Trekker Tent 2V

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We want to get your feedback on our new tent design! This tent will be on sale for a limited time in order to get feedback from our customers as we continue to make improvements. 

  • Large two person tent, light enough for one person but large enough for two.
  • Removable rain fly, and mesh walls allow for good air flow and reduce condensation.
  • Large vestibule is perfect for storing gear.
  • Tall door makes entering and exiting the tent easy.
  • Comes with all needed stakes, guy-lines, and carrying bag.
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The Trekker Tent 2V is a feature packed 2 person tent. It is light enough for solo backpacking trips, yet roomy enough for two people. The included vestibule also provides ample space for gear and with a taller front door entering and exiting the tent is easy. The included rain fly attaches quickly to the tent providing protection from the elements while the mesh side walls make the tent perfect for warm summer camping.

Main features:

  • Attachable rain fly, also forms the vestibule.
  • Easy to set up, simply stake down the corners and extend your trekking poles in the front and back grommets.
  • Mesh vents reduce condensation and provide excellent airflow.
  • Tent includes all needed stakes and guy-lines.
  • Light weight, just 3lbs 7oz.
  • Keeps water out, seams are taped.


  • Weight: 3lbs 7oz
  • Material: PU Coated Polyester
  • Length: 7 ft
  • Height: 48” Front / 36” Back
  • Width: 68” Front / 42” Back


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9 reviews for Trekker Tent 2V

  1. T. McLuckie (verified owner)

    This is a really nice tent for the price. It is very easy to set up and the fabric seems nicely sturdy. All the seams exposed to the elements are taped, and the fabric sheds water really well. No water got in the tent in a downpour, but there were a few drops on the seam between the mesh and the tent body. I would prefer that the fly could be a little more taut and attach at a slightly lower spot which would keep the good airflow and help with any possible water intrusion at the mesh. All in all, I’m very pleased with this tent and can’t wait to take it out in the spring.

  2. Bo

    Please see my video review here
    I am giving the tent 4 stars instead of 5 because I have only got to use it for one overnight in the field. I would assume that with more uses I would bump it up to 5 but I try to error on the side of caution.

  3. Kelly Stokes

    I ordered two tents and received them yesterday afternoon. I set them up in the yard so I could scotch guard them (the seams are Already taped, but I always take this step to add extra protection with all of my gear). The quality looks great. It is very compact and takes up little room in my pack. I was really pleased with how easy and quickly the tent went up. It took me just over ten minutes, but only that long because I had to readjust the guy lines after putting the rain fly on. I, specifically, had to fiddle around with the rain fly and guy line on the back end of the tent, because it didn’t seem to want to cover the mesh completely.
    Because I was worried the rain fly wasn’t going to keep out the water, I left the tent out to see how it stood up in the weather. This morning, after a decent amount of rain, the inside was completely dry. I’m only giving this a 4 out of 5 stars, because I haven’t slept in it yet. I will update my review once we take it out on a trip. I wanted to provide feedback ASAP. I’m just hesitant on giving it 5 stars because I’ve not spent time in it. However, this seems like a great, sturdy tent and I’m excited to use it.

  4. Jason

    While I would like to see a few changes, especially in materials, it’s an nice inexpensive tent. As a responsible adult I expect this tent to last me 5+ years of regular use going out for a weekend every other month. If you abuse this tent it’s not going to hold up. It’s just not of materials and construction to hold up to irresponsible handling. If the fly get damaged I’ll probably fly a larger tarp over it allowing for more ventilation and rain cover and it would still be the cheapest “screen house” on Amazon.

  5. Joe M Mackay

    Haven’t taken on a trip yet but set it up in the yard and right out of the box I can already see a couple of issues. On the sides, the guy line attachment points are sewn to the tent. These are not sealed at all and I can see multiple pin holes of light from the inside. Also, the way the rainfly attaches to the lower rear section, if rain is coming any direction besides straight down, pretty sure water is going to get in. The exposed mesh of the tent is right under I that little flap with a big gap in between. The only reason I’m writing this review now is because River Country released this tent looking for feedback in ways to improve the design. I will send a follow up review after it’s been tested on the trail.

  6. D.W.

    Finally got this thing out to camp. It’s light and comfortable. The only issue I had was getting the door situated against the wind correctly, so the wind doesn’t blow through the rainfly. Love it completely other than that. Gonna give this to my kids and get the O.G. trekker tent 1 for myself.

  7. William Arthur (verified owner)

    Just received it, and set it up indoors to check out the true size. Easy set up. Large for one person, would be tight for two. Fit and finish seem good. Its a $35 tent that seems worth way more.

  8. Jim Brown (verified owner)

    Set it up for the first time in a spring snowstorm. Timed myself in less than 15 min start to finish. Very easy setup. Have to say I’m impressed with the design and initial quality. I also love the size, the vestibule, the bathtub floor, the weight and the price. I was surprised by the quality of the included stakes. Exceeded my expectations, by far! Good job, Gang! As far as improvements, one minor and one major one come to mind. The zippers work well but the vertical zipper can only be operated with two hands. Minor inconvenience, but loading my gear required me to set it all down in the wet dirt to open the tent. The horizontal ones worked fine one-handed because the tautness of the tent. A loop at the front of the tent might allow the floor to be pegged down. Or perhaps a way to make the trekking pole assist in holding down the floor of the tent?? Minor inconvenience, though. The other issue is only a potential issue, but it’s a big one. The gap between the mesh of the tent side and the fly is a wet sleeping bag waiting to happen. When the weather clears I’ll experiment with different pole heights, peg distances and bungie tightness to see if I can’t dial it in more to narrow the gap. I may end up using velcro to hold the fly in a strategic spot. As it is, there is only one direction I would feel comfortable setting up the tent: with the front of the tent facing the wind. Great tent though!

  9. MICHAEL L CROW (verified owner)

    The price to quality is great with this tent (2.2V). I set it up in my back yard to see how it installed and to get a feel for quality. It sets up very easy , everything fit as described in the instructions. Folding it back up was tricky to get back to football size. There is plenty of room for one person. On my motorcycle trip I plan on using a packable cot so I set it up for this trial run and I had plenty of room for the cot, me and gear. I really like the vestibule and the mesh roof. I have the 2.2 but I like this one much better. We will see how it works in the elements and the durability. However, at this point I am impressed. Thanks for the quality at this price.

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