River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river
River country products trekker 2 trekking pole tent backpacking tent set up next to river

Trekker Tent 2, Backpacking and Camping 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent

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Trekking Pole Tent 2-Person

Experience the ultimate backpacking adventure with our ultralight 2 lb 12 oz tent, designed to provide ample space and unbeatable comfort in any weather condition. At 7 feet long, 62 inches wide, and 42 inches high, our tent offers a lot of room compared to other sub 3 lb tents on the market. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a companion, this tent has enough space for you and your gear.

Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, our tent is made to withstand the weather. Plus, with its easy-to-pack and compact design, you can effortlessly carry it in your backpack or bug out bag.

Unlike other tents that come with cheap, fragile poles that often break, our tent is designed to work with any trekking poles, sticks, or even tied between two trees. This means that you can set up your tent in as little as one minute, without having to worry about complicated instructions or broken poles.

For your convenience, our tent comes with all the necessary aluminum stakes, guylines, and carrying bag, ensuring that you’re always prepared for your next adventure.
Upgrade your camping experience with the Trekker Tent 2.0, and enjoy comfort, convenience, and durability.

This tent is a single layer tent, with rear and front air venting, if you are concerned more about condensation then the weight, we recommend the Trekker Tent 2.2, with its large mesh sidewalls the 2.2 has a lot more ventilation and is superior in high condensation settings.

Trekking Pole Details

Carbon Trekking Poles
  • Easy to use lever lock system
  • Lightweight, just 10oz each
  • Primary cork handle, secondary foam handle
  • Extend up to 52”
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Carbon Reinforced Aluminum is much stronger and lighter than 100% aluminum poles.
  • Product link
rcp carbon fiber ultralight trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 6oz each saving weight in your pack.
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Extend up to 53” (135cm)
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with our extension piece or either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
  • Product link
rcp folded carbon trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 7.4oz each
  • Folding design makes them compact and convenient to carry
  • Folded length: 15in
  • Adjustable from 110 – 130cm
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
  • Product link
  • Weigh 10oz each
  • Expands from 66cm – 135cm (26” – 53”)
  • Baskets and rubber tips included
  • Rubber handle
  • Integrated anti-shock system
  • Product link

Additional information




2 Person

Packed Weight

2 lbs 12 oz/ 1.25 kg

Weight w/o stakes and bag

2 lbs 7 oz/ 1.11 kg

Peak Height

42 in

Packed Size

10 x 6 in

Floor Area

84 x 60 in/ 35 sq ft

Canopy Fabric

PU Coated Polyester

Floor Material

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin


8 ultra-light aluminum stakes, guylines, waterproof carry bag


145 reviews for Trekker Tent 2, Backpacking and Camping 2-Person Trekking Pole Tent

  1. Abram

    Set this up the moment i got it and so far it’s exactly what i asked for. Its really light and compact, yet expands to a very comfortable living space once set up. Can’t wait to go camping with it

  2. Christopher DeAustin

    I flew back home to Idaho for a backcountry elk hunt and my hunting partner said he had a tent for me. We were getting ready and he said he bought the tent for 60 bucks so I thought it might be cheap. Arriving about 12 miles back after unloading the goats I started setting up my sleeping area and the river country tent. I loved it. Simple, waterproof/resistant as good as any tent and so quick to set up. Sealed off completely which will be useful here in South Carolina for all the things that slither and crawl. I slept perfectly and for the weight and price you can’t beat it. I bought one right when I got home

  3. Jurell C.

    Awesome tent! Easy to set up, lightweight and roomy!

  4. Earl Terwilliger (verified owner)

    Amazing tent. I was looking for a lightweight, rugged, simple tent which is roomy for two, or myself and my gear for a full two week backpacking trek in Peru where there was heat, cold, wind, and plenty of bugs. This tent nailed it all and I’ll continue to use going forward. Great product, love the ability to use poles or sticks to erect, and supplied stakes are high quality!

  5. Jordan

    Thick material that seems as if it would stand up to rough weather. Folds down to about the size of any other two-person tent without the poles. You must use the guy lines to support the the trekking poles, so rocky or desert terrain might not allow you to stake down those lines. This will work great for backpacking in forested areas.

  6. Chris Hankins

    Tent seems easy to set up and is good quality for the price. I am going to use seen sealer and water proofing spray on the tent, as well I feel a rain fly and foot print tarp will be needed.

  7. Ethan

    This tent is fantastic and is a must buy if you like backpack camping! Lightweight and roomy! What more could anyone ask for!

  8. Ethan

    This tent is fantastic! More roomy than the two person tent I had before and I love using my trekking poles to set it up! In love with this company and this tent! It is a must buy if you backpack camp!!

  9. John Lambert

    Very happy with this tent. switched to a trekking pole tent due to significant weight savings. spent a few very cold nights in the Cascade Mountains recently. Plenty of room for two people, and performed very well. We stayed warm and dry. I’ll never go back to carrying tent poles again. Thank you River Country Products !

  10. John Powell

    Great compact lightweight tent. Purchased this last year and couldn’t be more thrilled! Left Amazon review as well. Plan to purchase more products from this company.

  11. Daniel Herman

    Great tent! Very small and lightweight, and gets the job done! Can withstand some rain, however, I experienced an extremely heavy downpour during my hike, and the tent kept MOST of it out. There would be some drops that got through every once in a while. But other than that (and again, that was during a particularly heavy downpour) this tent is great for backpacking!

  12. Beth Vanderkin

    This tent was exactly what I needed for my 5 days hiking the AT. It was more than roomy enough for 2 people to sleep comfortably and very lightweight. A great value too!

  13. Parker MacDonald

    This tent rocks!

    As someone who is one a budget and currently trying to get into backpacking this tent is a super bargain compared to other expensive tents out there. Sure really expensive gear is nice. For some people the added cost of getting all the things you need for backpacking/camping is cost prohibitive. It is discouraging, but honestly a company like River Country Products is encouraging to get out and try camping/backpacking.

    As for the Trekker Tent 2: It sets up quick, its very large inside, it feels bigger than my other 2 person tent, not to mention it weighs less than half the weight!

    Overall excited to use this tent in more and in different temps/climates. One night I had more condensation than the other. While you can have condensation, but so can you with any other tent i have ever slept in…

  14. Erin (verified owner)

    Fantastic tent for an incredibly reasonable price! Shipping was fast and I set it up as soon as it came – it was so easy!!!! I ordered the carbon folding poles with this tent and they’re perfect! I used the tent right away on a backpacking trip with me and my dog and quickly realized that it’s bigger than I’ll usually need, so when I got back…I purchased the Trekker Tent IV. I also heard from other reviews that the Trekker Tent 2 can have some condensation issues – and though it worked well for cold nights (in the 30s), I’ll opt for the IV tent for warmer nights. Very happy with both purchases!

