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River Country Products Trekker Tent 3 is a large, lightweight 4 person backpacking tent. We think it is our best 4 man trekking pole tent yet. Main features include:

  • 4 Person Trekking Pole Tent (Green)
  • Perfect for backpacking with a group or outings with the family.
  • Set up and take down are simple and painless.
  • Weighs only 4lb 10oz with stakes, and 4lb 4oz without stakes. Has large dimensions of 7’2″ wide x 9′ long x 6’8″ tall.
  • Features a vestibule and back wall mesh vent.

Also watch our video on youtube explaining how to use this tent. Note: When Trekking Poles are purchased with this tent they come with an extension allowing you to combine two trekking poles into one long pole, making it possible for the tent to have a peak height of 6’8″. Normal Trekking Poles are not tall enough to use with this tent. The tent is available for purchase in green and blue, with and without trekking poles.

  • No Trekking Poles
  • Carbon Trekking Poles
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Trekker Tent 3, Lightweight 4 Person Trekking Pole Tent

The Trekker Tent 3 is a light weight 4 person backpacking tent. Set up is quick and easy, even easier than our other 4 man trekking pole tent. Simply stake down the four corners and extend our special trekking pole in the middle of the tent to set up. It is perfect for camping with the family or with friends. At 4lb 10oz with stakes, this tent is just over 1lb per person, making it a lightweight choice for backpacking as well. The Trekker Tent 3 is small enough to fit easily into your backpack, and set up and take down are a breeze. We think this is our best 4 person tent yet.

Main Features

  • An extension for attaching two trekking poles together allowing the tent to reach a height of 6′ 8″ at the peak. (When purchased with trekking poles).
  • Large floor space roomy enough for four people. The tent is 7’2″ wide by 9′ long.
  • An outer vestibule perfect for storing gear or other items.
  • Large mesh door and back wall vent to reduce condensation and vent air.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Comes with all needed guy lines and stakes included.


  • Dimensions: 7’2″ wide x 9′ long x 6’8″ tall.
  • Material: PU coated polyester
  • Weight: 4lb 10oz
  • Color: Green

Trekking Pole Extension

Our special River Country Products Trekking Poles feature an extra extension allowing you to join together two trekking poles making one long pole, perfect for setting this tent up. The clasps on the pole can also be tightened meaning the pole will stay rigid and won’t slip.

Trekking Pole Details

We offer a variety of trekking poles to use with our tents. Check out more information about our selection of trekking poles below.

Carbon Trekking Poles
  • Easy to use lever lock system
  • Lightweight, just 10oz each
  • Primary cork handle, secondary foam handle
  • Extend up to 52”
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Carbon Reinforced Aluminum is much stronger and lighter than 100% aluminum poles.
rcp carbon fiber ultralight trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 6oz each saving weight in your pack.
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Extend up to 53” (135cm)
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with our extension piece or either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
rcp folded carbon trekking poles
  • Ultralight, just 7.4oz each
  • Folding design makes them compact and convenient to carry
  • Folded length: 15in
  • Adjustable from 110 – 130cm
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Includes rubber tips and baskets
  • Comfortable foam handles with extended choke grip
  • These poles will not work with either of our 4 person tents (Trekker Tent 3 or 4)
  • Weigh 10oz each
  • Expands from 66cm – 135cm (26” – 53”)
  • Baskets and rubber tips included
  • Rubber handle
  • Integrated anti-shock system

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Additional information

Weight 61326150866 lbs
Trekking Pole Type

No Trekking Poles, Carbon Trekking Poles, Aluminum Trekking Poles

27 reviews for Trekker Tent 3

  1. Kevin Miller (verified owner)

    I just received and set up the trekker 3 tent and first impressions are very good. It has quite a bit of room for the weight and I fit width wise at 6’3. Always wanted to try a pyramid style tent and the side tieouts make steep walls making the footprint very useable. Very nice expesiouly for the price. Construction all looks good. Plan to follow up this fall after a season’s use. Extra tieouts in the 4 corner seams about 2 ft up like the side tieouts to prevent material flapping, if you may camp above treeline, may be warranted for very high winds. I have seen high winds above treeline that most will never see that broke aluminum poles on good backpacking tents to give perspective. River Country products has been very responsive and customer focused from my interactions with them. Worth buying.

  2. John Sanders (verified owner)

    Received this tent with the RCP trekking poles today as promised. After reading the instructions I set the tent up and it was very easy and quick. The trekking poles made it simple. Both the tent and poles appear to be very good quality. I was amazed by the size and at 5’8” I was able to stand up which will make it much more functional than my dome tent that takes two people to set up but is too small for two people to sleep in. This tent has plenty of room for two people plus room for their gear. The stakes are very high quality and should not bend like many. The instructions are simple and accurate. I will not have a chance to use it much until fall so will try to do a follow up review later.

