Trekker Shelter Tent 2

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Trekker Shelter Tent 2, Super Light Backpacking Shelter, Hammock Rain Fly, Ground Cover, and Tarp. Light weight backpacking tent shelter. This Tarp Shelter comes complete with Ground Tarp Cover and is large enough for two to camp under.

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  • This Tarp Shelter comes complete with Ground Tarp Cover and is large enough for two to camp under.
  • Larger Shelter is 9 feet by 8 feet, Ground Cover is 7 feet by 54 inches.
  • Works great as a shelter from wind and rain while camping or backpacking.
  • Also works well as a rain fly over a Hammock or Tent.
  • An amazon customer did a very nice review of this product on his YouTube channel, here is a link

Can be used with trekking poles (not included) or tied between two trees or use with any two sticks or poles. For those warmer summer nights why carry a full tent when all you need is protection from a little rain and wind. This tarp shelter comes with a ground cover and can be used with trekking poles, two sticks, or tied between two trees, it can also work well over a hammock or up higher as a shelter to eat or meet under while camping. This is ultra light weight and compact and comes with a carry bag and stakes. This does not come with any poles and is intended for use with trekking poles. It can also fit over River Country Products trekking pole tent for added protection from the weather. The large tarp is 9 feet by 8 feet and the ground cover tarp is 7 feet by 4 feet 6 inches. 6 stakes are included, 6 tie lines, and a carry bag. Trekking poles are not included.

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Weight 61326150866 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 2 in

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13 reviews for Trekker Shelter Tent 2

  1. D.E. (verified owner)

    Great lightweight shelter and well made for the price. I did a few things to mine – changed the guy lines out for reflective line, seam sealed and sprayed on additional waterproofing for good measure to both the tarp and ground sheet. This is a great setup that I also take with me in my daypack for if the weather decides to turn (which is frequent in the mountains). The included stakes are of good quality but I always take titanium stakes with me no matter what shelter I use. The shelter is meant to be used with trekking poles, but I use two Six Moon Designs tent poles so I can set up basecamp and use my trekking poles for exploring, so it’s very versatile. I also use the tarp over my Paria Outdoor Products mesh tent if I’m going to be in an area with lots of bugs, so this is a very useful setup to have. All in all no complaints, RCP makes very useful gear that isn’t overpriced like a lot of gear is getting these days. Recommend.

  2. Amber Vanderheide

    Great product again! I used to have a tarp I used as an emergency shelter for when I’m man tracking (SAR), but I needed two (2) trekking poles to set it up to a configuration I liked. So found the amazing trekker 1 tent from RCP and been using it ever since. And will be using it (hopefully) for a long time to come, as it is a great lightweight tent. However I found out that I like to be able to add a tarp to add some more space/shelter when I’m camping for a few days at one and the same spot. Used my old tarp twice, but besides it being bulky it wasn’t lightweight either. So thought to look for a better option. First stop was here at RCP, and I didn’t had to look further. Had it within a few days, and again the product and its quality is superb. Have set it up the other day in combination with my RCP trekker 1 tent, and I could be more pleased. So now will have it in the car as an add on to my trekker 1 tent for those times I stay somewhere for more than just 1 or 2 days.

  3. Ben

    Purchased on Amazon and used for 5 days in WV wilderness and car camp settings. Used primarily as a rain fly for my Trekker 2.2. Is slightly longer than the 2.2 and allowed for full coverage in straight configuration (have not tried setting it up diagonally). I did not use the ground tarp as it is not quite wide enough for the Trekker 2.2 (that would be a nice improvement for this). Was very lightweight, had a nice stuff sack. All in all a nice piece of gear. And very reasonable price.

  4. Kial Flatt

    Great product as described. Very good as a hammock shelter, tarp for a 1 man lean to. The small tarp makes a great rain cloak, ground tarp.
    2nd purchase from this company.

  5. michael benfer

    Excellent quality and materials used to create this multi purpose tent/ tarp. Simple set up and is light weight at a very affordable price, the way camping gear should be. Thanks River Country for producing excellent gear at a great price

  6. Kanda Simpson (verified owner)

    I got this to use over my hammock, I did sit it up the way it shows in the pictures as a tarp tent. I had trouble getting it tight enough that it did not sag in the middle, I am sure some is user error and some is that it was a very windy day. I did eventually get it so it did not sag but a little bit. As a tent as it is in the pictures it is not the best in the wind, I placed the long sides facing the wind and it blew the sides in a lot. You could still sleep in it but you would have to make sure you was on the far side away from the wind and it would work fine. Over a hammock I use a ridge line which makes it easier to get it tight enough, like I said earlier it may be user error.
    The ground cover was great. It was nice and big and fit great under the tarp. It only came with 4 stacks for the tarp so I had to get into my store of stacks for the ground cover

  7. James Elliott III (verified owner)

    Very durable and lightweight. Very easy to carry around. Extremely versatile. Can be set up in many more configurations than a traditional tent. This product paired with the poncho will keep you dry and/or out of the sun in any type of situation.

  8. Jon

    I used this with my paddle halves as the poles for a three day and three night paddle. It was awesome. It is simply a nylon tarp and ground cloth. The corners are well designed and reinforced. I bought it for it’s light weight, small pack size coupled with its versatility as a shelter. Great product at an incredible price point in the market.

  9. Riley Shelnutt (verified owner)

    Great quality product for a great price. It’s crazy to buy name brand gear for 10x the price.

  10. Jason (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality tarp and packs down nicely. Will be a constant in my pack for hunting season.

  11. Jason Prairie (verified owner)

    So I have tried several tarps from various manufacturers over the 25 years or so that I have been doing this stuff. I must say for the price, size, weight and quality, you just can’t beat this. Absolutely love this set. The only minor critique I have is that it doesn’t come with a center loop, not a deal breaker for me.

  12. Mike (verified owner)

    Great Value! Was looking for a great light weight shelter option for elk hunting. Super Happy with my purchase.

  13. Malcolm (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and construction! This is a wonderful set-up. I actually bought this to go along with the Trekker Tent and with both I’m ready for anything. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the product or the price! Thanks!

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