  15. Kendall (verified owner)

    Super awesome tent! Ultra lightweight and able to be set up in less than five minutes. Love you can get it with trekking poles too. There isn’t a better deal out there for this quality!

  16. Glenn Hall

    Awesome little tent! Very light weight, good water resistance. Best for spring/summer/fall camping and backpacking. Have had it for 2 years now and this little guy is standing up to the test, and keeps going! Thanks!

  17. Niki Davis (verified owner)

    The tent is very light weight, seems to be exactly what we were looking for as a backpacking tent. The company mailed it out fast also. The only issue with ours is tent bags looks as if it was cut in factory but doesn’t effect product

  18. Michael Robert Johnson

    The tent was selected specifically for the light weight and interior space. We went on a 6-day backpacking trip into the grand canyon and I am happy to report that the tent worked much, much better than expected. Easy setup, we were able to get all of our gear inside with ample room for our sleeping pads and bags. Tear down and stowing in our backpacks was a breeze. Best tent for the price on the market!

  19. Jacob Friesen

    First time setting up the trekker 2.0 tent and it took less than 10 minutes! Out in the backcountry will be able to do it in less than five minutes! Well built, good company. Will buy from again.

  20. Holden Whalen

    I am young adventurer that likes to go hiking in the Rockies. I saw this tent on the YouTube channel NWFS. All my other tents where either to heavy, not water-proof, or always got holes in them. This meets all of those. I love the trekking poles. This is great quality! I would recommend this any day. It is a great business and they are very kind. Thank you River Country Products!!!

  21. Jason Imler

    This tent is awesome! I’m planning a 185 mile bikepacking trip, and of course want to keep weight down. This is the ticket! The tent packs up into a small package, small enough to mount on my handlebars, and only weighs a few pounds. It seems to be very well made, and is surprisingly roomy once set up. Set up and tear down only takes a few minutes, and I love the option of using sticks instead of trekking poles. I’ll be on a bike, and won’t have any use for trekking poles, and would rather not have to carry tent poles, so this option works out perfect.

  22. Keithen Knowles (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping I got it a day before my camping trip which was perfect. Went camping for 2 night, stayed warm the entire time and it also rained one of the 2 days, stayed try and didn’t leak a bit I give 5 stars, love your product!!!

  23. Carlos

    Fast shipping and super light weight love this tent

  24. Jeff Aviles

    This tent is easy to set up and take down. The bottom material of the tent is thick enough to use without a ground tarp. I have spent several nights on several backpacking trips, and this tent is one of my gear faves. Even after waterproofing the tent, I haven’t had any condensation build-up as feared from other reviews. I highly recommend this product.

  25. Hyatt Balch

    This tent is awesome. So simple to set up and take down, and there is so much room! I am 5’10” and I fit comfortably, along with my dog, and all of my gear. Awesome tent to have, and it is also very compact when packing it back up. I did accidentally poke a small hole in the bottom because of a very sharp stick, but in all honesty it probably would have done the same to any tent.

  26. Mike Sherbondy (verified owner)

    I bought the trekker 2 tent because it is the lightest legitimate two person tent that I could find. We tried another tipi that was 2.5 pounds, but our sleeping pads didn’t fit inside. This tent is not huge, but fits two people with just enough space to keep from touching the sides (I am 6’3”). I haven’t had it out in any rain yet, but I have seen the reviews about leaking issues. I seam-sealed my tent so we will wait and see. I think for the price you can’t go wrong with this choice.

  27. Michael

    Great tent. Affordable, well built and comfortable. Really appreciate the cost line and will be looking for more products from this company. They have displayed quality and price consciousness, something that is getting rare these days!

  28. Travis Zomer

    Just got my tent and set it up in the yard. Very easy to set up and take down. You actually have quite a bit of room in it could comfortably sleep two. Great product for the money.

  29. DOUG CHRISTIANSON (verified owner)

    I have used this tent on two hiking trips. It is very easy to setup. I seam sealed it just to make sure there were not leaks. I have been through a couple of storms and everything held up very well with no leaks. I am impressed with the quality and the price.

  30. Jeff G (verified owner)

    Just set it up in the yard, very easy to set up. I haven’t got to try it yet on a trip but I’m sure it will do well. It is everything river country said it was and at a very good price.

  31. Bronlow Miller Jr.

    As of an avid camper in the North part of MI. Where weather is all 4 seasons in one day. I like the design because it matches the simple WWI design. I like how this design is super lightweight and works for hiking. Thought the design is spacious and isn’t super expensive like other tents. Best part was price, weight, and such.

  32. Mtallent

    Great tent perfect for backcountry trips

  33. Jared J Johnson

    The tent looks great! It can easily fit.two.people.and weighs less than 3 lbs. Can’t wait to try it out in the back country.

  34. Dan (verified owner)

    Excellent tent for the price. Set it up in the yard yesterday, it rained today and water was beading up on the outside and no leaks on the inside. I also have the trekker 2.2 but wanted to try the 2.0 for the weight reduction.

  35. Josh (verified owner)

    I could not be more happier than when my Trekker 2 tent came in! It is exactly what I am looking for as a quick light-weight, and easy set up. I loved in the instructions too the directions on how to fold the tent back up to fit into the provided stuff-sack. All in all, I could not be more happier with the product. It was exactly what I was looking for.

  36. Joel Walters (verified owner)

    Received Trekker 2 tent on time. Set it up first time by 10 minuets, left it up for two days during 1 inch rain days. The tent was dry on inside, however i had sprayed with silicon waterproofing. In order to made a temp. vestibule i ordered the $20 rain fly to cover the front of the tent by 2ft this just about covers the back. For less than $75 i have a great tent system for hiking. Thank you River Country.
    Keep up the good work

  37. Kenneth Cook

    This Trekker 2 tent from River Country Products is great!
    I know what your thinking, “no one makes a great low cost tent for backpacking”, right?
    I was skeptical too at first. I needed something good and something that would fit my budget that was lightweight and would fit in my backpack.
    A few years ago I bought my first River Country Tent.
    I have used this tent in the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the highest mountain in VA in temperatures below 12* and major winds. This tent is very simple to setup and pack away. The tent material is 195T 75D polyester with a 2000mm PU coating and the seams are taped. Which I find stronger and better than the expensive backpacking tents on the market.
    Easy set-up using two trekking poles if you don’t have any trekking poles simply cut a stick to size or just tie off to a tree or bush which I’ve done and works great.
    Being able to stake down these tents with the ultra lightweight aluminum stakes and having plenty of tie offs, these tents are secured in place.
    I keep extra guyline in my backpack to use if needed to tie off to trees and sometimes you may find that you can’t get a ground stake in, I used guyline to tie into stake loop them wrap around a rock to hold corner of tent in place or simply place a rock on the corner.
    A lot of the expensive backpacking tents are free standing which I’ve seen in some winds blowing across the campsites.
    The ventilation is good, I have only had a small condensation concern in my Trekker 2.
    When I use this model always make sure the rear vents are open and If you zip the front door closed use a stick or rock to prop the door flap outwards a few inches from the bottom this allows better venting.
    The materials and the seams are impressive and great quality. The zippers operate properly and easy, the tent stakes are aluminum and very lightweight and do the job wonderfully.
    The Trekker 2 weighs only 2.9lbs and packs down to 8″x 6″.
    It is over 7 feet long and over 5 feet wide and 42 inches in height.
    And this tent has a tub floor which is great to have.
    The Trekker 2 is a two person tent. For two people there is not much room for a lot of gear but, using it by myself I have more than enough room with all of my gear.
    Shipping was quick and correct and free. I also purchased the twist lock style trekking poles with this tent three years ago and I’m still using them today.
    This tent may weigh a few ounces or a pound more than the expensive ultralight tents but, for the quality and the price of my Trekker it is fantastic! You can buy many of these for the cost of some out there on the market.
    I have zero complaints about this tent. I have been using their products for a few years now and highly recommend their products.