  3. Joe Bailey

    I purchased the trekker 3 for an upcoming hunting trip in the mountains. I am very impressed. It has a ton of space! Very simple and easy to set up. I did it by myself in a matter of minutes. I set it up in my front yard, an had two thunderstorms come through. The tent was bone dry inside. I love the trekking poles! I have been using them in the morning while hiking with a 55lb pack to train for my upcoming hunt. I have had no problems with them so far. I am looking forward to using this tent in CO in September and will submit another review on my experience when I get back home.

  4. R Brady

    Really happy with the tent so far. Goes up quick. Good sewing and fabric quality. I like the weight of the fabric, not too lightweight with a nice durable floor. It came with just the right number of good quality stakes. We set it up without a center pole by using rope, trees, and the top tent loop. We were not able to achieve a super taut pitch that way but that was not due to any flaws with the tent. It ending up being perfect for me, my son, and our dog. Later, we pitched it in the yard with a center pole and it was super easy and much more taut. Overall, a great value tent. I’m super pleased.

  5. Karla S Fisher (verified owner)

    Received my trekker 3 tent two days ago and have it set up in my yard in the rain right now. So far dry inside. I will leave it up another night to be extra sure. I want to give a special shout out to RC customer service for making sure that I had the newest version of this tent. It looks as if I will not have to do any seam sealing at all. (I did spray the outside though)

    I bought this tent for just me and my dog for an upcoming cross country road trip. I wanted the smallest tent I could get that I could have a cot in and stand up in and this fits the bill. I am especially pleased with how small it folds down so it doesn’t take up much space in the car. The folded tent is only 14×7 inches. That is tiny for such a large footprint.

    This is my first pyramid style tent but my first pitch was easy and turned out okay. I expect that it will get better with practice. Honestly though it goes up easier than dome style tents I am used to using.

    Can’t wait to get out to the camp grounds with this now that I see it will take care of me.

  6. Ken Hartman

    Haven’t had a chance to try yet. Quality appears to be excellent. Very easy set up/tear down.

  7. Anita Hilliard (verified owner)

    Great tent for backpacking. We have 2 dogs and this tent is very roomy! It is also lightweight. Exactly what we were looking for in a backpacking tent for the price. If you are new to backpacking or are on a budget, you won’t be disappointed. Great product and great price!

  8. Bruce (verified owner)

    Just set mine up. I love it. Very well made. As an extra precaution I did spray a silicone rain proofing treatment as I am doing to all my tents.

  9. John Alberti (verified owner)

    I own the Trekker 1. Great tent. I needed more room so I just purchased the Trekker 3. Seam sealed and sprayed with waterpoofing spray, I do this to every tent I buy. Sets up quick and easy. Windy day and the tent handles it very well. Lots of room. Standing up in your tent is so nice. I’m going elk hunting for 10 days in the backcountry. This tent is coming with me. Great tent! Thanks for making a quality tent at a great price!

  10. John Wimer (verified owner)

    This tent checks all the blocks! 1) Be able to stand up in. 2) Solo set-up in under 15-20 minutes. 3) Big enough to accomodate my cot. (Bonus points for being light enough to backpack with. ) I set it up in my yard and slept there (for Covid-19 reasons). I soaked it with the sprinkler since there isn’t going to be much rain in the near future. There 2-3 drops of water at the door that I probably brought in with me. This is the 2nd pyramid tent I have owned; so the set up was a breeze, and will only get easier. This will be my go-to tent for many years to come.

  11. Alisha Raines (verified owner)

    Great system easy set up. We thought about it after and wished we would of recorded ourselves setting it up. Probably took a total of 15 mins for our first time.

  12. Martin Sefl (verified owner)

    Review for Trekker Tent 3
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  13. Nathan

    Seems like a good tent, went up quick and seems of good quality. It’s better than I expected for the price point! Weighs in exactly as stated, and arrived with everything it should have.

  14. TDR (verified owner)

    Received my Trekker Tent 3 today. Amazed by the quality. I have a large malamute dog so this is ideal for backpacking. Thanks River Country for a quality product and fair pricing. Thanks!

  15. Kevin Balcer

    Trekker 3 is exactly what I was looking for to pack on my Harley. I have a lot of tents but this one is a favorite already. It’s no fun getting stuck in a mini tent for hours or days in bad weather. I have a butane stove and butane lantern, either one will quickly heat the tent up safely with all the ventalation, I do have a battery operated CO2/CO1 detector but doubt there will ever be a problem. Even in the summer Alaska nights can get cold, I’m snug in this tent and feel like king s*it with the stove or lantern on low, can,t wait to see how it heats up at colder tempertures. It has taped seams so I only sprayed the out side with silicone water proofing. I made my own center pole that breaks down into 16 inch sections. I,m afraid to mention the rediculiuosly low price, they might relize how much a tent like this could sell for befor I get another one.

