulation film (the thicker variety). definitely worth the money for the product received.

    Also, I did use the trekking poles for the 3 days I was out there, and they performed very well. no slippage, sturdy and the shock absorbing feature was also very nice.

  129. Brandon Vincent

    I am part of a survivalist group and we train monthly regardless of weather. I had a buddy who purchased this. After 1.50” of rain my tent leaked and his was dry! So myself and several others have now purchased River Country Products trekking tent and we ALL love it!! Thank you for quality products at a great price! So don’t fall for the $20 products that I previously purchased! They are NOT near the quality as this!

  130. John wells (verified owner)

    Set the tent up and sprayed it with water proof spray like the directions said had extemely heavy winds and rain here in Illinois had very little water I side I think it blew In from the vents went ahead and sealed the seams no more water after letting it set in the yard for about a week with it raining every day! Impressed

  131. John wells (verified owner)

    Set the tent up and sprayed it with water proof spray like the directions said had extemely heavy winds and rain here in Illinois had very little water I side I think it blew In from the vents went ahead and sealed the seams no more water after letting it set in the yard for about a week we’ll impressed

  132. Michael Gallegos (verified owner)

    This tent is excellent for the money! Roomy, waterproof and plenty ventilated. It is perfect for backpacking or car camping. I would definitely recommend checking this tent out!

  133. Marilyn Andersen

    Just got this tent from Amazon and it sets up quickly and easily. It is light weight and easily folds back to fit in its carry bag. I set it up in the yard, but haven’t taken it out for a real trial yet (hence just 4 stars for now). It is roomy ( think 2 short people and gear will all fit inside it) and fits easily into my backpack. Price is great too!

  134. Jim

    Watched videos of comparison, for a limited budget figured it should be fine. WOW was i so very pleased upon setting up. The quality looks great. After setting up, I had to leave and decided to leave it in backyard.. A day latter I returned after numerous thunderstorms here in central Florida, mixed with some very severe gust. Had stopped raing just prior to returning, All was good, a few very small areas along top seem had some leakes, Prior to leaving I had purchased some silicone base spry sealant but had not had a chance to spray it. This was recommended for just about any tent you purchase. What i saw was negligible, but will still spray some along the seems as a preventive measure.

    You can’t go wrong with this tent. !!!

  135. Matt Anderson

    Just got the trekking 2.2 tent. I was amazed at how easy it set up and how big it was. Awesome tent river county knocked it out of the park.

  136. Nick Stephan (verified owner)

    I’m so psyched on this tent. For the price it is an unreal weight. Also at this weight typically tents are made of very “fragile” feeling material. This tent is not and has a great feeling of durability. Can’t wait to get a chance to really test it but I’m confident it will do just right.

  137. joe casas (verified owner)

    Just got my trekking 2.2 tent and was excited to set it up! OMG is it roomy inside, simple to set up. An ultra light tent for under $60.00! Can not wait to give this baby a go when I kayak down the Congaree river,SC.

  138. Sharon

    Took my tent (best Mother’s Day gift EVER) on her inaugural adventure on a near-90 degree weekend in Central Florida. I didn’t have a chance to apply additional waterproofing, and still didn’t have a single issue with condensation. Plenty of room for myself and my gear. Will have room for my 10 year old kid on future trips if we keep our packs outside.

  139. DLee

    I purchased this tent for the express reason of using it on a solo camping trip in the mountains of North Carolina. When I arrived the ground was saturated due to rain storm the previous two days however despite the fact that the temperatures dropped to just above freezing (34 degrees). I did see condensation on the interior of the side walls but since those are kept physically separated from the from the internal screen mesh side walls the condensation dripped outside of the tent as intended by design. The tent was easy to set up and pack up (THANK YOU RIVER COUNTRY PORDUCTS for providing a stuff sack large enough to allow for easy packing of this tent). My only disappointment was that there were only 7 aluminum stakes in the pouch (there are supposed to be 8, 4 for each corner, two for each trekking pole, and two to pull the side walls away from the internal mesh side walls and provide ventilation) and I had to carve a wooden stake from tree branch. An incredibly good tent at an incredibly good price if you don’t need an ultra-lightweight tent and aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars to same a pound.