    While your on their website check out their other backpacking gear. I was amazed to find a backpacking stove for less than $10. Sure, I was sceptical. I bought it and the cups, water filter and spork. I used the stove for 4.5 days for meals and coffee it works great! Just like the expensive ones and it comes in it’s own little storage case, plus it has a built in ignitor.
    The Spork is sturdy, it has a built in whistle and the handle removes to reveal a sharp knife and a bottle opener. This is the only utensil I carry now.
    I have no complaints on the cup or water filter either.

    River Country Products has quickly responded to my questions.
    They are a small company and with my experience, they care about you and making sure that you have a great quality product.
    Check out all of their products.

    Thank you RCP,
    Ken Cook

  38. Alison Herrera (verified owner)

    We used our Trekker 2 tent this weekend for the first time. We used for two people and had enough room for blow up sleeping pads, duffel bag and backpack with extra space to spare. Easy to set up with our own trekking poles. We got rained on our last morning and had no issues there. We did get a tarp to put underneath and had no issues with getting cold or wet from the ground but haven’t tried without one. Very lightweight and easily fits back into it’s bag and into my 30L backpack with plenty of space leftover. Would definitely recommend this product!

  39. Kenneth Cook

    These tents are great!
    I have used these tents in the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the highest mountain in VA in temperatures below 12* and major winds. Each tent is very simple to setup and pack away. The tent material is 195T 75D polyester with a 2000mm PU coating and the seams are taped. Which I find stronger and better than the expensive backpacking tents on the market.
    Easy set-up using one or two trekking poles depending on which model is used, if no trekking poles are available you can easily use a stick cut to size or just tie off to a tree or bush which I’ve done and works great. Being able to stake down these tents and having plenty of tie offs these tents are secure in all weather. I keep extra guyline in my backpack to use if needed to tie off to trees and sometimes you may find that you can’t get a ground stake in, I used guyline to tie into stake loop them wrap around a rock to which holds corner of tent in place.
    A lot of the expensive backpacking tents are free standing which I’ve seen in some winds blowing across the campsites.
    I have zero complaints with these tents.
    The ventilation is good, I have only had a small condensation concern in my Trekker 2 model once. When I use this model always make sure the rear vents are open and If you zip the front door closed use a stick or rock to prop the door flap outwards a few inches from the bottom this allows better venting.
    The materials and the seams are impressive and great quality. The zippers operate properly and easy, the tent stakes are very lightweight and do the job wonderfully. The Trekker 2 weighs only 2.9lbs and packs down to 8″x 6″.
    It is over 7 feet long and over 5 feet wide and 42 inches in height. And has a tub floor. The Trekker 2 is a two person tent, with two people there is not much room for gear but, using it by myself I have more than enough room with all of my gear.
    I’m impressed and highly recommend this product!!

  40. Aaron Chapman (verified owner)

    I recently purchased this tent and it it very well made and super spacious. Not only am I satisfied with the quality of the tent but the customer service they possses in tip top. Upon receiving my tent I noticed one of the lower portion of the Trekking Poles was not operating properly. After talking with their Rep through email they took it upon themselves to get a new pole in the mail for me the next day. I can’t wait to get out and use this and I look forward to doing more business in the future. Thank you so much.

  41. Walter

    Tent exceeded my expectations, in quality and easy to setup, 3 minutes first try. Had wind gusting at 40 mph tent preformed flawlessly. After seeing the tent my backpacking group are also ordering tents for our week long Colorado trip.

  42. Emma Platzbecker (verified owner)

    I recently ordered this tent for a backpacking trip in Washington I’ll be doing this summer. The tent arrived earlier than expected. I set the tent up in my yard, which was very easy and took very little time. It is spacious and lightweight. I am very excited to use this tent and I’m glad I found one that is great quality and very affordable. I will always think of River Country Products when looking for gear.

  43. Joe Krannitz

    Just used the Trekker 2.0 in the mountains of West Virginia trout fishing March 4-7 2021 in temps that dropped to 10 degrees at night. This tent performed great is lightweight and roomy. Thank you River Country Products.

  44. Joshua

    I love the tent just the right size and super easy to set up can’t wait to get more product from you In the future

  45. Allen Miller

    Great small lightweight tent!

  46. Michael (verified owner)

    I was only able to set up this tent in my living room, but it was very easy to set up. I was extremely impressed by the roominess of the tent and the quality of the tent material, which feels very durable. I also surveyed everything from the guy-line attachment points to the seams to the zippers and really appreciated that River Country seems to have not cut any corners whatsoever in the process of manufacturing this tent. I’m very excited to get a tent of this quality for what this tent is selling for, and I’m very confident that it will perform admirably out in the backcountry this summer!

  47. Tom kelly

    Very happy. Compact and lightweight fits nicely on my pack. Very sturdy w the poles. Quality materials and looks great. Easy setup.

  48. Casey Serr (verified owner)

    I wanted to buy a tent like the scout tent I had in the 80s , I found a few like it and opted for the trekker 2, 1 because it was bigger and 2 because of what I learned about it through reviews and videos . I received it this morning and set it up in the snow immediately. I looked for pin holes in the corners like I seen in some videos , I found none . I then set it up in the garage and seam sealed every seam thoroughly, the seams were all taped but after reading about leaks on line and through the literature that came with tent I sealed it myself also . It is still set up in garage with a Ridgeline and tomorrow before work I will silicone spray it as recommended. I will be trying to make an A frame pole system for door and if it doesn’t work I will use either a Ridgeline or trekking pole . I will also modify my military poncho with a couple more grommets so i have a custom made rain fly if needed. I will be hiking the michigan shore to shore trail in May and have no doubt this tent will serve me well .condensation is of little concern and any condensation should be easily taken care of with a microfiber towel . The tent is light weight i like the stakes included with tent and will add 4 more of them to my kit . Storage bag is decent, plan on mounting to outside of my rucksack, either on top or the side depending on what I learn through trial and error . 100% recommend this tent

  49. Michael Radtke (verified owner)

    This is the tent is the best value for the price. With some slight modifications you can make this tent a great 3 season tent (spring, summer, fall). I would suggest buying the foot print with the tent to protect the tent floor. Additionally, the tent is not fully water proof so I would recommend using water sealant on the seams and in heavy rain being prepared to add a rainfly. I highly recommend this tent after spending 3 consecutive night in it.

