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  • Lightweight Hammock Tent with optional rain fly. Weighs 1lb 5oz without rain fly and tree straps.
  • Comes with two 10ft tree straps included. They weigh 5.2oz each.
  • Hammock tent rated for 320lbs.
  • Hammock includes bug net built in and carabiners.
  • Hammock stuffs into side stuff sack for easy and convenient storage.
  • Hammock With Rain Fly
  • Hammock Without Rain Fly


This is a sturdy one person hammock with bug netting. It is light weight at 1 lbs 5 ozs, and is compact. Great for hiking, backpacking, or camping. Comes with hammock, two 10ft long tree straps, 2 heavy duty carabiners, 16 foot black bug net cord, and two clips for securing the cord. Optional rain fly comes with 6 stakes and 6 orange guy lines.

The Hammock Tent includes mesh bug netting, but you can lay on it with the bug netting under the Hammock when no netting is desired. Hammock straps are included.

Rated for 320 lbs, single person hammock.

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Additional information

Weight 61326150866 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 4 in
Hammock Rain Fly

Hammock With Rain Fly, Hammock Without Rain Fly

21 reviews for Hammock Tent

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    very good product with one big flaw.
    the bug net.
    it ripped on my first outing with this product.
    a lot of strain for a single attachment point .
    yes I did attach both sides.
    but it still ripped.
    excellent tree straps thank you for the excellent straps.

  2. Jeromy Johnson

    I’ve had my eye on the RC hammock tent rig for quite a while and just received it as a gift. Pleased with initial impressions and am excited to get it out on the trail. I’d been looking for a small tarp to carry in my pack as a quick rain shelter for day hikes, but the vast majority of options on the market were very overpriced, in my opinion. I realized I could get a tarp and the whole hammock setup for less money if I went with River Country. This is my fourth product I’ve ordered from this company and have been happy with everything. The trekking poles I bought as a gift helped my Father-in-law hike to an alpine lake in Montana. Light and strong. My Trekker 1 tent handled wind and rain like a champ, was a snap to setup, and did not take up much space in my pack. There are many other options in the crowded outdoor marketplace, but River Country continues to be an excellent choice for those looking for very solid gear at a reasonable price point.

  3. Bryant (verified owner)

    Got 4 inches of snow and hammock stayed dry. Lightweight and affordable.

  4. Donald Hobson (verified owner)

    I have purchased from River Country in the past and I have been very satisfied with their products and service. I wanted to try a camping hammock but didn’t want to spend a lot. I found the River Country hammock to be a great value. Good quality at a great price.

  5. Adam Strawn

    This is the perfect size for any hiking/camping backpack

  6. Chris Lynds (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, good quality materials and a nice lightweight hammock. The carabiners to attach the hammock to the tree straps are heavy duty and will provide years of hammock camping. Fantastic price for a hammock with bug net that includes tree straps.

  7. Trekker Professor

    I love my hammock. It goes up quickly and comes down even faster. It’s extremely lightweight and easy to carry. I did buy an underquilt and overquilt from different company because RCP doesn’t have them. (Y’all really need to offer at least an underquilt, they are a must) It’s holding up great no complaints at all. Well if I had one I wish it was a little wider so it’s easier to sleep at an angle, but I’m 6’1″ and 240 pounds. All in all, a great hammock at a fantastic price.

  8. Corey Le Fevre

    I bought the River Country hammock and love it! My wife visited me at a campsite and loved my setup so much I bought her one too! I have a trekking pole tent from them too and may even get another one soon.

  9. Rob

    So far so great! Seems to be made very well especially for the price! Easy setup and more room than the cheaper ones

  10. Melissa (verified owner)

    Bought two for section hiking the AT with the husband and we both LOVE them. Easy to set up and take down. And I also appreciate that I can turn the tarp into a tent if I’m ever in the situation where its needed. First purchase with River Country, but definitely not the last!

  11. Melipona Campana

    I bought the Trekker 2 and am super impressed with the literature that comes with it: simple, concise explanations with clear photos on not just how to set up the tent, but troubleshooting tips, and how to fold it back into the size of a football! I’m so happy with this product that I’m going to order the hammock.

  12. Aaron Fanning (verified owner)

    This hammock is a great value! Nice quality and very comfortable. It is comparable to hammocks that cost twice as much that don’t include a bug net or rain fly. I rigged it up indoors as soon as it arrived and I have really enjoyed it. I have not set up or tested the whole thing with the rainfly yet, but after regularly using a trekker tent for the past three seasons, I have no doubt that this product will perform at a similar high standard in the backcountry.

  13. Philip Wondrak (verified owner)

    The hammock looks very sturdy and well built. It’s great to see a small company produce such useful products for an affordable price.

  14. Jay (verified owner)

    Holy smokes such a great Hamic! Definitely the best bang for the buck. It has all the features I need and it shipped fast. super happy with everything.

  15. Levi Hauck

    My dad and brother both got this hammock, and they convinced me to get it. It shipped quickly, and is a great hammock. I look forward to using it.

  16. J. Burns (verified owner)

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting this kind of quality for such a great price. I have rain and wind tested this setup and it works flawlessly! Shipping was timely and the product is as advertised! Highly recommended!

  17. kathy Flenner (verified owner)

    New to hammock camping. Was very in satisfied

  18. Jesse Hauck (verified owner)

    My hammock was just delivered, so I just set it up. It is an awesome hammock and tarp, and I can’t wait to camp in it. I’m surprised that it can be such a good quality hammock and come with a big net, tarp, and straps just for $30. Also impressed with the speed of delivery.

  19. Samuel Jennings (verified owner)

    Just got into the backpacking game, a friend recommended this product with the rain fly. I just got back from my first trip using it and it went great. Great value, easy set up and take down, felt like good quality. It didn’t rain so I didn’t get to see how effective the rain fly was, but everything else was perfect. I went with the friend who recommended it, he’s a seasoned back packer, and he was very impressed.

  20. Tracy Tullis (verified owner)

    Was looking for a entry level Hammock and River Country came through. Beautiful Hammock w/Rain Fly. Own many of their products and very happy with them all. This Hammock is a great entry level backpacking setup and a really great Hammock if you just want to laze around your yard between two trees.

  21. Greg Newbrough (verified owner)

    Was looking for a backpacking hammock to add to my gear. No only is the River Country Hammock with Rain Fly the best value on the market, shipping was fast. Based on my first time experience with River Country Products and some internet searching, the company has their act together on providing product value along with excellant customer service. Really like buying direct as well.

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