  140. Fil (verified owner)

    Used the tent last weekend on a 3-day backpacking trip with friends and am happy to report the tent met all my expectations. Easy to set up, roomier than I thought, and very compact to carry. As nights were warm (~50F) I did not see any condensation, but it shouldn’t be a concern if one practices some good backpacking common sense.
    My friends were boasting $200+ UL tents from top brands and all were impressed by my 2.2 tent. I guess I managed to instill some buyer’s remorse in a few of them.
    I also purchased the River County Product s’ ground cover camping tarp to serve as a footprint or emergency shelter. A tad too small to serve as the 2.2 footprint, but did its job.
    Wish the tent had a vestibule for storing gear and cooking in rainy weather, but that’s something I can live without for now.
    So happy I just purchased the 1-person trekker tent for our son. I’m sure he’ll love it (and it has a great vestibule, too).
    Overall, great quality for the money, and more.

  141. Hunter

    Was looking over affordable backpacking tents, and found this great buy. Shipped quickly and everything was packaged great. Everything was high quality material for a great price.

  142. Tim (verified owner)

    I’m a little shocked at how well made this is and how light, especially considering the price. Half as heavy as my current tent, and I haven’t seen any defects yet. Biggest plus is the single door is at the head, instead of on the side, so less crawling over each other in the middle of the night. Great job

  143. Richard Zewe

    Gila Wilderness New Mexico tested.
    Trekker Tent 2.2 review.
    Went backpacking recently in the Gila Wilderness NM. Spent four nights out, and the tent performed very well. We were impressed with the roominess of it as there was two of us in the tent along with our medium size dog. One night we set up the tent very near a creek and under open sky which in those conditions would normally cause more condensation inside your tent. The 2.2 however performed very well and there was only a tiny bit of condensation at the very top ridge of the tent but not even enough to drip. We also liked the orange colored Guy Lines as they were easier to spot and not run into. The only thing I might suggest is they put a small vent in the very back gable area.
    One more nice thing is you can take this tent and literally in any manner stuff it back into the sack without folding it up or rolling it up and it will fit. I took one part of the tent and just started shoving it back into the bag until it all was in there.

    Amazon Order #

  144. Angela Roberts

    I love how lightweight this is and that you don’t have to carry extra poles. It is roomy inside, easily fits my 6′ 2” husband and myself with room for our packs. Can’t wait to take it down the Grand Canyon!

  145. EdC (verified owner)

    After seeing this tent on a YouTube comparison, I decided to give it a try. The cost was very appealing to me because if it did not work out, I would not be out a ton of $$. The delivery was incredibly fast. I set up the tent in the back yard. Early May in Colorado Rockies. Held fast in wind. Ran water over tent to look for leaks. Water shed quickly and no leaks were found. Dried really quickly when water experiment was concluded. Roomy for one, comfortable for two. No vestibule, but with some paracord, the front flaps can be converted into one. The bathtub portion of the floor goes up quite high. Should keep any groundwater out. Only recommendation would be for corners of tent to have grommets holes to assist in staking rather than just webbing. Looking forward to spending a lot of time in this tent this summer.

  146. Ed (verified owner)

    After seeing this tent on a YouTube comparison, I decided to give it a try. The cost was very appealing to me because if it did not work out, I would not be out a ton of $$. The delivery was incredibly fast. I set up the tent in the back yard. Early May in Colorado Rockies. Held fast in wind. Ran water over tent to look for leaks. Water shed quickly and no leaks were found. Dried really quickly when water experiment was concluded. Roomy for one, comfortable for two. No vestibule, but with some paracord, the front flaps can be converted into one. The bathtub portion of the floor goes up quite high. Should keep any groundwater out. Only recommendation would be for corners of tent to have grommets holes to assist in staking rather than just webbing. Looking forward to spending a lot of time in this tent this summer.