  50. Erika Rowley

    Great quality, fast shipping. It arrived today and I could not wait to set it up. Plenty of room for two, easy set up and take down. Best part is how small it folds up. I’m putting in in my emergency survival backpack! But I also plan to use it for camping this summer!

  51. Kylan Kehrer

    Love this tent, I like that I can use my trekking poles instead of having carry around a bunch of framework for other types of tents. Have not taken it out yet but it looks great I can’t wait

  52. Mark Jeffries (verified owner)

    First the good: the tent shipped and arrived quickly. It is lightweight. It compacts down small, a little larger than a football. It’s easy to set up and pretty roomy.

    Unfortunately, that’s all the good I can say. I had read mixed reviews about RCP tents, with some people loving them and some saying they leaked a lot. Of the ones who liked them, they almost all stated that they had seam sealed the tent and sprayed it with water repellant, and the ones who had leaking problems had not. So when my tent arrived, I sealed all the seams (I do this for all my tents; I honestly don’t know why anyone would not seam seal a new tent) and sprayed it with Atsko water repellant. Then I set it up in my back yard and turned a sprinkler on for a little over an hour. The tent got a good soaking, but no more than it would in a moderate rain. When I came back out to check, there were drops of water all over the floor and a large puddle had accumulated on the downhill corner. The water appeared to mostly come from the side seams, which again, I had sealed.

    I had high hopes for this tent, as I hate to pay for overpriced gear. I couldn’t pass up the price. Sometimes, though, you get what you pay for.

  53. Neil Kyle Jr.

    I have used this tent for several years now and have had no issues with it. It is perfect for backpacking because of its weight and compactness. It has kept me dry and warm on rainy and cold nights. I highly recommend! My friend bought the 2.2 recently and has only said great things about it. He is in the military and has recently used it on a two week training exercise. Great price and great quality – Thank you

  54. Carl E Reiber

    Ask for the 2.0 tent for Christmas and just set it up in the backyard. Light, easy to set up, and the instructions were sufficient for this ‘boy scout’. Am anxious to check it out on a ‘shakedown’ overnighter. I’ll probably follow other reviews and spray it with waterproofing beforehand and when it warms up some. I plan to use it to backpack for 1-2 nights with my son & grandson (in their own tent) on the AT in Pennsylvania. Will update when I get more results.

  55. Chris Straile

    Great 2 person tent, lightweight, fits perfectly in your pack without taking up alot of room.

  56. Brandon

    Great light weight tent,small and compact makes it great for backpacking.

  57. Debra Moore

    Just set it up and will use this coming weekend. Very quick and easy.

  58. Cindy Martin

    I used 2 coats of rain sealant prior to my trip and did not have any issues when it rained. Tent is very spacious. Great tent for the price! Take extra stakes. The aluminum stakes are light but do bend and break easily. I damaged 2 on my trip

  59. Dan Peterson

    I just bought a week ago the Trekker 2 with the rainfly and used it on a 50 mile hike in the Cascades. It worked great! It is quick to set up. It did not have any moisture condensation as some report. I wonder if they do not tighten the rainfly and then it could sag and lie on the tent itself, thereby reducing air circulation. I did read that some people had complained of the seams not being sealed. The seams on my tent were well sealed. I only had a light mist during the hike but nothing got into the tent. The tent is very low priced compared to top ent tents, and this tent would not take much of a storm, but, for common use, it is fantastic, especially for the price.

  60. Laura Barber

    I absolutely love this tent! It’s super light and easy to pack up. I’ve already taken it out on six or so backpacking trip, and it’s worked great each time. It keeps me warm and protects me from the rain quite well. I can’t believe I found such a good tent for such a small amount of money. Everywhere else I looked for comparable products, I would’ve had to pay hundreds of dollars. Definitely recommend this one!!

  61. J Cortz

    Super light weight and compact. Also sets up easily. I love it and will never go back to my old tent.

  62. Eric

    I ordered this tent so that my dog and I could go backpacking together. Paired with a cheap pair of trekking poles that I already had laying around, the tent was easy to set up, and I was able to get 2 coats of waterproofing on the outside with a single can of waterproofing from Walmart.

    There is a ton of room inside, and while it would be tight for 2 adults, it is more than enough space for myself, my dog, and our gear!

    I look forward to taking it out on our first trip!

  63. Cody

    Very nice tent easy to put up and great quality

  64. Bartram Dilks (verified owner)

    I recently purchased the Trekker tent 2 and poles and they are great

  65. Rich

    Tent is really roomy, and surprisingly easy to set up. It’s super light weight for the price, which was the main factor in buying it. Seams all taped, although I did notice a couple pin holes in a corner of the bathtub seam, which I’ll patch with seamgrip. What a deal for a simple and ultralight tent!


    great tent, light weight easy to put in my backpack. wife and i used it last weekend and it was roomy enough for both of us, still had air circulation….slept great!!! great value !

  67. Paul

    Purchased for backpack hunting.
    Have not used in the field yet but, set up the tent in the yard and applied a coat of waterproofing. Left the tent out in in a heavy rain for a few hours and the interior stayed dry.
    Plenty of sleeping room for two 6′ bodies inside with a little bit of gear. Some of our gear may have to remain outside.
    I am sure this tent will not be as stable in high winds as other high dollar ultra-lite tents due to it’s shape but, I like the fact that it has enough room to sit up inside to eat, change clothes, etc.

  68. Cody Slaughter (verified owner)

    Review for Trekker Tent 2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  69. Kelsey

    This is great for two person backpacking. It is lightweight and folds just how the picks show. I hope it lasts me a long time.

  70. Gina Ralston (verified owner)

    We purchased this tent in green and in blue for our family backpacking trip. Setting these tents up is a breeze and packing them back up was even easier. No issues getting them back into the original bags. We recognized that there wasn’t a lot of ventilation prior to purchasing (and still chose to purchase these over the Trekker Tent 2.2), and even then the tents stayed cool enough when we were camping in 95F+ degree weather by leaving the front open to just the mesh entrances.

    We slept one adult and one child per tent – there was more than enough room for two people plus a little gear (packs stayed outside of tent). There would easily be enough room for 2 adults comfortably per tent or one adult plus their gear. We did not encounter wet weather, so no review on that but we did not have condensation build up in the morning.

    One of the tents we purchased as a bundle with the trekking poles. The trekking poles were excellent quality!