  16. Dustin Atkins

    Just got this tent for an upcoming trip. Was extremely happy with the quality when I received it. I really like the design, huge for the weight. Very excited to put it to use.

    I set the tent up in the yard just to double check everything. Somehow managed to break a clip off the trekking pole. Could very well have been operator error. Emailed support and they immediately responded and rushed my replacement parts.

    Couldn’t speak more highly of the tent or the support I’ve seen .


  17. Brandon

    Just received my Trekker 3 today and early I might add which is super cool. I took it out back and set it up with the trekking poles it came with and it’s super easy to set up. And the room you have for the weight of this tent is awesome. Like I always do with new tents I set it up not only to check it out but to spray it and seam seal it. This is a must with all tents. I plan on doing a trial run with the tent this weekend but I don’t see any issues. And you can’t beat the price. Highly recommend the combo pack. Cool tent!!!

  18. Ian (verified owner)

    This is a great tent. I am 6’3, and so I have trouble finding a backpack tent that I fit in. This is lightweight enough that I can pack it but large enough I fit with gear and a kid or two. When I got it, late October, I put it up in the backyard. That night a windstorm came in caused it to snow. The tent did great! One of the biggest signs of good equipment came at the end. The tent fit easily back into the storage bag. So many tents are a fight to fit in the bag, but this one packed in easy and small.

  19. Michael Philpot (verified owner)

    The Trekker Tent 3 is the perfect size for my wife and I. With it weighing 4lb 10 oz, it makes overnight hiking enjoyable. I will be recommending River Country Products to my friends and family! 🤠

  20. Michael Moss (verified owner)

    Got my tent in the mail. Shipping only took 5 days, which isn’t bad for free shipping. I was lucky enough to get the last blue on in stock! I currently have this set up in my back yard and am impressed with the overall quality and can’t wait for warmer weather to actually camp in it. For the price and the weight this is a good option for my family of 5 and can’t wait to try more products.

  21. Barb Schoenherr

    The tent is great. Good thickness of nylon. Suggest different stakes that have a J or T shaped top or the loops pop off of the stakes. The ones that came with it did not work well.
    I put a small ball at the top of an extension pole that I had to lessen wear. Ta da.
    My summer road home is complete!

  22. Cassandra Wyatt

    So far so good. Easiest pitch I’ve ever had. Solo pitch time 6 minutes including guy lines and pole connection. I wanted something that I could set up fast and have room to stand, as well as enough room for my 6 foot husband to sleep without the foot box against the wall. We are a family of 5 with two dogs and this is going to be a great cost effective addition to our tent collection. Gotta say I love the single wall design1 and the vent and net door leading to the vestibule appear to provide adequateventilation. I am water proofing as a precation because these will be used mostly in the Sierras. First practice pitch was done at night in 15 mile per hour winds. No breeze could be felt from the inside and the interior was quite warm. Will be taking this on the High Sierra Trail in June 2021 and will post a follow up after the trip.

  23. Paul Henderson (verified owner)

    On a 4400 mile motorcycle trip over 16 days, I used this tent every night to camp. It goes up in about 5 minutes, and the single pole design is superb. The back wall has a ventilation panel which keeps the tent airy. It has plenty of room for my air mattress and sleeping bag on one side of the center pole, and plenty of room for all my gear (helmet, riding clothes, dry bags) on the other side. With minimal gear, it can hold two people easily, but with all the gear I bring on a motorcycle, I don’t see how it could hold two. The “portico” flap design is ingenious. In a truly powerful thunderstorm in Arkansas, it held up without any leaks. It comes down by just removing the one center pole, then fold it up and pack it away. Takes a few minutes! That’s really important when one is on the move everyday.

  24. Peter P. (verified owner)

    This tent weighs the same as advertised. For a 4 person tent it is super light for the price point. Set up is quick and easy, but may be hard on rocky ground in the alpine as pegging the corners is far better than tying them out to rocks.

    We had it shipped to Canada. There were no extra brokerage fees with the Fedex shipping method and the tent arrived in 4 days. All around great product.

  25. Grant

    Very well made product for the price very easy to set up I’m very lightweight for four-person backpack tent I’m weathering the first rain in it right now and dry so far so good absolute amazing tint for the price can’t beat it

  26. James burri


  27. Christopher (verified owner)

    Pretty good – I’m super grateful that a budget option exists so I can slowly ease into backpacking with my young kids (4, 5, and 7). We’ve used this on two separate trips. My main complaint with it is that gets really hot – I really wish this thing had better ventilation. Maybe some small vents on the two solid sides? Other than that, this thing is great.

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