  147. StevenP (verified owner)

    Outstanding hiking pole tent regardless of price! Well made, easy set-up, packs up nicely too. I purchased the footprint also though it’s probably not needed.

  148. Jason

    Incredible value for what you get. I first left this tent setup for a week in the backyard. A couple of rainy nights and minimal water got in on one corner (pinholes). After sealing the tent corner, we did a weekender to Savage gulf here in TN. The tent performed flawlessly and the side ventilation really helped with the warm weather in the early evening. Can’t recommend this product enough. Great customer service with very fast shipping.

  149. Keith Bishop (verified owner)

    Unbelievable tent for the price. I used it without the need for trekking poles. I used a couple of sticks. Went up great. The less gear I need the better. More than enough space inside for two people. Minimal condensation was seen in the inside roof. The little there was dripped to the ground due to the side vents. Highly recommend this tent for weekend trips.

  150. Justin

    This product is a cheap, lightweight shelter option with easy setup. I intend to seam seal and waterproof spray just to make sure, however, it appears to be of good quality material.

  151. mike (verified owner)

    Really can’t beat this tent for the price. It’s lightweight, well made and easy to setup. I received the box in the mail and had the tent setup within 10 minutes – without ever looking at the instructions – it’s that easy! I left it up in the back yard over night as we had rain coming. I did see some water on the floor the next morning, but not a lot. I seam sealed the area where I thought the water came in from and then sprayed with waterproofer from wal-mart. I haven’t had an issue since.

  152. Joshm.copeland (verified owner)

    Awesome, durable tent. The stakes felt good too. I really like the design and ventilation. I was worried about whether it would pack back down to size for the bag. But that too was a breeze and it packed up easily. Lastly, the customer service is awesome.

  153. Nottingham_aaron (verified owner)

    Great design, lightweight and well made. All in one package, no rain fly or poles to worry about. This is similar to the French army surplus tent but with way more thought put into ventilation and durability. Great to support a company that supports the customer.

  154. Benjamin

    This tent is great! I just took it on a backpacking trip in big sur. Camped out right next to a river (200ft away). The netting worked perfectly, no droplets fell onto the floor. At 3 pounds and $55, the performance is hard to beat. Set up took me less than 5 minutes.

    It fit myself and my girlfriend (both of us are 6ft), plus all our gear.

  155. Steve S (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this tent and I think it is by far the best tent for the money. There is nothing else that is this light for the money. I have only used the tent one night, but it worked great. Temps got down to around 30 and I had no condensation issues. Setup is super easy and literally took 2 minutes. Overall the construction is pretty solid. There was one spot on my tent where the stitching was a little off, but that was it. I would definitely recommend this tent to anyone looking for a lightweight tent on a budget.

  156. John T

    I own a number of tents in various sizes. I have recently added a Trekker tent 2.2 to my inventory and it has become my go to back packing tent for solo or with my four legged hiking partner. Size for weight at its price point can’t be beat. Quality of construction is top notch. Furnished tri-beam tent stakes are superior to hook type wire stakes. Guy lines came attached. Haven’t used in the rain so I cannot vouch for ability to withstand a downpour. Absolutely recommended item. You won’t be disappointed.

  157. syjung007 (verified owner)

    My tent just arrived and I just set it up. It is light, well made and surprisingly spacious, so it seems such a nice budget backpacking tent. I am really glad to have this tent and can’t wait to test it in my backpacking trail in this coming summer.

  158. Chuck Kellogg (verified owner)

    Very nice tent, I sadly retired my 6 lb. 35 year old tent for a lighter tent. After researching all the lightweight tents this one came out on top for quality and value. I saw this tent on Dixie’s Homemade Wanderlust channel and it made my final decision for me. I camped out in the tent once so far and couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

  159. Jake

    So happy with my purchase. The best tent for the price without a doubt. Cant believe I found a sub 3 pound tent for $55. It comfortably fits me and my wife and we squeeze our two large dogs in for family backpacking trips. Incredibly excited to get this in my pack and use it on the trail.