  71. Brent Deen (verified owner)

    Just received this product in the mail. I received it a few days after ordering it. The company does give a military discount if you call them. Their customer service was amazing and they replied back to my emails within an hour. Haven’t used the product yet but my plan is to take this to Colorado when I go archery elk hunting. I will update after my elk hunting trip this September. The company also told me I have a year warranty on the tent so if I’m not satisfied to just let them know after my trip.

  72. Travis Barney (verified owner)

    Lightweight. Works as advertised. Took it backpacking in the High Uintas woke up to 3 inches of snow. Held up well in the snow. Great to have a tent you can trust in bad conditions. Thanks for making a great tent!

  73. Ryan

    Set it up in my living room and it looks like it’ll do well on the trail. Lightweight, small, and inexpensive. Exactly what I wanted.

  74. Radoslaw Tokarski

    Good quality. For the price-it’s fantastic.
    Set it up today. Easy job. Can’t wait to check the waterproofness 🙂

  75. Joseph Garrett (verified owner)

    Super light fits in my backpack and well made. Love the options for set up and no poles

  76. A. George

    Excellent. This tent seems solidly built and is quick to assemble. It is a breath of fresh air to have found a tent that doesn’t include poles to mess with.. It feels secure and very waterproof.
    I do with there was more ventilation on the roof of the tent.. living in Texas, I do a lot of hot weather camping and it would be helpful to have additional vents.
    Still, for the price and the durability of this thing- seems like a great deal!


    Great for tall ppl am 6’5 and am able to lay flat and still have room around. Easy setup didnt read the instructions and was able to setup in minutes

  78. LisaJ from TX (verified owner)

    Love this tent! Lightweight. Easy to deploy. As previous reviewer noted, observed daylight at two sewn corners of bathtub. (I don’t know that water would come in here, but if it did, would be at those points. ) Nothing a speck of JBWeld can’t fix! Also intend to 3M waterproof entire tent as well. I can live with that, as the price point more than offsets any proactive efforts to stop leaks. Shipped quickly. Thank you, RCP! Will refer friends!

  79. owen b cowan

    It is a great tent it stood strong against 20 mph winds and heavy rain. Lightweight

  80. Jared

    Tent is great. You will not find a lighter tent in this price range! Highly recommended!

  81. Kyle

    It’s perfect….perfect. Don’t need poles it’s light weight, water tight, good quality. Thank you guys very nice.

  82. Gary (verified owner)

    Just got the trek 2, and took my time setting it up. I am impressed with the quality and the roominess inside vs cost. Held up fine with wind, taking it up to A.T. at Hampton tn too Damascus. Worth the $,. Thks.

  83. Don Good (verified owner)

    Tent works well for backpacking. Light, roomy and durable. I found it easy to set up.


    Wow guys, great job on a simple, but old idea. It’s a super light weight Army Pup tent. As a retired Soldier, I had to chuckle at the memories that came flooding back while using my tent. You’ve made camping easier for a disable Veteran and right here in my home state. Thank you very much. SFC WILLIAM B SMITH US ARMY RETIRED

  85. Mike

    I am very impressed by this tent. Bought it with the aluminum trekking poles and have had 2 over nights with it and it has been outstanding.

  86. Justin Houk (verified owner)

    Amazing 2 person ultralight tent for the $$$! I use trekking poles anyway so it’s a no brainer! Can’t wait to use more in the mountains of Nevada this summer

  87. Robert d Reed

    i couldn’t ask for more …this is my first tent and i’m very satisfied with it very easy fast set up ..and tear down ..it was roomeyer than i thought it would be.. had my cot, pack,and all my gear ..a tip i took it and put it in the dryer with a wet towel and some dryer sheets for 15 minutes on low …takes out all the creases so when you use some dwc it will be a more even coat

  88. Jeremy Reams (verified owner)

    Great tent! Why spend $300 when this tent works at a super light weight? I have this and the river country products sleeping system. I can’t even feel this on my back.

  89. Jack

    I can confidently say that this is the best ultralight backpacking tent you can get for under $150. And the fact that it only costs about $50, is mind blowing! Setup is a cinch, it’s great durable quality, and in my experience, 100% waterproof. I think RCP is the backpacking world’s best kept secret.

  90. Doug

    Great quality tent that is easy to set up. It is light weight and small in size when folded up allowing for backpacking efficiency. Would definitely purchase again.

  91. Valen

    I purchased the Trekker 2 man vented tent with the trekking poles for my Colorado Elk Hunt. I talked my buddy into purchasing one too. We went on a 8 day hunt with temps ranging from low 30’s to upper 70’s along with a few nights of rain. Prior to leaving, I sealed the seams and applied rain sealant to the tent walls. We were both a little apprehensive to see how the tent held up since it was so inexpensive but it held up great. We experienced some high winds as well and never had any issues with the stakes pulling up. As for the trekking poles, they were well worth it. Made such a difference on packing my first elk out of the mountains. I lent them to another friend for a day hunt and he wished he would have had some. I’m certain two of our other hunting partners were envious of our tents. My buddy asked me what was the one item we purchased for the hunt that we wouldn’t leave behind and we both agreed it was the tent. Due to the numerous items I needed to purchase for the hunt, I needed to save money wherever I could. I couldn’t afford other tents that were comparable in weight and am glad I found your company. I never leave reviews on products but felt I had too. This product was well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone. Thanks for making such an affordable and reliable product.

  92. David

    I was pleasantly surprised at the fast delivery. It seems to have excellent quality and construction. The extras are nice too. From the included stuff sack and tent stakes to the tent itself everything is quality. All of this at a great price too!

  93. Brian (verified owner)

    I ordered the Trekker 2 tent last month (October 2019) after researching online for a quality trekking pole tent that wouldn’t break the bank and cost me an arm & a leg. I also wanted to make the switch from the free-standing tents I’ve been using to a trekking-pole style tent to not only reduce weight by cutting out tent poles all together, but also to get more use out of the trekking poles I already carry.

    After reading the stellar reviews the Trekker 2 tent was getting & being assured that any issues the previous model may have had were resolved, I felt confident that I had made the right choice. My Trekker 2 tent arrived quickly and I was surprised at how small & compact it is along with how lightweight it felt in my hand.

    Included with my Trekker 2 was the necessary tent stakes needed for setup. These stakes are made from quality aluminum and are about half the size of ones found in the big box stores such as Walmart.

    After reading the enclosed instructions that came with my Trekker 2, I did what smart backpackers do and decided I should try out my gear before actually getting out to a trail. I easily staked out the Trekker 2 in the backyard with the included aluminum stakes & after that, setup was a breeze.

    My Trekker 2 came with all the guy-lines already attached and with hard plastic tensioners. Setting up the Trekker 2 had to have been one of the easiest tents I’ve ever experienced. After staking the Trekker 2 down, probably within 3 minutes I went from bare ground to having a shelter ready to move into.