  160. Jake

    Amazing tent for the price. I saw a review on it on Amazon and bought it right away. Impossible to find a tent sub 3 pounds that is only $55, except this one. This is going into my must have gear list for budget backpacking. It is large enough for me and my wife and dogs.

  161. George (verified owner)

    Just received my new tent last evening and today took me only 2 minutes to set it up and less than 5 to take it down and put it all back it the carry sack! Well pleased so far as I got inside and there is plenty of room for myself, my gear and another person if someone goes with me sometime and their gear! I’m 6’4″ and over 300 but well on my way to 230 and I couldn’t believe the extra room! I’ll be using it next week and in the rain also so I can give it a better review. So far so good!

  162. Jordan K. Walls

    Just used this tent for the first time on a backpacking/fly fishing trip. I was very happy with the size of the interior. The tent was large enough for all of my gear to fit inside with me. At night the temperature got down to around 20 degrees. The tent stayed quite warm with the side vents staked down. I think adding extra waterproofing will help keep the tent even warmer. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I think with proper care this tent will last for a long time. Definitely worth every penny.

  163. Andrew Lindsay (verified owner)

    1) Great customer service. I ordered through Amazon, but the shipper lost the shipment. After waiting for the shipment the prescribed time, I contacted Amazon and they said they had no inventory and couldn’t get River Country to ship (a fib). At this point I only had three days remaining before a planned backpacking trip. I contacted River Country directly. Their shipment carrier had already left for the day, but they made a special run to the post office for me (at no extra cost) and I received the tent in two days. Wow!
    2) The short story is that this is a great tent. I see absolutely no reason why I would pay hundreds for a lightweight tent when this one is available for about $50 after discounts, especially when the tent is superior several of the more expensive ones.
    3) Things I like:
    – Well made. The material, stitching and seams are more than adequate.
    – The bathtub floor.
    – Orange guy lines.
    – Room adequate for two people and a little gear or one person and lots of gear.
    – Enough headspace that I can sit in the tent and even kneel easily to pee in a bottle during the night. (I’m 5’10”.)
    – Loops in the ridge corners for hanging items. (I strung a para-cord line between the two, which allowed me to hang both a headlight and an open Mylar blanket.)
    – The ventilation.
    – Stability in the wind.
    4) I camped for three nights. The ground was damp from a week of rain. The temperature was in the high 20’s and low 30’s each night. The first night the winds were blowing off the lake, steady in the high teens, with gusts over 30 mph and light rains. The tent held perfectly. I burned the single candle UCO lantern during the night. I had zero condensation. I did not need to make any adjustments to the tent during the entire trip. I still need to spray it with some waterproofing and seal the seams, but it handled the light rains as it was out of the box. At the end of the trip, it packed up and fit back into the provided pack bag easily and with room to spare.
    5) Suggestions:
    – As mentioned earlier, a vestibule option would be really nice.
    – Providing reflective bright colored Spectra guy lines would be even one step better than the orange guy lines provided.
    – I’m not sure about changing the design so that a side could be rolled up for summer air and a view to the stars. It would be very nice, but I’d be loathe to add much weight or compromise already great construction.

    Purchase with confidence. This is a great tent from a great company.

  164. John Mitchell

    This tent has a lot to offer for such a small package. It is much more roomy then you would expect. All my gear and a full size sleeping bag fit inside and still have extra room. Plus is much more stable than o expected

  165. ryan wiles

    Great product and customer service. I could not find a better value for my through hiking needs. This product is as well made and reliable as many products costing 2-3 times as much.

  166. Joe Veselak

    This tent is perfect for the outdoor hiking/camping enthusiast. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to carry in a pack even if you don’t intend to use it. Quality is great and cost is great as well. Great product all around!

  167. Trevor (verified owner)

    Seems to be a good quality tent for the price. Shipping was fast and free. Great customer service!!!

  168. Melissa (verified owner)

    I am surprised that you don’t hear more about this tent on the backpacking forums. I’ve had it out twice and couldn’t be happier; I can’t wait to use it again on numerous trips this year. It sets up easily, has plenty of room for one person to spread out, is a great quality tent at a reasonable weight and the price absolutely can’t be beat. My only suggestion would be to make it so that you can roll at least part of the solid fabric roof back, or turn it into a detachable rainfly, to give you more ventilation and views of the stars. I recommend this tent to all of my backpacking friends. Purchase with confidence.

  169. Angel boyer

    Great light weight tent on a budget! Quality seems good comes with helpful instructions on how to set it up and how to fold it up!

  170. Ashley (verified owner)

    I set up the tent after receiving it but haven’t actually camped in it. I don’t know how two people sleep in most two person tents but this one has plenty of room – which was my main concern. The amount of mesh looks like it will provide good ventilation (and hopefully no condensation) so I’m glad I got the 2.2. The tent fit into my 55L backpack with my sleeping bag with room to spare.

  171. mike smith (verified owner)

    I got this trekker 2.2 after trying out their trekker tent 1 and realizing I’m still not a fan of one person tents lol
    I’ve had the chance to use this a couple of times and I love this tent! First try I had 30mph gusts off a lake and to my surprise it held strong all night and didnt come down!
    Second try was right next to a river slightly damp ground and despite temps that dropped to the low 20s and some snow, I had almost no condensation inside and most of the snow slid right off the outside!
    Only have 2 issues which are not river country’s fault at all, first a few stakes bent when the ground froze around them( I had to pry them out of the ground)
    Second it would be great if they offered a tarp specifically to create a vestibule off the front, I would buy one in a heart beat to make this great tent into my absolute favorite one!
    I’m realy going to test it out next month in northern Michigan and I can’t wait!

  172. Jimmy (verified owner)

    I am writing this review after my first real field experience. I am a Boy Scout leader and was going on my first backpacking adventure. I have a two person dome tent at 5.5 lbs, but I did not want it to be one of the heavier items and was willing to spend to go with a lighter weight option. I selected the Trekker Tent 2.2 for its light weight, netting, simplicity, and affordability.
    The guys lines don’t come attached so I suggest tying to the tent before actual use. I confirmed with River Country that the tent is PU coated for waterproofing and seam sealed only to a degree. They suggest seam sealing further. I decided to strap the tent to the outside bottom of the backpack, but it does pack small enough to store inside.
    The trip was just an overnighter; no rain but didn’t have a choice but to set up the tent between a narrow spot between boulders at the peak and viewing point in the Eastern Mountains of PA. The spot was just soft and wide enough to stake. The ground was just soft enough to feel comfortable lying and the tent held up well shielding me under high winds and temps in the mid 20’s. I had plenty of space for myself and my gear. Space will be tight for two people and all the gear. I am definitely pleased with this purchase. Will definitely use it more often for its ease of set up and will seam seal before next trip.

  173. Bracan Williams

    What a tent!! Sturdy, well made and my 9 and 10 year old daughters set it up in no time! Although when the wind blew over our other tent on top of it the tent collapsed. Putting the tent back up in the middle of the night rain/wind storm was quick and easy, despite to tears and grumpy campers!! What a TENT!

  174. chad reijonen

    This tent is exactly what I’ve spent days searching the web for. Ultra light tent that is truly big enough for 2 people and vertile enough for whatever I need. I carry this for just me or me and my wife. It’s roomy enough for two full size people but lighter than one person tents. I try to be minimalist but still like the space that a traditional tent provides. this thing is perfect. I do recomend adding the footprint as well. it’s super light and provides protection to make this tent last a long time. I was willing to pay more money to get exactly what I was looking for but was unhappy with what I found even for $4-500. I couldn’t believe I found exactly what I wanted for under $100!

  175. Cris

    After trying out tent tarps, pyramid tents and bivey style tents, I’m confident this one will be my new go to. In my opinion, the Trekker 2.2 offers the best value in being robust, well built and lightweight enough for long hikes. Plenty of room for one person without feeling clostophobic and the added side ventilation cuts down on condensation.

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