    I have a good deal of experience with setting up tents, but even if this would have been my first time I’m sure it couldn’t have been any easier. River Country Products provided not only descriptive instructions, but also included detailed pictures on how to properly stake & use their tent along with useful tips as well such as how to choose the best location for setting up & how to reduce condensation and maximize ventilation.

    It became apparent to me that they went out of their way to make sure that when you buy a product from them, they really care about their customers’ experience and want them to be successful with their purchase.

    After my Trekker 2 was up, I liberally applied some aerosol water-repellent as per their suggestions and let it dry before moving my sleeping pad & sleeping bag inside to try it out. While inside, I was truly impressed with how roomy it was compared to some of the coffin-style and small backpacking tents I had been using. I could stretch out and sit up! This was definitely a game-changer and with the amount of space there was, I knew I’d be able to keep all my backpacking gear inside with me and still have room to spare.

    I had the Trekker 2 set up in the backyard for a few weeks and in that time, I frequently slept in it to judge its performance. During that time, it held up to strong sustained winds and to sustained freezing rain storms. No matter how windy it got, the Trekker 2 stayed as solid as ever & no matter how wet it got outside, the inside always kept dry. The tent floor is made of a heavy-duty material that’s stronger than any other tent floor I’ve experienced & seems like it will hold up well without using a footprint, although I’m sure utilizing one would help to extend the life of the floor.

    Since I’ve had my Trekker 2, I can honestly say that it has fulfilled my expectations and I look forward to taking it out on the trail as my new go-to shelter. No more heavy, confining tent-pole style shelter!

  94. Bill

    Purchased this for a Colorado elk hunting trip and this is hands down the best tent I own. Packs up nice, set up is even better. Cannot say enough good things about the tent! I am 6’3 270 lbs and I fit well with my gear in side out of the elements. Without the gear, there was enough room for 2 of me. Will definitely be buying another for a back up or emergency situation tent.

  95. Christopher Ish

    Don’t let the price scare you away. This is a great tent. I have an expensive, more conventional, one person hiking tent and I prefer this one.

    It is lighter, bigger (in width, height, and head room), and packs smaller. 2 people could easily sleep in it as it is actually bigger than most 2 person hiking tents (but they would need to keep their gear outside). It is a quick set up and quick pack up as it is basically rectangular and so folds and rolls easily. It is constructed of a heavy material, which is good since it does not use a rain fly (but easily could).

    The material is thick enough that it could be a 4 season tent. The wind resistance and ability to stand up to snow would depend on how well you can stake it out. If the ground is such that the stakes will hold it is rock solid. If you can’t stake it, due to ground too hard or soft, then that would be a problem. If you can guy it to two trees than it will be rock solid. I’ve used it in cold weather and the lack of “ventilation” (read: draft) at the ground level is great. You could leave the front flaps open (and the screening zipped to avoid insects) and open the back vents and it would get that desired draft in the summer.

    I did get some condensation inside but it was minimal and I did not have the back vents guyed open. I will next time. One suggestion to the manufacturer would be to use the small plastic pieces that others use to hold vents open instead of guy lines. This would be more convenient and also allow users to open and close the vents from inside the tent. As others have suggested, a regular light weight rain fly tarp would easily be placed over the tent to reduce dew and also to increase the rain resistance, which I don’t think is a problem, so I personally do not plan to do. Adding a light weight rain fly would still leave this tent smaller, lighter, and cheaper than most hiking 1 person tents and the bag is big enough that it would all still fit.

    The open end of the tent has a screen that zippers shut. There are external flaps that zipper and Velcro shut vertically, but not across the ground. One comment on set up: It become obvious once inside the tent that if you place that pole perfectly upright and/ or close the flap inside of the pole that if it rains and the wind blows in that direction that it will likely billow into the tent and let water in. This can easily be addressed by moving the base of the pole out 2-3 inches and closing he flap outside of the pole. Another suggestion to the manufacturer would be to make those flaps slightly bigger and able to be configured into a small vestibule. This would make that front end more rain resistant and also provide a place for dirty boots outside of the tent.

  96. David Morris

    Wonderful design. . . Fast and easy set up. . .Nice Tent. . good air flow. . . 2nd day out I set it up and all was well for a while . . . thunderstorm occurred later that evening and I found that my tent was a bathtub!
    Leaks like a sieve! Every seam leaks! Ruined a great adventure. . .I guess I could send it back but honestly just two much trouble!
    I may try to seal all of the seams but most likely I will just trash it and cut my losses!

  97. Paul Haydt

    Just got back from week long Appalachian Trail section hike in Georgia. Mt new Trekker Tent 2 had plenty of room and worked great . Super easy to set up – even in dark.

  98. David Smith (verified owner)

    Great tent for the money. Looks very well made. Easy to set up. Light weight. Arrived fast.

  99. Tamar

    Nice lightweight tent with sufficient space for 2 people. Easy to set up with trekking poles or just tied to a tree. Aluminium stakes held relatively well, but might need to take care with them… Good value for price, recommended.

  100. J. Webber

    Such a great inexpensive 1 person tent. Used the trekker 2 on a backpack elk hunting hunt in Colorado. Tent held up well even in a heavy rain storm. Had room for all my gear right next to the sleeping bag. I will purchase another once I wear this one out.

  101. Paul Henderson

    On a motorcycle trip across the USA from California to Virginia, I used this tent to camp each of the 14 nights of the trip. The tent is very easy to setup, and if you position it to the wind correctly, you won’t get much condensation inside. It withstood a four hour heavy downpour in Nebraska with no leaks. I had room for an air mattress and sleeping bag on one side, and all my gear, which I had to take off the motorcycle, on the other. There is also a handy pocket at the end into which you can put your flashlight to read. Every state or national park I visited had plenty of sites for tent camping, at low cost ($2-$10) per night, so that’s a big savings over dreary, tiny, depressing, and monocolor hotel rooms.

  102. JP Thomas (verified owner)

    This is very similar to another a- frame tent Ive had for years. Good waterproof floor and easy to set up. I like that I can leave the poles and even a ground cloth behind if needed. Very lightweight but still durable material. Recommended!

  103. robert m boss

    Received my Trekker Tent 2 in 2 days after order. I set it up in under 4 minutes without even consulting the directions. Very simple straight forward design. I set it up in an area of full sun and it can get quite warm unless you orient the front opening to the breeze for ventilation. I plan to use it on the AT in the spring, so fast setup without a rainfly while setting up in the rain was what I was looking for as well as a 3 season tent that provided some warmth. Tent was exactly as advertised and I appreciated the comments on mitigating condensation while in use.

  104. Tyler

    Light weight, easy set up, price is cheap for a tent that’s light and small packed up!

  105. Dave Fowler

    Review for Trekker Tent 2
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  106. Cringus Gramblerson

    Great tent for the price. Very light and easy to set up. Not completely waterproof, so definitely hit up the seams with a waterproofing spray.

    I’ve now used this tent on 4 hikes, and it is holding up just fine.

    This tent is a great value for the price. I highly recommend it.

  107. Martijn

    I love this tent. It is not only light and packs small but it is also very easy to set up. I find myself taking this one on trips where I could just as well take a larger tent because it is just so much faster to set up and also to fold down.

    The main downside is how hard it is to get hold of one in Europe, shipping was almost as much as the tent itself. But even then it still is a good deal.

  108. Cory Stangle

    This is an Awesome inexpensive backpacking tent. I purchased for an upcoming back country hunt and will be spending 2 weeks living in this tent. Easy to set up, compact, and light for the price.

  109. David R (verified owner)

    Set up the Trekker Tent 2 in our yard today. I have been backpacking for over 50 years and have never seen a tent of this quality for so reasonably priced. I have been looking for an ultralight tent and am amazed at the quality and roomy dimensions. Also the floor is of a quality that you do not need to use a ground tarp, which further cuts down on weight. Well-designed tent and great price! Well done guys!

  110. Joseph Carroll

    Just got back from trip…tent was fantastic.. thank you for such a well made , reasonable tent.. Joe

  111. Nathaniel Kincaidsees (verified owner)

    I love the lightweight tent at such an outstanding price. This company is a great example of innovation at work! I am so happy to be able to buy a bargain product in America!

  112. michael

    Fast delivery, quality, packable, light weight. Economical.

  113. Nathan R Smith

    Killer tent! Everything you need! Sets up fast. The basic design is a relief after dealing with the over-engineering that goes into most tents. Interior space is great for two people. I wish I had one of these a long time ago. This tent will have a permanent home in my truck.

  114. Craig Broussard

    Well made tent! Went ahead and added seam sealer for extra added protection and also gave me a chance to closely check out the tent. The seams are well made and the tent is well constructed! For the price of the tent/kit you can’t go wrong. I will get out once the weather cools down a bit to give it a full test/review.

  115. Robert W Austin

    Review of my river County Products Trekking Pole Tent (got 2 and trekking poles). Delighted, nice size, great package price, good workmanship. Color is the one point I wanted to cover. In the wilderness it makes great since to have everything brightly colored. For many years the only color that was available was blue. Blue is okay but when you are getting up in the morning, eyes don’t focus and Items that you need love to hide in plane sight. That being said it makes it easier to find small items, gloves, tent stakes cups as bright as possible. The tent is a blend into the background green, and to it’s advantage it does not detract from the natural environment and is too large to hide it’s self in front of you as you leave the campsite. All in all a great tent.

    Rob Austin
    AKA Bucket list

  116. Richard Dayringer (verified owner)

    This tent is exactly as it is described. It is easy to set up and roomy inside. It fits in the bag after use. It is an absolute bagain.r

  117. Jeff Bruecker (verified owner)

    Amazing tent…regardless of the price! And the fact that it is $60 makes it a complete steal. So much space inside I was blown away and very easy to set up. Shedding pounds in the pack with this baby. Can’t wait to get on the trail soon!

  118. Tony Brentnall

    So far so good, delivered with no snags, set up smooth, the poles and the 8 included aluminum stakes appear excellent quality for weight and durability.

    Look forward to rain test!

  119. Amanda Lilly (verified owner)

    I feel like this will be a fantastic purchase. I love how light weight it is and that it used trekking poles. Set it up and love it. I do wish the 2.2 came with the same sturdy bottom. I would rather the extra ventilation but didn’t want to carry an extra ground cloth. Oh well, maybe in the future. Thank you for these awesome products!

  120. Ryan R (verified owner)

    Great backpacking tent! Easy set up and light weight. You can’t find a tent at this price and weight anywhere else. Thank you River Country Products!

  121. Justin (verified owner)

    Set this tent up in our backyard for three days of rain and stayed completely dry. The corners were well built and free of holes or thin material. Went camping with it twice and it has worked perfectly.

  122. Michael Palomares

    Best tent you can get in my opinion and to top that an unbeatable price! Don’t let the price fool you this tent won’t let you down any time your life can depend on it. I have spent miserable nights freezing and in tents that would fail on me miles away from civilization. Learn from my experience and buy this tent along with the snugpack jungle bag ! I consider them the ultimate backpackers sleep system. I can see why our military men and women purchase this product for field use. Keep in mind the daily use and abuse this product can with stand is a huge reason people trust this brand with their life . I spent about 2 months comparing this tent and every time I just couldn’t justify why I would use any other tent. I love hatchet work so I enjoy using branches instead of the trekking poles which of course my gf finds odd lol.

  123. Joe Veselak

    Awesome tent with great quality at a low price. Small and easy to carry and still big enough for 2. I have yet to be disappointed!

  124. Mark Billow

    I purchased the Trekker Tent 2 for Backpacking, Hiking and camping the Appalachian Trail, and I have been extremely happy with the size, weight and performance of this tent. One my first weekend on night hike with the tent, we had a large storm (about 1 inch of rain with winds up to 35 mph) and this tent performed outstanding. No leaks and the wind was no issue. A hiker that was camped near me abandoned his tent due to water leaks and sleep in the shelter. The next morning he was checking out this tent and said he was going to purchase one. I highly recommend this tent. I going to conduct a thorough hike of the AT and this tent will ensure I’m dry and rested. Thank you.

  125. Cameron Leet

    I love the tent already even though I just set it up! Can’t wait to take it camping!
    I like the aluminum tent stakes, and the way the tent was made! It set up just fine with my trekking poles, and is very sturdy!

  126. Mark Brown

    Just returned from a 25 day motorcycle camping trip across America. This tent was home for 21 of those days. I cant begin to tell you how nice it is to unroll the tent and have it pitched in minutes. Withstood gail force winds in Oklahoma without a hitch. Very sturdy. Loved the room of the floorplan. Did have some condensation in the Southeast but easily mitigated by keeping the front flaps open. So impressed Im going to buy a second RCP tent, specifically the 1 man, love the awnin g on it and the smaller size for dual sport camping. Thanks for producing a tough affordable shelter.

  127. Caleb Shannon

    I was excited to get the tent after I read many reviews on amazon about it. I took it backpacking and it is very light and compact. The only issue is the condensation that builds on the inside of the tent. It rained the entire trip so I couldn’t leave the vents open at the front. I applied water resistant silicon spray to both the inside and outside of the tent two days before going which I believe helped a lot. Great tent for the price.

  128. Lou Scarpelli (verified owner)

    Bought this tent last month for a mountain backpacking trip in Calf. Wasn’t sure it was going to make it but it showed up on time. Set the tent up before our trip, and we were all surprised what a nice tent for the money. Very spacious inside for one person, can easily to two people if necessary. I like the floor material, you don’t really need a footprint. Just remember you need two walking sticks or trees to tie on to. May not work well if you’re on rock outcrop (if you can use the stakes).

  129. Tom F (verified owner)

    Excellent value. Plenty of room. I bought the tent in July and have used it on 3 short backpacking trips in the mountains of Colorado. It kept us dry during 3 hours of rain and had enough headroom to let us play cards inside comfortably while we were waiting for the weather to improve. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, lightweight backpacking tent.

  130. Steve McElroy

    Great tent. Nice and light. Am hiking the Arizona Trail and this will provide adequate cover and low weight. I have set it up and everything is thought out. I like the write up pamphlet. It basically says if you have any problems let us know and we will make it right. I had no problems but shows confidence in their product.
    Good Job!

  131. James (verified owner)

    I’m so happy with this tent. I was expecting a Walmart tent or something that cheap. Great company!! I hope to see more products from y’all like an ultralight backpack. thanks

  132. Kyle (verified owner)

    Wow…What can I say, this tent exceeded my expectations. When it arrived I ran outside and set it up in record time. I added some seam sealer just in case as the Pacific Northwest can turn on you in a moments and we were taking this on a 2 day hike. Both my 11yr old son and I stayed in the tent and positioned our internal frame packs width wise at the tent opening. Both our packs are 60ish liter packs so they were not small. My son is a starfish sleeper and spreads all out at night and will be all over from left to right and top to bottom! I never felt him moving as the tent is around 5ft wide. The tent uses 8 stakes, 4 corner, 2 trekking pole guy line stakes, 2 sidewall guy line stakes. The condensation rear vents guy line to the rear trekking pole guy line stake. Thought I think 10 stakes would give the rear vents more of an opening and would help with rear side wall tension. I have lashed all 3 guy lines to the 1 rear stake as described on step 6 on the instructions, but I feel it pulls the rear tent side walls side inward. I originally ordered the lighter stakes, so I will be ordering another set so that I can do the 10 stake configuration.

    This tent was quick to setup, super warm almost to a fault. I would sleep in this probably in below 40ish degrees, though I sleep very hot. The weight it allowed me to drop from my pack is a very joyful experience! I was sub 20lbs base weight prior to leaving for the hike.

    Thank you very much River Products

  133. Jeff P

    Excelllent build quality especially for the price. It has been sturdy in wind. Definitely waterproof. Super happy after a few setups and teardowns. Easy to fold.

    This is as good as it gets for ultralight backpackers on a reasonable budget. I can’t believe they can design and produce such a great tent for the price.

    RCP warns of condensation, but like any single wall tent, there can be a little condensation so be sure to have good airflow or plan ahead with dwr on a sleeping bag. I have not found it to be a problem at all.

    The top seam is already sealed to keep out the rain, a real nice touch. Seam sealing is pretty easy diy with a kit or by mixing silicone and mineral spirits then painting on and buffing it.

    I did find myself wishing there was a vestibule for tent. A lot of 2P tents these days have them. Even with a cavernous interior, having a vestibule keeps down the condensation if your gear is wet, and provides a place to cook in the rain. That would be important for doing a thru hike or long section of a trail.

    The bathtub floor is waterproof which is awesome, again, especially for a tent this light and inexpensive. No need for a groundsheet.

    I could see myself wanting a silnylon or dyneema version as an upgrade, to possibly save even more weight.

    Tent and guylines: 2.56 lbs / 41 oz
    Aluminum stakes: 3.2 oz

  134. Robert (verified owner)

    These guys are great, I emailed shortly after ordering to ensure it would arrive in time for a camping trip. They printed the label and had the product driven down to the post office to beat that days cutoff so that i would receive it in time. Top marks for customer service. Tent is exactly what I was looking for, and well made for a budget price, which is hard to find. This company is doing it right!

  135. Dave (verified owner)

    Set up in yard last night. Good size and appears to be very well made. Seems to have plenty of room inside while packing up into a very compact size great for backpacking. Looking forward to using it soon. Shipped very quickly.

  136. Tom

    After having this tent for a few months, I finally had a chance to test it out.

    Setup was a snap and super quick. I had already set it up in the garage once, but was amazed again how much room there was even with my external frame backpack inside it with me. Other people were very impressed with the size and weight of it and blown away by the price.

    It was pretty windy and it stayed up just fine. There was no rain, and only minimal condensation inside the tent in the morning.

    My only concern was in the middle of the night, when I found my feet pushing against the back hiking pole. That could have ended very badly, so I will have to make sure I keep my feet tucked in! 😁

  137. Richard Riffe (verified owner)

    This is a great tent. Very reasonably priced. My wife and I took it out on our first trip amd it stormed the first night but we stayed dry. Light weight and a great value.

  138. Jana (verified owner)

    Very satisfied! My tent was delivered quickly, it was very light as promised, and the set up was very easy. So far, it was tested in the back yard and ready now for a backpacking trip. Thank you!

  139. Rod Crawford (verified owner)

    Received my tent very quickly after I ordered it. It came just as described, weighing in 2.1 lbs (that is including the stuff sacks for tent & stakes). It was an extremely fast and easy set up. I was very surprised at how much room the tent offered. What impressed me most is not the product its self, which I love, but its the customer service that River Country provides. I had a couple of questions and they responded back to me within minutes. They were extremely helpful and polite. I cant say enough about my experience with them.

  140. Billy

    Just received this product and am very pleased with it, particularly its roominess and light weight. It could be lighter with aluminum stakes. Still a good purchase.

  141. Ron

    Upon receiving my new tent i did a backyard set-up to check it out. This is a great buy! It’s made well and engineered well. Having said that, I did find a small seam issue in one area. I sent an email with a picture, on a Sunday,( expecting a reply Monday). They contacted me within a half hours time, with multiple options to make it right. That is customer service. From what I’ve been told this is a new company trying to build a quality brand at affordable prices. They have my vote. I’m guessing this tent is plenty capable of shedding water, but for good measure I am seam sealing and treating entire canopy. Why wouldn’t you?? I would do the same for a $600 tent. And for a $600 tent the seller better send someone to carry it for me. Good job River Country Products. I look forward to you expanding your line of gear.

  142. BryanW

    Nice tent, love how small you guys are able to pack it for shipping 🙂 It worked great on my backpacking trip last weekend. Kept me dry in wet weather. Very well built, it is so hard to find a good backpacking tent in this price range. In all I am very happy with my purchase.

  143. aldrichshane2 (verified owner)

    Great quility, fast delivery. Great material. Im looking forward to backpacking this year. great investment im very happy with my purchase

  144. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and construction. Light weight and easy to set up and roomy enough for two people or one person and plenty of gear. Great price too!

  145. Trevor

    The tent was delivered fast and was as described. Set it up in our back yard and left it for a few days in the rain, stayed dry inside and seems like it will work great on our backpacking trip. thanks.

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